All card symbols in Wild Hearts and what they mean

Wild Hearts is a game full of inexplicable moving parts. Some of this is probably intentional, but there are parts of the game that there’s no real reason not to have an explanation for. One such piece of the puzzle is the map. where is the legend What do all these symbols really mean? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’ve come to the right place to get the answers. Here’s what all the symbols on the map mean in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts – Card Symbols Explained

Wild Hearts has two completely different maps that we need to cover. For clarity, we will break both maps into their own sections. That way, referencing that article becomes a trivial task, and you can find exactly what you need without having to search through scraps of text. Let’s start with the main map in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts – Main card, explained

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The main map doesn’t have many symbols, making it relatively easy to read. However, without context, there can still be a problem. Here are the main card symbols:

  • Blue tent icon – This icon represents access points to the main areas in Wild Hearts. As previously mentioned, you cannot enter an area without entering via this icon.
  • Bestial Face Icons – These icons vary in shape, but they all represent a specific type of Kemono monster. Hover over them to see which monster they represent.
  • Unrolling scroll icon – These icons represent side quests obtained from the Hub Minato.

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  • Yellow Diamond Icon – This icon shows you the way to the main story of the game. It appears above what you need to do next to proceed.
  • Orange dot icon – This icon appears over items or content that you have not yet experienced. These can appear above the beast face icons and the scroll scroll icons.

Wild Hearts – Detailed map, explained


This map is the more confusing as there is a lot more going on here than the main map. You’ll spend most of your time looking here, so it’s important that you understand what each symbol means:

  • Blue tent icon – Represents camps within the area. You can place these anywhere on the map and use them to quickly traverse if you have the capacity.
  • Animal Face symbols – Similar to the same symbols on the main map, they represent the actual beasts. The difference is that on this map the beasts are in their exact location and you can see how they move in real time.
  • Map with “X” drawn on it – Fliter showing active karakuri on the map
  • Squirrel-like icon – Filter showing active small kemonos on the map
  • Brown circle dot – These are active little kemono. Can see them moving in real time
  • lantern icon – Represents Tsukumo Lanterns that you have placed on the map

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  • Slingshot-like icon – Represents Flying Vine and Enhanced Flying Vine Karakuri that you placed on the map
  • Gray campfire-like icon – Represents dragon pits that you have yet to claim
  • Red campfire-like icon – Represents dragon pits that you have already claimed
  • Cyan tear icon – Represents healing fountains that you can/have claimed
  • mosquito icon – Filter representing small creatures that you can collect
  • Gray circle dot – These are active little creatures. Can see them moving in real time
  • turnip symbol – Filter showing materials on the map
  • Green dot icon – Represents the actual materials on the map
  • tower icon – Represents hunting towers that you have already placed

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