5 reasons why Star Wars needs to be more experimental than Andor

Andor was a different kind of show for the Star Wars universe. A show that is more mature and less about aliens, Jedis and the Force; a show where the main character shoots first and asks questions later; and a show of tattoos, implied sex, and more morally gray characters.

All of this was possible because Tony Gilroy, a renowned screenwriter and director (co-writer of Rogue One and writer-director of Michael Clayton and The Bourne Legacy), is more interested in his characters’ conflicts and motivations than Star Wars canon .

In Andor, Gilroy has created a different kind of series in the Star Wars universe that shows why there must be more TV series and movies in the galaxy that try to push the boundaries. Here are five reasons why Star Wars needs to be more experimental than Andor:

New genres bring new stories

Nemik and Andor practice for the Aldhani raid
Image source: Disney+

Andor has acted in many genres during its run: politics, heists, and prison breaks, while most other Star Wars Disney+ shows have been in the adventure-action genre. The universe created by George Lucas should start experimenting with new genres as it would receive new types of stories, points of view and different characters while enriching the universe as a whole.

Not all fight against the Empire, but all are affected by its power in different ways. There are many stories to tell: it might be very difficult to be a high school kid and get a prom date when the Empire is trying to conquer your planet; an underdog story about a pod racer; an exciting alien-inspired horror with some strange new species; or even an Indiana Jones-inspired character looking for Jedi antiquities.

The possibilities for new shows and genres in Star Wars are limitless: succession in space with the people who created hologram-filled communications; a Brooklyn Nine-Nine-style sitcom about evil stormtroopers; a sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” in which some friends drink coffee with blue milk while joking about their love life…

The Expanse proved that a space show can have many genres as each season of this series focused on a different one; and even the MCU has learned to do this as each movie and show tries to be a different thing and genre. Star Wars should do the same.

Exciting new characters

Kino Loy, portrayed by Andy Serkis in Star Wars Andor
Image source: Disney+

New genres and styles could bring rich new stories, perspectives, and life experiences to the Star Wars universe, and with them exciting new characters that could appear in other future Star Wars properties. The animation side of Star Wars created unique new heroes some time ago, and now they’re reaping the rewards with characters like Asoka appearing in the real universe.

All of these possible new shows could create characters that fans would fall in love with and whose stories they would follow. Andor itself is a spin-off show from Rogue One, a film that paints each of its characters perfectly, making them so unique from most Star Wars heroes that each of them could headline their own show.

Exciting experiments attract great directors and actors

(LR): Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgard) and Bix Caleen (Adria Arjona) in Lucasfilm's ANDOR, exclusively on Disney+. ©2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved.
Image source: Disney+

Many writers, directors, and actors have watched Star Wars movies since they were kids and would do anything to work in this universe, and that’s a good thing. The problem is that so much reverence for Star Wars can sometimes lead to outdated ideas, as these artists are afraid to change canon and ruin it for everyone.

Andor has proven that a writer more interested in what it means to create the Resistance and political maneuvering can also play in the Star Wars sandbox and enrich it. What would a Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave) TV series be set in the Star Wars universe? And a Greta Gerwigs (Lady Bird)? And a James Wan (insidious)? It’s impossible to know, but it would be incredibly exciting to see them try.

The same goes for actors; Stellan Skarsgard did a great job in Andor as Luthen Rael, a character who’s more Sheakspearian than your typical Star Wars do-gooder. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what Michael Fassbender, Meryl Streep or Saoirse Ronan could do in this universe? They would probably need great, unique directors to share their vision and create new amazing Star Wars stories together.

Equality bores people

Image Credit: LucasFilms

Henry Ford used to say that if he had asked people what they wanted back then, they would have answered a faster horse. The same goes for entertainment. People always say they know what they want, but that’s not always true because one of the biggest criticisms of the new trilogy of films, especially those by JJ Abrams, was that it was the same as the original, remixed.

Something similar happened with The Book of Boba Fett: the show might have worked better if it weren’t for the Mandalorian, since both characters come from similar backgrounds. Therefore, the best part of the show was when Boba Fett lived with the Tuskan Riders and learned their way of life, as it showed something new and unique and gave fans a new understanding of this strange race that had been appearing since the beginning of the whole saga.

Expansion of the universe and its stories

Baze Malbius (Wen Jiang) & Chirrut Imwe (Donnie Yen) in Rogue One
Image Credit: Lucas Films

In a universe filled with sentient robots and all manner of extraterrestrial species, it’s a shame we keep talking about Skywalker and Jedis. There are many more stories to tell; George Lucas’ incredible imagination was the greatest asset the entire franchise had when it started, and it went unexplored. Where are the non-white characters, gay, trans, aliens of all kinds, and robots as leads?

Andor has shown the B2EMO more respect and humanity than most shows have ever shown their robots. In Rogue One, K-2SO has had his programming erased and is a sentient being; This conflict as it was previously a slave should be enough for one show. There are all kinds of characters to explore: worlds that feature non-binary genres; or entire alien races that can be used as a metaphor for some of the problems in our real world, and there are all kinds of artists waiting to tell these stories like Andor did.

Creating more experimental shows would help make the overall Star Wars universe more complete, diverse, fun, and unique. A universe that can appeal to all fans while creating new ones. Andor opened the door to all of these possibilities; Let’s hope Kathleen Kennedy and the other decision makers decide to cross them.

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