All Characters in Omega Strikers (Updated)

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Omega Strikers is a fast-paced action sports competitive title inspired by Rocket League, League of Legends and Super Smash Bros. where you not only try to score but also fight against the other team. There are various characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities. This might make you wonder what each character does in Omega Strikers.

All Omega Strikers characters and abilities

Every character in Omega Strikers has one primary, secondaryand special ability. These are crucial to turning the tide of a game and moving the ball around the arena. These not only move the ball, but also deal damage, increase stagger, buff your allies, debuff enemies, and more. Here are all the characters in Omega Strikers.

Juliette – The eager beginner

  • difficulty – 2/3
  • Primary – Fiery fist
    • Deal a medium hit to all enemies in a row.
  • Secondary – Flying phoenix
    • Dash and deal a medium hit to enemies in your path. Other abilities can be cast while falling.
  • Special – Hail of Flames
    • Throw in a barrage of light jabs in an arc, followed by a heavy roundhouse kick.

Kai – The natural superstar

  • difficulty – 1/3
  • Primary – barrage
    • Quickly fire multiple fireball projectiles that deal light hits.
  • Secondary – Fast pace
    • Gain a 35% Haste buff for 4 seconds.
  • Special – Giga explosion
    • Fire a flaming projectile that deals a heavy hit to the first enemy hit, knocking them away from the center of the blast.

Dubu – The lovable defender

  • difficulty – 1/3
  • Primary – bamboo
    • Create a bamboo trunk that blocks enemies, then roll it forward as a slowing projectile that shatters after dealing a medium hit to the first enemy.
  • Secondary – somersault
    • Jump in one direction. Stun at maximum range or upon impact with an enemy and deal a medium hit to surrounding enemies.
  • Special – Tofu Fortress
    • Fire an arc of quiver projectiles that deal medium hits and create terrain on impact or at maximum range.

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Estelle – The stunning sniper

  • difficulty – 1/3
  • Primary – stab shot
    • Aim and launch a blast of crystalline energy that deals a heavy hit to all enemies in a long line.
  • Secondary – Rose curvature
    • Blink to a location, then fire a crystal spike projectile at the closest enemy, dealing a medium hit.
  • Special – Crystal Thorns
    • Fire multiple crystal spike projectiles in an arc. Each deals a light hit.

Atlas – The steadfast protector

  • difficulty – 2/3
  • Primary – Astral projection
    • Fires a slowing arc projectile that deals a single medium hit to any enemy it collides with.
  • Secondary – Cosmic expanse
    • Create an expanding ring of light that quickly disappears. The ring persists and begins to shrink when it hits enemies, dealing a medium hit.
  • Special – Heavenly Intervention
    • Create a celestial guardian that continuously heals nearby allies. The Warden rescues any ally that would be KO’d, transporting them to their location and restoring 15% of their stagger gauge.

Juno – The curious explorer

  • difficulty – 1/3
  • Primary – Friend Fling
    • Fire a blob projectile that deals a medium hit and creates a blob on impact or at maximum range.
  • Secondary – Blob bounce
    • Create a blob at your feet and jump to a location that becomes elusive in mid-air. Elusive targets are invulnerable and unassailable.
  • Special – Let it Rain
    • Aim at an area and launch a massive blob projectile into the sky. After a delay, the cluster splits, raining down blob creations for each enemy in the targeted area (at least 1 blob).

Drek’Ar – The intimidating invader

  • difficulty – 2/3
  • Primary – Save and load
    • Fires a series of projectiles that heavily hit nearby enemies but lightly hit distant enemies. 2 charges.
  • Secondary – Xeno Cloak
    • Gain a buff granting invisibility and 50% haste for 1.25 seconds.
  • Special – Molten Bolt
    • Fires a sticky bomb projectile that deals a medium hit and debuffs the first enemy hit for 2.5 seconds, slowing and damaging them over time. The debuff can spread to nearby enemies.

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X – The eccentric bat

  • difficulty – 1/3
  • Primary – Ringtone
    • Coil up and swing your arms in circles, dealing a heavy hit to enemies on the edge but a light hit otherwise.
  • Secondary – Bull Rush
    • After a short delay, fall and deal a heavy hit to enemies in your path.
  • Special – X maximum!
    • Buff up for 4 seconds, increasing your size and upgrading your shots to medium hits that work on enemy players.

Era – The powerful sorcerer

  • difficulty – 1/3
  • Primary – Enchanting Ray
    • Enchant allies and enemies in a row. Enemies are easily hit and rejected, reducing their size and power. Allies are buffed, increasing their size and power.
  • Secondary – flutter fly
    • Grants nearby allies a 40% haste buff that wears off over 2.5 seconds.
  • Special – Magic Maelstrom
    • Create a dormant projectile that increases in size and duration over time and hits harder. On recast or after a few seconds, launch the projectile and hit all enemies in its path. If released before fully charged, it inflicts light hits.

Luna – The chaotic rocketman

  • difficulty – 2/3
  • Primary – WHAMMY
    • Launch a rocket projectile that deals a light hit on early impact. After a short delay, it accelerates and inflicts a heavy hit instead.
  • Secondary – THRUST
    • Dash endlessly until you hit an enemy or a wall, with limited steering ability. Collisions with enemies deal a heavy hit.
  • Special – CRATER
    • Throw a bomb projectile at a location and deal a heavy hit to enemies in the center. Enemies outside the center take a medium hit instead.

Asher – The Unbreakable Wall

  • difficulty – 2/3
  • Primary – arc ray
    • Prepare a burst of energy that deals a medium hit to all enemies in an arc. Enemies caught in the center take a heavy hit instead.
  • Secondary – Breakthrough
    • Dash forward with shields raised, stopping at the first enemy hit and dealing a medium hit to nearby enemies.
  • Special – path splitter
    • Combine both shields and hurl them forward as a projectile. When they hit an enemy, they expand, creating a slow-moving, destructible barrier that can repeatedly deal medium hits to enemies. Deals less damage after the first hit.

Each team consists of three players and three characters, which means finding the right balance between offense, defense, and utility is crucial. You should work with your team to choose characters that complement each other and allow you to control the arena. We recommend trying out each character before deciding which one is best for you. This will help you learn and master each character’s gear before venturing into ranked matches so you don’t get stomped.

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