5 Proven Tips to Help You Focus on Homework

You might not know how to balance everything on your plate in the best way. 

It’s okay! Everybody experiences it, especially when there are few opportunities to alter your surroundings and refresh your mind. 

Perhaps your stomach is growling, your mind keeps returning to your phone, or you just want to lay down and nap. 

The good news is that by making a few simple adjustments to your study schedule, you can overcome these distractions and get back on track.

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Try these five strategies to keep focused instead of criticizing yourself for appearing to spend more time daydreaming than working.

Don’t multitask

Multitasking will reduce your productivity. Do not attempt to watch a video lecture on biology while completing your math homework. 

While you might think you’re accomplishing more, you’ll work more slowly. Before beginning a new assignment, finish the previous one.

Try to avoid talking to family members or sending texts to your friends while you are working on your schoolwork.

Prioritizing your tasks is another crucial talent for doing your homework. Sort the assignments your teacher gave you according to significance and difficulty level. Make an effort to complete the most challenging tasks first.

Be dull with a single task. Take your time with your assignment. If you cannot complete it, move on to the next job. You can complete the projects you missed. 

Limit technology

Maybe not the one you didn’t already hear. But ever wonder?

What function does social media play in your day-to-day life? Have you ever tracked how much time your waste on social media instead of other activities?

Long after putting your phone aside and trying to concentrate on your assignments, you are still reflecting on the most recent Facebook posts. 

It only takes the sound of a new notification to divert our focus from the task at hand. Turn off any alerts or messages you receive on your device to avoid being distracted.

You don’t want your iPad to be overflowing with Facebook alerts while you’re trying to work! Listen to music. Any music, however, does not help with attention. 

Focusing on schoolwork is another benefit of classical music. There are also unique applications with personalized music lists. Type “music for studying” or “music for concentration.” 

Hunt, a study partner

Select a partner who is focused and won’t be a distraction. 

This might be a fellow student, a friend, or even a sibling; just make sure they are committed to working hard rather than having fun! Have a virtual study session over Skype or FaceTime if social distance makes it impossible for you to meet up.

You might even organize a small group. While you all work on your homework together, you can compare notes, quiz one another, or just relax in silence.

The excess information, the fear of missing out, and the all-too-common indications of addictive behavior follow. More than ever, technology is having an impact on your thinking and distracting you from your goals.

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Choose the time

When you’re at your best, you’ll concentrate better. 

You might, for instance, feel most alert in the late afternoon, the evening, or even the early hours of the morning, just before classes begin. If you work at one of those times, it will improve your concentration.

To finish your schoolwork, schedule a regular time. Consider doing it every night after dinner if you prefer the evenings. Having a schedule will help you feel less overwhelmed by tasks. If you have a plan, your stress level will decrease.

Consider switching rooms, going outside, or even doing your homework somewhere new. You could discover that a change of scenery makes you feel fresher and more awake.

Your productivity and attentiveness will rise if you take frequent breaks. Understanding the science behind homework can help you realize that, to achieve peak performance, the brain requires a different type of activity after each study session. 

You should therefore engage different brain regions before returning to your studies.

Reward yourself

Although somewhat complex and requiring more willpower, this is tech-free. 

Create a method that allows you to relax for 10 minutes after an uninterrupted hour of work. If necessary, you can change the times to suit your needs, but try to limit your work sessions to no more than 30 minutes, especially if you’re working on a large, challenging project. 

This one isn’t for you if you give it a try and still find yourself checking Twitter every few minutes, so scroll back up the list until you discover something that does.


Thinking that you must always be perfect and productive can be a distraction in and of itself and will cause some anxiety. It’s critical to keep in mind that you are a human and require breaks. It’s acceptable if you can’t focus all the time entirely. 

It’s not being lazy to take a day off to recharge; it’s focusing on your physical and mental health. Accepting that you need a break shouldn’t make you feel ashamed. You’ll return from a day off even more productive than before.

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