A widowed mother follows her son into the basement one night and sees him giving a teddy bear to an unknown man

A widowed mother who recently moved to a new home with her son follows him into the basement one night and discovers something shocking. Her son gave his teddy bear to an unknown man. How did the man get there in the first place?

Heidi moved into a small house with her son Eric after losing her beloved husband Adam to cancer three years ago. She had to sell her old house because she was struggling to make ends meet after Adam’s death and her job wasn’t enough to cover her expenses.

Most of the time the bills kept piling up each month, especially since Eric had moved to a new school. The poor child struggled just like Heidi, since she had no friends at school and longed for Adam.

One day his teacher, Mr. Copper, was teaching his class about the “chain of kindness.”

“So, kids,” Mr. Cooper explained. “What a chain of kindness basically means is you help someone in need and then ask that person to help another person… So you pass the kindness on by helping the next person and it becomes a chain!” “

That same day, Eric was walking home when he noticed a homeless man at the park. Exhausted and shivering from the cold, the poor man lay on a piece of cardboard and begged passers-by for food and money, but no one paid any attention to him. Eric remembered what Mr. Copper had just taught them at school and decided to help the man.

“Hello, sir,” he said, walking towards him. “I see you’re cold and hungry. please come with me I’ll help you. You can stay at my house and I can get you food.”

Homeless man Dexter looked up at Eric and smiled, “Oh, that’s very thoughtful of you little boy. But your parents won’t appreciate a homeless man in their house. Nobody does!”

“Shhh,” Eric said. “It’s a secret between us. Mom shouldn’t know about this. Mom works all the time and she won’t notice that you live in our house. You can hide in our basement!” He suggested.

Dexter knew it was wrong, very wrong, but he hadn’t eaten in days and was about to collapse. So he accepted Eric’s offer. “Thank you, young man. They’re really generous,” he said.

“You don’t have to thank me,” Eric said, shaking hands with Dexter. “Keep paying it by helping someone else next time.”

“Oh, absolutely! You are so wise!” Dexter sighed and grabbed Eric’s hand as the two walked towards Eric’s house.

Every person we meet in life has a special role to play.
Once there, Eric showed Dexter the way down to the basement and brought him some snacks from the kitchen. “Mom will be home soon. She comes home during lunch and we eat together, so please be quiet. After she leaves, our neighbor Mrs. Murphy will come to take care of me, but don’t worry, I’ll come see you soon!”

Dexter nodded and went into the basement. He lay down on an old mattress and dozed off. He hadn’t slept so peacefully in ages.

Sometime late in the night, Heidi woke up because she was thirsty. She went into the kitchen to get some water and was surprised to hear muffled sounds somewhere in the house.

“Is it from our basement?” she thought as she walked from the kitchen to her basement. Suddenly she noticed that the basement door was open and she saw Eric coming down the stairs.

She followed him down the stairs to the basement. Then she saw her son give his teddy bear to a stranger and she panicked!

“Good Lord! Who the hell are you? Stay away from my son!” she screamed and jumped at Eric and yanked him away from the unknown man. “Stay there and don’t move! I’ll call the police immediately!”

At this point, Eric spoke up. “Mom! No wait! He’s Dexter! He needed food and a place to sleep, so I brought him here!”

“What?” Heidi stared at Eric in amazement. “Did you bring someone off the street into our house? are you crazy eric What if he tries to hurt us?”

“He wouldn’t, Mom. Dexter is a nice man!” Erich assured. “See, that’s not why I told you he was staying here! I knew you would be mad at me. I came to give him my teddy bear. When we first moved here I was afraid to sleep alone, but I didn’t feel alone with my teddy bear. I just didn’t want Dexter to be scared…”

Heidi sighed in frustration. “Honey, you don’t understand. We can’t bring strangers home like this!”

“But Dexter is no stranger, Mom! You’re welcome! let him stay here! You’re welcome! Please!!” Eric pleaded. He also shared with her what he had learned in school about helping someone in need.

Heidi couldn’t decide whether or not to let Dexter stay. But then Dexter apologized and informed her about his terrible health condition and that he would have passed out if Eric hadn’t helped him.

In the end, Heidi’s heart melted away. She allowed Dexter to sleep in her spare room, and the next day he showered and had breakfast with her and Eric. She gave him Adam’s old clothes to wear.

At breakfast, Dexter announced that he was looking for a job. He was an artist who became homeless after the failure of his art gallery. Then Heidi suggested applying for an apprenticeship at the school.

“There are so many schools hiring art teachers! You could try! And…” She paused. “You can stay here until you get a job. I guess that shouldn’t be a problem provided you help me around the house…”

“Really? Thanks!” Dexter said. “But I don’t know how to pay you back. I have nothing with me!”

“How about getting back on your feet? I would consider that my payback!” Heidi replied with a smile.

And so, after a month of trying, Dexter landed a job as an illustrator at a publishing agency and managed to rent a small apartment.

One day an old lady came to his workplace looking for an illustrator. Dexter was willing to work for her, but she didn’t have enough money to compensate him. It was at this point that Dexter remembered Eric’s advice to repay kindness.

So Dexter drew illustrations for her at a discounted rate, and she couldn’t stop praising him. He said to her, “Keep paying it by helping someone, ma’am.”

Meanwhile, Heidi and Dexter became good friends over time, and Eric now had someone to play video games with and watch baseball games with, things he craved after Adam died.

Six months later it was still going on. Dexter proposed to Heidi and she said yes! It turned out they were both in love with each other, but neither wanted to make the first move for fear of rejection.

Luckily, Dexter found the courage to sit down and he wasn’t disappointed. The couple got married and are expecting twins.

https://news.detroitdailynews.com/2022/12/18/widowed-mom-follows-son-to-basement-one-night-sees-him-giving-teddy-bear-to-unknown-man/ A widowed mother follows her son into the basement one night and sees him giving a teddy bear to an unknown man

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