5 COVID Resources to Share on Your Digital Signage

Keeping up with all the facts about coronavirus can be hard. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet that could be misleading. Thanks to technology, you can use digital signage to share facts and debunk myths about COVID-19 as you serve your customers. Here are five COVID-19 resources you can share on your digital signage.

1. Vaccination Information

There’s a lot of uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Most people are questioning the safety of the vaccines and the trials. However, the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and offers a safe way to protect you from contracting coronavirus. 

After getting vaccinated, your body will develop an antibody response without becoming sick. Therefore, if you haven’t suffered from coronavirus disease before, vaccination will act as an immunization against the virus.

Before the gov and FDA approved the vaccines, they had scientists conduct clinical trials with children and adults. The tests revealed no risk associated with the COVID-19 vaccines. There are different vaccine options in the market, with the common one being the Pfizer vaccine. The vaccine comes with a disclaimer which you should go through.

Coronavirus is a threat to your health and could result in death if not diagnosed on time. A report by the centers for disease control and prevention shows that you might have to deal with long-term health problems and long-term care after contracting coronavirus. So, you should aim to protect more than discussing cures.

Anyone who gets the COVID-19 vaccine is participating in monitoring their health and those of people around them. Therefore, it’s important to share the importance of vaccination among your COVID-19 resources. 

2. Different Coronavirus Variants

Coronavirus has genetic characteristics which cause it to mutate. Therefore, as it continues to spread, new mutations come about, with the most recent being omicron. In a report, the CDC mentioned that omicron is anticipated to spread faster and easier than other variants compared to the original coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.

Actually, all variants of coronavirus disease are deadly. They can aggravate preexisting health conditions, cause disabilities, and at the worst, death. Given the high stigma surrounding COVID-19, it also causes mental health strain as you or a loved one goes through treatment. Understanding these variants keeps people informed on changes in the coronavirus pandemic.

3. Testing Location

The federal government and public health sector have teamed up and set up testing centers where you can get tested for coronavirus. There are different types of tests that most people don’t know about. Fortunately, you can use digital signage to pass the message about the different tests and active testing locations.

You can choose to undergo a test that detects SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19. Alternatively, you can choose to test for antibodies that are only present in your body after contracting coronavirus. 

Moreover, COVID-19 testing is a great way to reduce coronavirus spread and ensure workplace safety. Through testing, you can easily tell if you have contracted the virus and seek timely health care, reducing the risks associated with a late diagnosis. After testing, contact tracing can also be done to help those you have been around to know if they have been infected or not. Additionally, testing helps ascertain your health condition and offers an easy mitigation option to prevent the spread. 

4. Safety Tips to Prevent Contracting COVID-19

Although there are COVID-19 prevention tips available on the official website of the United States government, not everyone has enough time to access the website. Thus, you should also share coronavirus prevention tips among the covid resources.

Everyone understands how deadly coronavirus is. So, they need to know how to prevent contracting it. Despite the media sharing these tips, it’s important to emphasize them.

Use your digital signage screens to share the importance of practices like physical and social distancing, quarantine, and isolation. While coronavirus disease may seem overwhelming, if everyone followed these prevention tips, the spread of COVID-19 would reduce significantly.

5. Health Coverage Options

Which healthcare plan do you use, and does your insurer cover COVID-19 related expenses? There are different COVID-19 health care services you can receive like testing, emergency response, and admission. 

Furthermore, depending on your healthcare plan, you can buy a testing toolkit over the counter and test at the comfort of your home. Your insurer should cover services like in-person visits and virtual assistance.

You can seek timely help through telehealth at the comfort of your home. Telehealth can help, especially if you test positive to COVID-19 and live alone. In fact, the state health department, alongside other health care providers, highly encourages patients to use telehealth as it helps reduce congestion in hospitals. There was a huge strain on hospitals during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the high number of patients. 

Additionally, telehealth reduces the demand for medical supplies by ensuring low-risk patients receive health care at home. It also offers easy access to FAQs about coronavirus, different variants, and updates on the coronavirus pandemic.

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