14 games like Destiny 2

In Destiny 2 you can fly into space. There are no math barriers or required courses, you can just load the game and fly into space. The game is an open book of discovery and rich lore that invites you to browse its pages. With an immersive storyline and razor-sharp gameplay, it’s hard to find a game like Destiny 2. Join us as we list 14 games like Destiny 2.

14 games like Destiny 2

Outer Wilds

Image via Mobius Digital

Outer Wilds is a personal adventure where you explore planets and search for missing travelers. Many secrets lie hidden in the shattered structures of the planets, revealing a forgotten, buried history. In this game you have to fly your own spaceship, steer it carefully and land on planets manually. The planetary vistas are similar to Destiny 2, and the experience of flying solo into the pristine blackness of space is both frightening and somehow comforting.

death stranding

Screenshot via Kojima Productions YouTube

Death Stranding is a beautiful game with incredible environment design. Every landscape in Death Stranding is carved into the world so naturally, similar to the world of Destiny 2. The game’s music perfectly suits the locations and creates an atmosphere of isolation. If you want to play a game that will take your breath away, a game with landscapes like Destiny’s The Black Garden and Dreaming City, look no further.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Image via Xbox Game Studios

Halo: The Master Chief Collection includes every Halo game to date, complete with interdimensional combat, a killer soundtrack, and an absolute heap of space. The Halo games are similar to Destiny 2 due to their gameplay and setting in the stars. You can play every Halo game from Combat Evolved to Halo 4 in the Master Chief Collection. This game is an excellent choice for those suffering from space retreat.

Danger of rain 2

Image via Hopoo Games

Risk of Rain 2 is a looter shooter game with roguelike features. The game has an eye-catching color palette and can be played with your friends. Risk of Rain 2 presents a difficult challenge, with bosses that at first seem invincible and unforgiving missions. However, with the help of your fellow astronauts, you can eliminate the threats of outer space and party with your friends – all on an alien planet.

war frame

Image via Warframe’s PlayStation Store page

Warframe is the most Destiny-like game on this list. Although it’s a third-person game, which sets it apart, Warframe features the same layers of sleek space technology as Destiny 2. Players can also deal elemental damage with their weapons, which can be minimized to your heart’s content. To top it off, Warframe has multiplayer gameplay where you and your friends can work together to slay the evils of space.

Nobody’s heaven

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides

No Man’s Sky had a shaky release, but the developers have worked hard to create a compelling gaming experience ever since. This game features procedurally generated planets that make each adventure into the great unknown unique. No Man’s Sky also supports co-op play, making it a wonderful game to scratch your Destiny 2 itch.

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elden ring

Image via Bandai Namco

Elden Ring is a game that boasts a vast open world complete with monumental bosses. The game features an intriguing story and crisp gameplay. Each attack feels responsive and reliable, similar to Destiny 2’s gunplay. The game also features co-op gameplay, so you and your friends can slay bosses together. The vast world of Elden Ring is an excellent next stop for Destiny 2 fans.

Borderlands 2

Image via Gearbox Software

Borderlands 2 is a classic looter shooter with a bold and bold style. The game allows players to wield tons of weapons, each with their own mechanical flair. Borderlands 2 characters are personable and humorous, similar to those in Destiny 2. If you like collecting guns and looking cool while doing it, Borderlands 2 is the perfect game for you.

NieR: Automata

Image via Platinum Games

Although this game has completely different mechanics than Destiny 2, the inclusion of futuristic cyborgs trying to determine what makes a human seems right for Destiny. NieR: Automata offers a fascinating narrative about the value of life and whether androids really live. The game’s landscapes are of unreal beauty.

Detroit: Become Human

Image via Quantic Dream

Speaking of androids that determine if they’re alive, Detroit: Become Human explores a similar concept to NieR: Automata by following three primary androids and their journey to freedom. Choices matter in this game, so you must be alert to avoid disaster. The game’s futuristic setting and excellent music make Detroit: Become Human a great choice for Destiny fans.

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Image via Square Enix

The main similarities between Final Fantasy XIV Online and Destiny 2 are its raids and dungeons. These features offer players an immersive multiplayer experience filled with boss killing and teamwork. The game also features extensive character customization that we can’t get enough of. Final Fantasy XIV Online also has a free trial that lasts until your character reaches level 60, making it a no-obligation option.

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Image via Maxis

While Spore might seem like an odd recommendation, the game possesses an intriguing space stage. In this phase you will trade spices with other planets, kill enemies and make friends if necessary. Your character is fully customizable and can be accessorized with your choice of clothing. Although it was released back in 2008, Spore’s space stage still holds up to today’s standards.


Image via System Era Softworks

Astroneer is a cute exploration game where you and your friends can build bases and relax together. The game’s art style is beautiful, with vibrant colors and geometric topography. Astroneer is perfect for a relaxing game night where you and your friends can unwind from everyday stress and become astronauts together.

The Outer Worlds

Image via Obsidian Entertainment

The Outer Worlds is an RPG where choices matter. The game allows you to control a character who can become anything: a chaotic agent of destruction, a diplomatic peacemaker, or anything in between. The futuristic technology and the setting of a space colony make The Outer Worlds a favorite game for Destiny 2 players.

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