All pumpkin loot in the Escape From Tarkov Halloween event

While the goal of every Escape From Tarkov run is to get out with your life, goal number two is to collect loads of loot along the way. However, in-game events tend to spice things up, such as: B. Tarkov’s Halloween event, which adds tagilla to every card. Another feature of the Halloween event is the Candy Pumpkin, an item that will be scattered around the maps during the event. However, what awaits you when you open one of these festive containers?

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What’s in the pumpkin with candy in Escape from Tarkov?

There are eleven unique loot pieces in total that you can obtain from a Candy Pumpkin. Seven of these parts are drinks and the other four are food. Below is a list of each piece:

  • Can of Tar Cola soda: This drink gives five points for energy and 15 points for hydration.
  • Pack of Russian Army pineapple juice: Another drink, this gives 8 points for energy and 30 points for hydration. There is also a 60 second buff to energy regeneration (+0.2 energy per second).
  • pack of apple juice: Although this drink usually gives 5 points for energy and 25 points for hydration, these bonuses are removed during the Halloween event, which unfortunately makes it a pretty useless item.
  • Pack of Grand Juice: During the Halloween event, this drink item normally awards 6 points for energy and 30 points for hydration. These effects will be removed.
  • Pack of Vita Juice: Another drink limited during the Halloween event. This drink usually gives eight points for energy and 28 points for hydration.
  • Bottle of Norvinskiy Yadreniy premium kvass (0.6 l): Outside of the Halloween event, this drink gives 15 points for energy and 65 points for hydration. However, these effects will also be removed during the event.
  • Can of RatCola soda: This drink loses 20 points of energy and hydration, but retains its 60 second energy recovery buff (+0.1 energy per second).
  • can of condensed milk: The first food on the list gives a whopping 75 energy points at the cost of 65 liquid points, and gives a five-minute three-point buff to intellect, alertness, and stress resistance.
  • pack of sugar: This food loses its 70-point bonus to Energy and its 45-point decrease to Hydration during the Halloween event, but still provides a one-point five-minute buff to Intelligence.
  • Alyonka chocolate bar: Another food that gives 35 points of energy while removing 15 points from hydration, as well as giving a two-minute buff of two points to alertness, stress resistance and intellect.
  • Slicker’s candy bar: The last item on the list is a food that gives 30 points of energy while taking 15 points from hydration. There is also a one point 60 second buff to Intellect, Awareness and Stress Resistance.

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