Advantages of Bamboo For House Designs

Bamboo may be a resource not used so far in alternative housing construction. The Guadua, bamboo or guafa known in most countries, is a relative of rice and corn (grasses). It is the only living plant dinosaur on the planet, capable of becoming a great option for solving erosion and preservation problems. Besides being an alternative for low-cost housing construction, water sources withstand earthquakes better than brick and concrete, and the environmental impact is much lower.

According to its defenders, it is an ideal material to build a natural home. Its growth is very fast. Its collection does not kill the entire plant, so it grows back. Bamboo outcrops on all continents, except the poles, and soils are damaged by erosion. Choose bamboo house design ideas for life together with nature.

In terms of bamboo houses are durable, flexible, strong, and lighter than steel or cement. Among its advantages they have:

  • Guadua bamboo is endowed with extraordinary physical characteristics that allow its use in all types of structural members.
  • Its circular shape and hollow section make it a lightweight material that is easy to transport and store, allowing the rapid construction of temporary or permanent structures.
  • In each of the bamboo knots, there is a transverse partition or wall that, in addition to making it more rigid and elastic, prevents it from breaking when curved; Due to this characteristic, it is an appropriate material for anti-seismic constructions.
  • The constitution of the fibres of the bamboo walls allows it to be cut transversally or longitudinally into pieces of any length using simple manual tools such as the machete.
  • Bamboos do not have bark or parts that can be considered waste.
  • Bamboo can be used with all kinds of building materials as reinforcement elements.
  • Various veneer materials, such as mats, plywood panels, etc., can be obtained from bamboo.
  • Bamboo continues to be the lowest priced building material. 

It is good to know that because bamboo is a tender shoot with thin, hollow stems, it is possible to eat it; some believe that bamboo is too weak to serve as a durable building material. Bamboo is anti-termite. Weevils do not enter “the terror of wood”.

Why a bamboo house?

Choosing bamboo furniture means having a product that respects the environment. Compared to other woods, bamboo is a plant that grows quickly, even in small spaces. Its life cycle is very fast, so there are no deforestation problems. It absorbs large quantities of carbon dioxide and even has anti-seismic properties because it is a flexible material.

Adaptability: Since bamboo has been in use for a long time in your society in one way or another, this will not be very new to us. The construction of a bamboo house is a self-help process, where the ownership and intimacy of the house with the people are developed.

 Bamboo has been called with justice “the magic grass”, “vegetable steel”, “wood of the poor”, and “friend of the people”, among other adjectives that show its very special profile within the natural materials available to humanity… No construction material identifies more with the current ideals of environmentalism and sustainable development that move the new generations.

Bamboo is a material that makes a comeback for eco-sustainable furniture with a slightly exotic taste. In short, today, using bamboo furniture means having a home with the latest trends in interior bamboo house design. Bamboo wood is light yet a resistant product that lends itself perfectly to many different purposes, from bamboo parquet to rocking chairs, from bookshelves to kitchen cabinets.

General characteristics of bamboo furniture

Today bamboo furniture is making a big comeback and can be made with laminate or real bamboo parts. You can easily find rocking chairs and armchairs to hang from the ceiling that goes very well with boho-chic furniture. Many today are looking for bamboo cribs for newborns to give a romantic and retro touch. Woven bamboo shelves and bookcases are also used for interiors and exteriors.

They combine well with a modern style and are in step with the times and with natural references that use plants a lot for furniture. The piece of furniture woven in bamboo with the rods as supports is very suitable as a base for those with a green thumb.

The strengths of bamboo furniture

Bamboo furniture is worth using at home because it is full of strengths. First of all, the duration in time; bamboo furniture does not deteriorate and lasts a long time without problems. Many may still have an old grandma’s rocking chair or a bamboo pram that hasn’t changed. Even if it is scratched, the material will not scratch. It is also resistant to traction.

Bamboo is a wood that is also used a lot for exteriors because, unlike other types of wood, it can resist and withstand climatic agents better. It does not change due to high or very rigid temperatures. But it is mainly water-resistant because it is water repellent, so they are also used a lot for bathroom and kitchen furniture. It also works well in humid spaces where other woods can be damaged.

Bamboo is a material that goes well with a refined and refined interior design, which is why today it is experiencing a second youth for environments with clean lines, attention to detail and very pleasant.

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