All Lucky Dice locations in Brighthoof in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is full of wacky characters and irreverent humor, but also full of hidden secrets and collectibles. One of the items that you can find scattered throughout the Wonderlands is known as the Lucky Dice. Finding one of these 20-sided dice will prompt them to roll a number and award loot based on how good the roll was. Here you can find all Lucky Dice in Brighthoof in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Brighthoof Lucky Dice Locations

lucky dice 1

This lucky cube is on the path you take to the main castle when you first arrive in Brighthoof. You can find it below in a fountain in the middle of the street.

lucky dice 2

You can find this cube by continuing down the path from the last lucky cube. At the end of the street there is a path to the left. You can find the lucky cube around the corner behind a barrel.

lucky dice 3

You can find this lucky cube at the top on top of a building near Fizzie Lizzie’s. You can get to the roof by climbing the crates next to the shark and then onto the balcony. Then turn around and jump onto the wooden beam holding up the shark. From here you can climb to the roof.

lucky dice 4

You can find the fourth lucky cube near the river right next to Fizzie Lizzie. It is behind some boxes under a walkway.

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lucky dice 5

This lucky die is right outside Fizzie Lizzie’s door. You will find it locked behind a door on a balcony above some targets. To open the door and get the cube, players must Shoot the three smaller targets.

lucky dice 6

This cube is located at Fizzie Lizzie’s. It can be found on the second floor behind some breakable barrels under a staircase.

lucky dice 7

You can find the seventh lucky cube on top of the building which is basically right in the center of Brighthoof. You need to do some parkour to get this cube. If you stand in front of Fizzie Lizzie’s, you should see it a fruit stand to climb on. This will allow you to reach the roof of the building that is in place a purple stepping stone around the corner. If you hit this jump square, the player flies to the roof where the lucky die is located. The positions of the fruit stand and the jumping field are shown in the picture above.

lucky dice 8

You can find this Lucky Die down by the dock in Brighthoof. It’s on the Top of a building on a wooden beam. You can reach this cube by using climb onto the market stall seen next to the building in the picture above. Once at the top, you can Hold on to the corner of the roof and go up to get the cube.

lucky dice 9

You can find this cube right next to the eighth lucky die mentioned above. it is hidden on a balcony behind several wooden boxes. You can reach the die by jumping onto the covered crates in the middle of the stairs, then onto the roof and over to the balcony.

lucky dice 10

You can find this lucky cube along the river to the right of the docks. The cube is located on a balcony which is easily accessible by going up the stairs below.

lucky dice 11

This cube is just a few steps away down the street from the last Lucky Die. it lies high up on a copper pipe. Just climb those copper pipes to reach the top and grab the Lucky Dice.

lucky dice 12

This Lucky Dice is located in the area off the main road you were driving down when you first entered Brighthoof. A gate blocks off this area, and You have to complete some side quests to open it. After completing Chapter 4: Thy Bard, with a Vengeance you will find the first side quest you need to complete called lyre and brimstone. Immediately after completing this quest, you can pick up the next required side quest, which will be called inner demons.

Completing these two side quests will open the gate that will lead you to the Cube. Once you discover the hidden door that is part of the quest, you will come across it a room with a tattered red banner and a statue of Zygaxis. you will find it the lucky cube, which you can reach in this room with a ladder to the left of it.

lucky dice 13

You can find this lucky cube in the river bed near the locked gate from the previous Lucky Die. When this cube is covered under water, you have to continue further in the story until the water is emptied

lucky dice 14

This lucky cube is found in the riverbed near the bridge leading to Fizzie Lizzie’s. Once the water is drained you can see the matrix from the side of the bridge in the center some white crystals.

lucky dice 15

You can find this lucky cube in a drain near Fizzie Lizzie’s. You can either jump up from the direction in the picture above, or enter the pipe from the other side.

lucky dice 16

You can find this cube in the same river bed as the thirteenth Lucky Die from above. It is under the walkway on the side with the two NPCs relaxing on the sidewalk.

lucky dice 17

This lucky cube is a little harder to find unless you know what to do. The cube is hidden in a boarded up room on the sidewalks near the river at Fizzie Lizzie’s. To break the boards and reveal the cube you have to Shoot the explosive barrel attached to a cannon’s wick on the other side of the river. The cannon fires, breaking the planks blocking off the room.

lucky dice 18

You can find die happy 17 from the edge of the left side of the docks. It’s in the corner on which very edge of a cliff down into the empty lake.

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lucky dice 19

This lucky die can be found in some ship wreckage that is uncovered as the harbor empties. It can be seen right in front of the Harborside Fast Travel Beacon.

lucky dice 20

The last lucky cube you can find in Brighthoof is found at the gates of the castle. These gates only open after you beat the game. Once the gates are open, you can find the lucky cube behind a bush on the right of the court.

So there you have it, here’s how to find all 20 Lucky Dice in Brighthoof in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Finding all of them will not only give you some loot for your troubles, but each one will increase your overall loot luck for your character.

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