Analyst urges Bulls to bring back former franchise star

Jimmy Butler, Chicago Bulls


Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler #21 celebrates with Derrick Rose #1

The ESPN analyst says the Chicago Bulls need “a strong jerk on the team,” Max Kellerman. That’s part of his determination in the April 14 issue of ESPN’s “Keyshawn, JWill, & Max” to gauge what the Bulls are missing in their first post-season appearance since 2017.

It was a conversation that included asking if the Bulls should try to trade for Anthony Davis, Heavy’s Brian Mazique took a closer look at.

They also brought in another familiar name, Rudy Gobert.

After comparing the Bulls to the Phoenix Suns for how quickly things seem to come to the Bulls, Kellerman made a brutally honest statement about the personality of this team as a whole, the co-host. Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams agree with.

Catch Gritty

“There’s something about this team, guys… Jay, that to me is like a bit… like they have too many good people on the team. They need a fool, you know? They need that… a certain aura. ”

This is very similar to the comment made by 11-year NBA veteran and one-time Bulls defender, Greg Anthony, who said the Bulls are not a “mentally tough team”. Kellerman goes on to offer a solution with a familiar name, six-time NBA All-Star champion and former Bulls player Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat.

“If Jimmy Butler really wasn’t in Miami that long, you wouldn’t think a package centered around, say, Vucevic…”

At that point, Kellerman asked Williams how Vucevic was defensively. Williams admits the Bulls big man is “not good” at that end of the floor but disagrees with Kellerman at least on the suitability of Jimmy Butler.

“However, Jimmy Butler won’t be the answer for Chicago… Chicago needs a rim guard.”

Williams then explained that Vucevic was often left on an island during all pick-and-roll action, which would result in Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton having a day on the field.

At this point, Johnson jumped into the conversation to shoot down Davis abandoning the Lakers’ views. More than that, he’s backed Kellerman at least in that Butler delivers something else that Davis or Lonzo Ball – whom Williams mentions as a reason not to need Butler – simply doesn’t.

Bring back the bucket

“Jimmy Butler gives them the guts they’re lacking. It’s not a defense game, it’s… I don’t know what you want to call it… That tough mentality. You know, the ‘don’t mess with me’ mentality. In other words, he [Kellerman] say the Chicago Bulls play well right now. “

Kellerman then named the names.

“Zach LaVine is a nice guy. DeMar DeRozan, a nice guy. Everywhere you look you see a nice guy… I need a good guy on the team. Key, when I think of a team like that, I don’t think of AD’. AD is not someone where I think, ‘oh, that’s the missing ingredient’. “

Johnson agrees with that and goes on to say that they need it, “The Draymond Green Psychology” is a comparison that probably needs more making.

Butler – who is averaging 21.0 points with 5.9 rebounds and 5.4 assists – has never been a stellar three-pointer, making up 32.1% of his career-deep looks. me. He shot 36.0% better in three separate seasons, all with the Bulls, in 2013, 2015 and 2017.

However, he falls short of Green (29.6% this season, 31.7% career) having accounted for only 23.3% of his deep looks this season.

However, Butler will only provide the kind of mindset this team lacks if concerns about the distance with DeRozan don’t frighten you. A deal would also not have to include a third team. The Bulls could send Vucevic alongside promising rookie Patrick Williams and future draft picks.

However, Miami doesn’t need Vucevic because of Bam Adebayo’s presence and their playstyle. And the Bulls will then need a starting center. All of that is just the beginning, making this an unlikely scenario.

A winding road

Outlined with the 30th overall pick from Marquette in 2011, Butler spent the first six seasons of his career with the Bulls making the first three All-Star games of his last three. it’s in Chicago.

His final year came as the “Three Alphas” front dog that included him, Rajon Rondo, and Chicago area native, Dwyane Wade.

He was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves in November 2017 for a number of pieces including current forward Zach LaVine as well as Cleveland Cavaliers forward now Lauri Markkanen, and Kris Dunn, who finished the season. on the list of Portland Trail Blazers.

Since then, Butler has been notoriously unwelcome in both Minnesota and Philadelphia with the 76ers, though different explanations for who he upsets exist depending on who you ask.

It was the reputation of a kind personality that followed him. It resurfaced once again when Butler and Heat assistant coach Udonis Haslem was quite active on the bench during the team’s massive loss to the Golden State Warriors on March 23.

In a talk with reporters with permission from Barry Jackson and Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald, Haslem said that’s not the point.

“A typical day in Miami,” he said on Wednesday. “That’s how we get the job done around here. We believe in eye-to-eye contact. Jimmy is my brother. I love Jimmy. ”

Not Haslem’s comment, nor Butler’s comment on this video provided by Brendan Tobin of Tobin & Leroy makes it seem like this is a situation that either party intends to end soon.

Add to that the fact that the Heat traded one of Butler’s best friends and godfather for his daughter’s daughter Kyle Lowry this past season, and the idea quickly returned. pipe dream. Or, better yet, an anniversary. Analyst urges Bulls to bring back former franchise star

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