All figures from volume 1 in collection – Kirby and the forgotten land

There are many different characters to collect in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. So many that there are well over 70 characters in Volume 1 alone. Of all three volumes, the first can be the most confusing as you may not get the hang of it yet. Use this list to find out which ones you might be missing in your collection.

All Vol. 1 Gacha Figures

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides
  • Alivel mall sign
  • arrow sign
  • craziness
  • Bandana Waddle Dee
  • Bernard
  • Big Kabu
  • swordsman
  • Blue Star Coin
  • Bolted Storage Mouth Kirby
  • bomb
  • bomb block
  • Springy
  • Bronto Burt
  • buff maple
  • cannon
  • Captive Waddle Dees
  • automobile
  • Auto-mouth Kirby
  • Auto Shop Sign
  • Kappy
  • cherry
  • Cool
  • Conemouth Kirby
  • cutter
  • Dome Mouth Kirby
  • Elfin
  • Fire
  • Gabon
  • Gordo
  • Gordo Bar
  • Green Star Coin
  • hot head
  • ice cream
  • Invincible Sweets
  • Jabhog
  • Kabu
  • kirby
  • lantern switch
  • Lightron Works sign
  • Maxim tomato
  • melon
  • needle
  • Unnecessary
  • pop flower
  • poppy bros jr
  • radio
  • ranger
  • Red Star Coin
  • Shotzo
  • Mr Kibble
  • star block
  • storage cabinet
  • Star Coin
  • Storage Mouth Kirby
  • Strong-armed beast Gorimondo
  • switch
  • sword
  • tangerine
  • target switch
  • Tortor
  • agony
  • traffic cone
  • treasure chest
  • tulip
  • Waddle Dee
  • Wanted posters
  • Warp Star
  • watermelon
  • water tank
  • Wildly Frosty

Special mission figures

These numbers are not collected simply by using the gacha machine or completing levels. They have special requirements to be collected.

  • Cafe staff Kirby (Rage gig at the Waddle Dee Cafe)
  • Cafe staff Waddle Dee (Buy 10 items in the cafe)
  • Delivery Waddle Dee (Use five gift codes)
  • Fishing pond Kirby (Bling Blipper in Fishing Pond minigame)
  • Game shop Waddle Dee (Complete the three Tilt and Rolly minigames)
  • Item shop Waddle Dee (Buy 5 items in the shop)
  • Wise Waddle Dee (Talk to Wise Waddle Dee until he runs out of dialogue)

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