All Lucky Dice locations in Mount Craw in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands


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The side quest “Goblins Tired of Forced Oppression” has players travel to Mount Craw for Jar, a goblin. Players must complete the Side Quest, Working Blueprint to reach this area. Players must complete both the Jar side quests and the Forged side quest to find them all. Here are all 19 Lucky Dice locations in Mount Craw in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

All Lucky Dice locations

Finding all the Lucky Dice is much easier if players accept the side quests as soon as they find them. This will put players in the right place while also gaining XP when hunted. However, only the Leprechauns tired of enforced oppression and Forged Side quests are required to find them all.

lucky dice 1

Shortly after the first meeting with jug is the first die lucky. This is in a crevice on the left before the bridge.

lucky dice 2

The first cave that Jar leads the player into hiding spots a die lucky at the end of it. It can be found by a large green crystal.

lucky dice 3

Once players reach outside, they can find a die lucky on the balcony of one of the houses. A ladder leads directly there.

lucky dice 4

If you follow the path to the left of the cave, there is a house. the die lucky is in the basement.

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lucky dice 5

Above the ridge and towards the cliff to the left of the cave is a dock. the die lucky sits on it outdoors.

lucky dice 6

A hut near the tower has another die lucky only indoors.

lucky dice 7

A ice cave that players can shoot themselves into it has a die lucky near the entrance. It is on the left as you enter.

lucky dice 8

this die lucky requires players to accept that Forged side quest. It is found by turning around after going through the locked gate and climbing up the ladder.

lucky dice 9

In the cave, players explore during the Forged Side Quest is a path to the right. Following the tracks there is a die lucky at the end of it.

lucky dice 10

The players have to go through the Non violent offender Side quest to gain access to one of the caves housing two lucky dice. You can find the first one by jumping onto the platform after reaching the other side of the bridge.

lucky dice 11

In the during the unlocked cave Non violent offender Side quest is a die lucky found on a high platform. Players can access this by going to the right of the cave and jumping up to go around it.

lucky dice 12

jug will have a second side quest that will take players through a different cave system. That is The Butcher of Vorcanar and the die lucky can be found in a hut near the first group of enemies.

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lucky dice 13

Alone die lucky rests towards the cliff edge of the second cave that jug leads the player inside.

lucky dice 14

A ladder leads players to a series of lucky dice. The first can be found by climbing up and going straight and jumping onto a platform to reach it.

lucky dice 15

From the ladder, players can turn right to find an area to jump. There is a air pressure venting that players can jump on or wait to get across. Once players reach the bridge, they can jump onto the ledge to find it die lucky as well as two additional air pressure openings.

lucky dice 16

There are two ways to achieve this die lucky. Players can either park to it by going up the ramp and ladder to get to the wooden beam, or they can jump from the suspension bridge above.

lucky dice 17

There is another one at the exit of the cave die lucky sit at the bridge. Players can get this by jumping past the shack next to some ammo boxes.

lucky dice 18

The attitude to it die lucky requires players to climb the ladder shown and reach all the way to the outside of the cave. A poetry page can also be found on the way there. Once the players are outside, the cube is in the corner to the right of the chest.

lucky dice 19

The final die lucky see towards the end The Butcher of Vorcanar side quest. It can be found by going straight once players exit the cave and sit next to a hut next to a ramp.

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