All farm and farmhouse upgrades in Stardew Valley

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In Stardew Valley, players can customize their farms and farmhouses to their own taste. These items are not cheap to buy, but they give the player a sense of progression. Below is a list of all upgrades and costs associated with farmhouses and farm buildings.

If you’ve never played the game before, make sure you’ve got through at least your first year in Stardew Valley before updating anything. The first year is designed to teach you everything you need to know about the game, introducing different types of farming and ways to make money. Before you start filling in the space, it’s always a good idea to know what you’re going to accomplish.

How to upgrade your farmhouse in Stardew Valley

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There’s a lot more you can do than you think when you upgrade your farmhouse. At the beginning of the game you are only given a single room with a bed, table, fireplace, TV and chair. If you upgrade it as soon as possible, you will have enough space for other items and you can also cook your own meals.

Whenever you’re ready to upgrade your farmhouse, head north of town to the Carpenter’s Shop. Once you reach the switch, you should talk to Robin, who can offer you the farmhouse upgrades you want. The upgrades are expensive, so you need a steady income before you buy them.

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All farmhouse upgrades and costs

Below is a list of all the upgrades you can make to your house. It would require you to have it 160,000g, 150 hardwoodand 450 wood to get any upgrade. Because these upgrades are expensive, we recommend that you only consider them if you’re getting married and starting to have children.

  • upgrade 1 – This upgrade includes a kitchen, fridge and counter for cooking. In addition, it adds a bedroom to your house and upgrades the bed to a double bed so you can get married.
    • The first upgrade costs 10,000g and 450 wood.
  • upgrade 2 – This upgrade adds two additional rooms to your house and is required if you wish to have children. After the upgrade, the first room in your house will be empty, but the second room will have two single beds and a cot. The master bedroom and kitchen are also getting bigger.
    • The second upgrade costs 50,000g and 150 Hardwood.
  • upgrade 3 – This upgrade adds an underground basement to your house. In the basement, barrels for aging cheese and alcohol can be stored so you can sell them at a higher price. This is essentially the last step you need to take to be a high roller in the game.
    • This upgrade costs 100,000g.

How to upgrade your farm in Stardew Valley

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Besides the fact that farm buildings allow you to expand your farm, they also offer you new ways to make money from your farm. Robin can be found in the Carpenter’s Shop north of town, which is where you’ll find her if you’re interested in constructing farm buildings. If you bring enough supplies to Robin, she can build your farm buildings for a fee.

You should keep in mind that buildings take up a lot of space on your farm, so you can only have a limited number of them. Luckily, the farm area in Stardew Valley is quite large, but we still recommend that you plan ahead what kind of farm you are going to build.

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All farm upgrades and costs

You don’t have to build every building on this list. It all depends on what kind of farm you want to have and what kind of buildings you need. You may not need certain buildings on your specific farm, so you can skip building them.

  • barn – Barns house four animals and allow the purchase of cows.
    • Barns cost 350 wood, 150 stone and 6,000g
  • Big barn – Large barns house eight animals and allow the purchase of goats.
    • Large barns cost 450 wood, 200 stone and 12,000g
  • Deluxe barn Deluxe Barns house 12 animals and allow for the purchase of sheep and pigs.
    • Deluxe Barns cost 550 Lumber, 300 Stone and 25,000g
  • co-op – Stables house four animals and allow the purchase of chickens.
    • Stables cost 300 wood, 100 stone and 4,000g
  • Big coop – Large coops house up to eight animals, have an incubator and allow you to buy ducks.
    • Large stables cost 400 wood, 150 stone and 10,000g
  • Deluxe Coop – Deluxe Coops houses 12 animals and allows the purchase of rabbits.
    • Deluxe Coops cost 500 Lumber, 200 and 20,000g
  • silo – Silos allow the player to mow grass and store hay for animal feed. They can hold 240 pieces of hay at a time.
    • Silos cost 100 Stone, 10 Clay, 5 Copper Bars and 100g.
  • slime hutch – Slime huts allow players to house and raise up to 20 slimes.
    • Slime Huts cost 500 Stone, 10 Refined Quartz, an Iridium Bar, and 10,000g
  • Stable -By purchasing stables, players can house and raise a horse.
    • Stables cost 100 Hardwood, five Iron Ingots, and 10,000g
  • Spring – Fountains can be used to fill watering cans, but do not change the quality of the water collected.
    • Wells cost 75 stones and 1,000g
  • Mill – Mills allow players to make flour from wheat and sugar from beets.
    • Mills cost 50 stones, 150 wood, four cloths and 2,500 g
  • barrack – Like a small farmhouse, Sheds allow players to customize their interior with furniture, wallpaper, and flooring. Usually sheds are used as storage.
    • Scales cost 300 wood and 15,000g
  • big shed – Upgrading to a large shed increases the interior space of the shed to 17 x 12
    • Large scales cost 550 wood, 300 stone and 20,000g

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