5 things Apex Legends needs in 2022

Apex Legends is about to enter its third year, and if the past two years have taught us anything, the innovation isn’t stopping. But there are some major absences that still exist for a game its age and popularity. Here are five features that Apex Legends needs to add in 2022.

2021 sees the biggest innovations in Apex since launch, namely with Arenas and the new map Storm Point, which introduces several new gameplay mechanics.

However, players also complain about the general lack of content, with very few limited-time modes and events that focus more on new cosmetics than on new game experiences.

There are also obvious shortcomings such as lack of progress and Next generation updates for latest console releases – was originally announced for 2021, but apparently, that’s not happening now.

This is what Apex needs to prioritize in 2022.

Dashboard updates and cross progress

Apex Legends throughout

By far the most requested features for Apex, cross-development capabilities, and next generation updates are an absolute must for Apex this year.

It takes too long for both of these to be done, especially cross-progress. With cross-play available, players will be able to seamlessly switch between platforms without having to start a whole new account, losing all their progress and unlocks.

Respawn has said many times that adding cross-progressive proves difficult, but at this point it’s simply a must at all costs.

The next-gen update was announced by EA shortly after the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S launches, but missed their schedule for 2021. Hopefully we’ll see FPS improvements for these more powerful consoles in early 2022.

Support Legend

Lifeline drums her DOC with the Apex Legends logo
Respawn / EA

Lifeline is her own in the Legend’s medical catalog.

There are four new characters added in 2021: Fuse, Valkyrie, Seer, and Ash. Seer is a ‘recon’ Legend, of which there are many, and Offensive Legends make up the rest – of which there are too many.

One area that is severely lacking in the Legends list are more support characters. We have Lifeline and Loba, but Lifeline is the only character that really focuses on healing, with Loba’s kit built around loot.

Another medical-like character that will give players at least some variety if they want to play this way. A Legend support shield would probably be the obvious choice here.

Update trigger range

shooting range in peak legend
Respawn Entertainment

The Activation Range is in need of some important updates.

With a few changes and minor fixes, the Firing Range has remained largely unchanged since its release over two years ago. Meanwhile, Shooting range in Apex Legends Mobile is better in every way.

Unlimited ammo, different game modes and challenges, training and everything a complete shooting range needs, is in the mobile version of Apex.

The remake developers have previously teased shooting range updates for the main game, but these updates didn’t show up in Season 11 as expected. Part 12 Hope is the goal.

Team Deathmatch

Arena is a good mode and Ranked Arena offers another great option to train and prove yourself. But, it’s a very structured mode, with an economy, small teams, and a circle-based system.

Apex would certainly benefit from some looser, casual modes where players can practice weapons, abilities, and gear freely, against other opponents. The aforementioned Active Range updates can provide some of this, but a free-for-all or team mode would be a great addition.

mobile apex legend

Again, this is a feature already available in Apex Legends Mobile, with 6v6 mode playing on Arenas map. Fingers announced that this mode will also become the main game in 2022.

Creator code

Admittedly this is not a feature of the game, but the creator’s code has the unique advantage of being able to grow the Apex Legends player base indirectly.

The Creator Code encourages influencers to play, stream, and create content about Apex Legends. We saw in 2021 that several big name streamers came to Apex for the first time, including NICKMERCS, Tfue and Ninja.

Maintaining a large base of content creators in the game and getting more is one of the best ways to increase the overall popularity of the game. Fortnite has proven this richly, and EA already has creator code for other games in its catalog, so why isn’t Apex yet?

Of course, there are lots of other small improvements that can be made to Apex, including more LTMs, rotation of all four BR maps, upgrades for some Forgotten Legends (Crypto).

With Apex Legends having a very strong year in 2021 despite some such gaps, 2022 could be a year of massive growth and expansion for Respawn’s Franchise. 5 things Apex Legends needs in 2022

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