All trophies in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo is the latest PlayStation version. Those keen on hunting achievements will be happy to know that Ghostwire: Tokyo is a more leisurely journey to that elusive platinum trophy, with zero missable trophies and a lack of difficulty trophies. Make sure you know what to aim for when playing the latest game from Tango Gameworks.

The trophies in Ghostwire: Tokyo, their rarity and descriptions provided by PlayStation are below:

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All Ghostwire: Tokyo Trophies

  1. Ghostwire Tokyoite (Platinum)
  2. beginnings (Bronze)
  3. aggravation (Bronze)
  4. link (Bronze)
  5. contortion (Bronze)
  6. severance pay (Bronze)
  7. binding (Bronze)
  8. Conclusions (Bronze)
  9. Helping hand (Bronze)
    • Transfer 25% of the spirits in town.
  10. savior (Bronze)
    • Transfer 50% of the spirits in town.
  11. salvation of all (Silver)
    • Transfer 100% of the spirits in town.
  12. Hero of Shibuya (Gold)
    • Complete the main story after bringing 100% of the ghosts to town.
  13. problem solver (Bronze)
  14. wish maker (Silver)
    • Complete all side missions.
  15. Opening a path (Bronze)
  16. liberator (Bronze)
  17. treasure hunter (Bronze)
  18. collector (Silver)
  19. spirit and body (Bronze)
    • Unlock all ghost abilities.
  20. On the same wavelength (Bronze)
    • Raise your synergy level to the max.
  21. Shibuya is my backyard (Bronze)
  22. echoes of the past (Bronze)
  23. The whole truth (Bronze)
  24. It’s all thanks to Yokai (Bronze)
  25. With combined forces (Bronze)
  26. Roadside Spirituality (Bronze)
  27. pilgrim (Bronze)
    • Pray to all Jizo statues.
  28. Your cock shows (Bronze)
    • Find all missing Tanuki.
  29. gourmand (Bronze)
    • Purchase all kinds of food and drinks.
  30. DJ Akito (Bronze)
    • Acquire all music titles.
  31. trendsetter (Gold)
    • Acquire all items for the outfit menu (excluding bonus content).
  32. talismania (Bronze)
  33. power overwhelming (Silver)
    • Purchase all sets of prayer beads.
  34. Boundless Spirit (Bronze)
    • Acquire the maximum number of Katashiro.
  35. animal lover (Bronze)
  36. amateur photographer (Bronze)
    • Use photo mode for the first time.
  37. You wouldn’t steal a ghost (Bronze)
    • Successfully protect at least 3 containment cubes in a single battle.
  38. Do not worry (Bronze)
  39. better together (Bronze)
    • Merge back into KK after being hit by a sever attack.
  40. Visiting hours are over (Bronze)
    • Defeat every visitor type.
  41. heartbreaker (Bronze)
    • Defeat a Visitor by pulling out its core.
  42. soulbreaker (Bronze)
    • Defeat 50 visitors by pulling out their cores.
  43. A dive (Bronze)
    • Defeat at least 5 visitors at the same time by pulling out their cores.
  44. Couldn’t stand the heat (Bronze)
    • Defeat at least 3 Visitors at the same time by detonating a Red Aether Crystal.
  45. Silent Kill (Bronze)
    • Defeat a total of 200 visitors with Quick Purge.
  46. Bow (Bronze)
    • Defeat a total of 50 visitors with the bow.
  47. Go for the eyes (Bronze)
    • Defeat a total of 20 visitors with headshots.
  48. sniper (Bronze)
    • Defeat a Visitor with a headshot from at least 40m away.
  49. Freeze, scumbag (Bronze)
    • Defeat a total of 10 Visitors with Quick Purge while they are being held by a Stun Talisman.
  50. A bush! (Bronze)
    • Defeat a total of 3 Visitors with Quick Purge while hiding in bushes created by a Thicket Talisman.
  51. left you open (Bronze)
    • Defeat a total of 10 Visitors by ripping out their cores after exposing them with a Revelation Talisman.
  52. Master of Blocking (Bronze)
    • Execute a total of 30 Perfect Blocks.
  53. Synchronous (Bronze)
    • Wire a total of 10 times.
  54. walking on air (Bronze)
    • Grab and glide to stay airborne for at least 10 seconds.
  55. Big donor (Bronze)
    • Spend a total of 1,000,000 Meika.
  56. religious (Bronze)
    • Place a total of 10,000 Meika in offering boxes.
  57. Lonely Tsukimi (Bronze)
    • Spend at least 30 seconds looking at the moon.

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