2022 Buffalo Blizzard Casualties and Deaths: Names and Photos

Victim of a buffalo storm

GoFundMe/Sheriff Department

Buffalo blizzard victims include Anndel Taylor and William Clay, families say.

Officials reported 26 casualties from the 2022 Buffalo Blizzard as the death toll continued to rise in Erie and Niagara counties, New York. in their latest update on December 26, 2022. The first victim named by the family was William Clay.

family members identified a second victim as Anndel Taylor and they wrote on a GoFundMe page that she was stuck in a car as snow built up outside.

A very graphic and disturbing video, which Heavy does not share, showed a dead man lying in the snow. Clay’s sister believes it was Clay, who also went by the name William Romello Clay.

“People have posted a picture of the body on Facebook which is very upsetting to our family. This is his hat, his coat. That’s my brother,” Sophia Clay told the Buffalo News. “The body was found about a block from his home and he hasn’t contacted anyone since.”

The names of the victims have not yet been released by authorities as Buffalo digs out of one of the worst snowstorms in its history. Not all victims died in the city of Buffalo. The victims mentioned so far have been confirmed by families as part of the fatalities.

Erie County County Executive Mark Poloncarz said in the December 26, 2022 press conference that there are “probable additional deaths which will be announced later today”. He called it a “unique snowstorm of generations”. He said 25 people in Erie County had died from storm-related deaths and noted that one person in Niagara County had died from carbon monoxide poisoning. WGRZ-TV reports that the Niagara Death was a 27-year-old man. His name was not published.

This post will be updated with names, photos, and tributes for the 2022 Buffalo Blizzard victims as names are released.

Here’s what you need to know about the Buffalo Blizzard death toll:

William Lehm

William Lehm

GoFundMeWilliam Lehm

Clay’s sister started a GoFundMe page for his funeral expenses and wrote that he died on his birthday.

“Hello, my name is Sofia. I am the sister of the Lord who lost his life during the 2022 blizzard on 12/24/2022. My brother passed away unexpectedly on his birthday,” she wrote.

“I humbly ask for donations to bury my brother. And the quantity will be greatly appreciated. I also have a corporate page on Facebook, Sharp Edges Hair Care. To buy hair care items. All proceeds are used to send him property.”

Sophia Clay told The Buffalo News that William Clay “is survived by two sons and seven brothers and sisters.” She told the newspaper he played high school soccer, was a retired truck driver, read the Bible, and practiced karate.

Annedel Taylor

Anndel Taylor’s sister wrote on Facebook, “She was stranded for 3 days and no one saved her!!!! I just can’t take it!”

She shared a GoFundMe page and wrote: “We all loved you Anndel!!!! 🙏🏽👼🏽🫶🏽 We’re just trying to get her body back from Buffalo and put her to rest! Anything would help. Thanks in advance!”

She also wrote:

I really didn’t think I would or could ever do a post like this 🥲 Christmas will never be the same again! My mf little sister is gone! Annedel!!! My Annicle! i am so heavy I’m so sorry, I would do anything to have been with you! I’m so proud of you and every single thing you’ve achieved and every single thing you set out to achieve! You, we are definitely the golden child…

Taylor’s Facebook page says she was single and lived in Buffalo, New York.

Shawnequa Brown created the GoFundMe page. It is reading:

All family and friends have been told that a friend in need is indeed a friend and I come to you in that form

As you may all know, one of my daughters, our sister, your friend, died accidentally in a snow storm that took place on December 23rd and 24th in Buffalo, NY. She was stuck in her car for hours/days which caused the snow to continue to accumulate on her car and she was unable to get out. We are currently trying to put services together for a final goodbye.

We really need emotional and financial help to accomplish the task at hand and it is with a heavy heart that we are reaching out to all of you to help us.

Anything you support us with is greatly appreciated. Allow us to do what is right for her if she dies too soon. We’ll keep you all updated as we move forward.

All love to you…

Buffalo Blizzard victims have died from exposure and cardiac events while shoveling and in cars

Winter Weather Storm Update December 26th 9:30amErie County Executive Mark Poloncarz provided an update on county operations overnight and into Monday with other senior county officials. A video with ASL interpretation will be available soon.2022-12-26T15:08:13Z

According to Erie County executive Mark PoloncarzIn a news conference on Dec. 26, 2022, the Erie County Department of Health’s medical examiner “reviewed reported deaths to determine who died from the blizzard.”

The county government said not all of the deaths were related to the storm, such as a person who died of natural causes in a heated home and was then picked up by police because regular ambulances and funeral services were unavailable. That has led to “a lot of different numbers” on social media and in the news media, he said.

Authorities sorted all of these deaths and, as of December 26, 2022, confirmed that 25 people in Erie County had died as a result of the 2022 snowstorm. Thirteen of those deaths were confirmed as of the evening of December 25, 2022. and another 12 on December 26th.

Poloncarz said they died in a car, outside from exposure, were found in a house and died of a heart event while blowing or shoveling snow. That “brings the total to 25 county-wide deaths,” he said.

Additionally, Niagara County had one death from carbon monoxide poisoning, Poloncarz confirmed, bringing the blizzard death toll to at least 26.

He said he did not yet have the location, age, gender or specific manner of death of the victims.

He offered his condolences to the families and called it a “horrible situation”.

Poloncarz said the death toll may now have surpassed the deaths from the 1977 Buffalo Blizzard.

Blizzard 2022’s “savagery” is even worse, he said, adding, “This is just awful.”

Poloncarz said some of the deaths were cardiac events related to snow shoveling and blowing snow, and he advised seniors or those with heart problems, including high blood pressure, not to attempt snow shoveling or plowing.

He said cold conditions constrict people’s arteries and veins, making it harder for the heart to pump blood. “This is heavy, dense snow that’s a few meters deep in some areas because of the drift,” he said. “We don’t want you to become just another coroner’s statistic.”

According to Poloncarz, temperatures should be 50 degrees by the end of the week. “A lot of the snow will melt,” he said.

Carbon monoxide poisoning remains a problem, officials said

polon cancer wrote on Facebook, “Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious problem because snowdrifts block ovens and dryer vents. Be sure to clear snow from your air vents to prevent this colorless, odorless gas from building up in your home.”

Poloncarz also warned people in the press conference to be vigilant about carbon monoxide poisoning and suggested people should clean their vents and have detectors in their homes. “It smells like rotten eggs,” he said, noting that generators should be used 25 feet from the house with the exhaust pointing the other way. He urged people to check on their neighbors.

He called the Buffalo Blizzard one of the worst storms in US history.

Poloncarz said authorities are aware some people are running out of food and called it a “concern we are working on”. He said officials may need to bring in groceries from other counties.

polon cancer said in the December 26, 2022 press conference that there are “probable additional deaths which will be announced later today”. He called it a “unique snowstorm of generations”.

He confirmed that authorities have heard concerns about looting. “There have been a few isolated reports,” he said. I’m heartbroken by the deaths…and then finding out there’s looting taking place while we’re still recovering bodies…it’s awful…we talk about this being a city with good neighbors…and then we hear that. It’s just awful. “

Poloncarz said law enforcement has been working to save lives and will transition to traditional law enforcement action within 24 to 48 hours from December 26, 2022.

“To see that happen is just terrifying.” The deputy sheriff acknowledged that there are “some opportunistic criminals in our society,” noting that there have been “some burglaries” in Buffalo. He said police made an arrest in one case and police will soon respond to looting situations more quickly.

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