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Do you know exactly how your monthly Social Security benefits are calculated?

Most people don’t have a clear idea of ​​the formula used to set up their retirement controls – or the decisions they make could affect the income they receive in later years. .

One reason estimating future Social Security benefits is so complicated is that there are a number of surprising factors that influence the level of support these benefits provide you as a student. senior born. You will be especially shocked to find that these three criteria will play a huge role in determining your monthly benefit.

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1. How many years have you worked?

Social Security benefits may be higher if you work longer and lower if your working hours are shorter. There is a simple reason for that. The Social Security benefit formula is always based on a 35-year employment history.

If you have worked for exactly 35 years, you will receive a benefit equal to a percentage of the average salary for your entire career. when you work less than over the age of 35, your benefit for that period will still be a percentage of the average salary. But they will be lower because in some years the salary in your formula will be $0. And if you work? longer At age 35, the Social Security Administration will only take into account your highest earnings years after adjusting for inflation. As a result, your benefits may be higher because years of lower earnings are not included and your average salary will be lowered.

You only need a 10-year work history to receive benefits, as long as you earn enough work points in each of those 10 years. But if you want to maximize your benefits, working for at least 35 years – and possibly more if your pay increases over time – is the way to go.

2. When you start the check

Retirees get to choose when to start Social Security, but making the wrong decision can be costly because it reduces the senior’s life sentence.

Seniors can claim benefits when they reach age 62, but everyone has a full retirement age (FRA) of between 66 and 2 months and 67, depending on the year of birth. Claiming before the FRA results in a decrease in monthly benefits, but claiming after it results in an increase in benefits until age 70.

Starting benefits as soon as possible can make sense for people who think they won’t live long, because it may be best to start bringing in Social Security income right away, even if each benefit is smaller. Anyone with a spouse who is likely to be dependent on survivor benefits or who may be able to survive their lifespan should probably do better to delay their claim for as long as possible.

You’ll have to think about whether you want more checks to start earlier, even if they’re all smaller, or if you want to delay the start of checks to increase the amount – even if that means is to end up with less lifetime income if you die early.

3. Your marital status

It sounds strange, but your marriage can affect Social Security benefits. That’s because people who are married (or those who have divorced after at least 10 years of marriage) can get spouse or survivor benefits.

Spouse or survivor benefits are claimed in the spouse’s employment record. They can be helpful if they outweigh your benefits, or if you don’t qualify for your own benefits because you haven’t worked long enough.

The partner benefit, available after your husband or wife registers their own check, can be as high as 50% of your partner’s benefit at full retirement age. On the other hand, a survivor’s benefit will be available after the death of a spouse and can be equal to 100% of the deceased’s benefit at full retirement age or the amount the deceased person receives upon death.

It is important to know if you qualify for these benefits, as they can provide much-needed supplemental income. If you’re the highest-earning spouse, you should also think about how your own decision to file a check might affect your spouse’s ability to qualify for pension benefits. spouse or the amount of survivorship benefit they receive.

Understanding all of these unique rules is crucial to making the best and most informed choices about Social Security, so be sure to research and understand them before you start checking your benefits. .

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