5 Reasons You Should Expand Your Cloud Network

When running a business, your data and files are one of the most important assets that you need to protect. They’re also used daily and need to be stored securely. This is why more and more businesses are utilising cloud migration to help improve their operations. The cloud is a network of different servers that securely host data. Accessing the cloud is simple too. You just need the right permissions and an internet connection, and you’re all set. Once you’ve made the move over, you can still expand your network and reap the benefits that it can give you. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should expand your cloud network today.

  1. Storage

When you first migrate to the cloud, you’ll have the opportunity to pick the amount of storage you’ll require. However, over time, you may find that the original amount is no longer enough. But the solution is simple. All you need to do is contact your provider and ask them to upgrade it. There will most likely be a small increase in cost, but it’s not so much that it becomes unreasonable. And it’s a lot cheaper than buying new PCs with a bigger memory! Cloud storage is essentially endless, so as the years go on and you accumulate more data and files, you can continuously upgrade to suit your needs.  

  • Security

The cloud provides you with a whole other level of security that regular data storage can’t. However, that isn’t to say that there aren’t improvements to the cloud’s security level, so when these become available, you should definitely take the upgrade. Each provider will have a different security pack, so if the chance to upgrade it to the latest, most secure version comes up, it’s in your business’s best interest to take it. Keeping your files safe is crucial, so don’t ever become complacent. Upgrading to the latest version will allow you to uphold the standards required of you to ensure you meet regulations too.   

  • Upscale

Over time, your business will hopefully go from strength to strength and experience lots of growth. With that development, comes the need to expand your cloud network. You might have used the cloud when you were a small business, with less than 100 employees. But now, you might be pushing 1000 employees, so you need to look at growing your cloud network along with it. All of your employees will need access to your network in order to do their jobs efficiently, so you may need to upgrade your network purely for that reason alone. With more employees comes more data too, so you may need more storage than ever before. Keeping everything in the same place is the best way to maintain security and allows people to perform their roles with ease. If you run out of storage, don’t resort to saving things on desktops. Instead, expand your cloud network so that it reflects the size of your larger business.

  • Better Collaboration

The cloud allows you to work together effortlessly together on the same document in real time. But as with all software, there are times when things might not be so great or could be improved. The cloud is no different, and there have been times previously when collaboration might have been hindered because of its limitations. However, there is always a knowledgeable team of experts working on improving the cloud, so there have been updates to the collaboration tools in order to make them the most effective. Software also updates automatically on the cloud, so if it has an update that improves the collaboration experience, you’ll be able to utilise it instantly.   

  • Increased Productivity

After migrating to the cloud, your business becomes increasingly flexible as it allows all your employees to work whenever and wherever they need to. However, if your cloud storage is lacking in size, or you haven’t got the latest security and collaboration updates, they may find it tricky to complete their daily duties. Expanding your cloud network will allow you to resolve these problems and more. Contacting your provider and checking that you have the latest and best plan will ensure that you eliminate any potential problems for your business and your customers, all while encouraging your employees to be as productive as possible.

Cloud migration is something that many businesses are gravitating towards thanks to its innovative features. Billions of people use cloud services every day, and it’s easy to see why. With remote working becoming the norm for most companies now too, cloud migration has become more important than ever. Allowing your employees to still maintain their performance is simple when you give them access to everything they need, and the cloud gives them the chance to succeed. Expanding your network is a fantastic way to improve your daily operations and help keep your business as secure as possible.

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