Annie Farmer testifies against Ghislaine Maxwell at trial

Annie Farmer

Attorneys David Boies (L) and Brad Edwards (R) speak to the press with alleged victim Annie Farmer after a bail hearing in the sex trafficking case of US financier Jeffrey Epstein on July 15, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP)

Ghislaine Maxwell’s The only alleged victim who identified herself to the press and in court documents under her real name told a federal jury on Thursday that Jeffrey Epstein abused her when she was 16 – with Maxwell’s help luring her to his ranch.

One of the siblings described by New York Times was “The First Sisters To Try To Take Down Jeffrey Epstein,” Annie Farmer testified that she received a topless massage on Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico in 1996.

“Can you see anyone in this courtroom who’s ever given you a massage?” Assistant US Attorney Lara Elizabeth Pomerantz request.

Farmer identified Maxwell in the courtroom.

“I feel pain to my stomach”

Jeffrey Epstein stands in front of his Gulfstream

The government has used this photo of Jeffrey Epstein standing in front of the Gulfstream plane as evidence in the former pilot’s testimony during Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial. (Photo via DOJ)

The 42-year-old witness also recounted how Epstein took her and her sister Maria Farmer to see the play “The Phantom of the Theater” and then a movie, where the sister said she was sitting next to Epstein.

Annie Farmer remembers the first time Epstein “stroking” her hand, before moving up her arms, shoes, feet and shins.

“I feel stomachache. It was not what I expected,” Farmer recounted.

The witness checked the entries from her magazine at that time. The first version cast a shadow over cinemas and gave rave reviews of the play.

“I quarrel. It was amazing,” wrote one Annie Farmer then a teenager, referring to the play.

Annie Farmer returned to the theater in a separate column, writing that she wanted to add on “a few brief details about New York that I haven’t mentioned before”.

“It’s a little bit weird. One of those things is hard to explain.”

At one point, she wrote that Epstein was “stroking, massaging” her arms, shoes, and feet. The log entry resolved the issue. Annie Farmer, a teenager, wrote that it sounded like she was “trying to justify him doing something weird, but it wasn’t.”

Reflecting on what she wrote now, Annie Farmer testified: “I’m trying to come up with excuses or justifications to get people to try to feel okay.”

“She told me to take off my clothes”

It was in New Mexico, where Annie Farmer recalls her first meeting with Maxwell.

“She’s a beautiful, attractive woman,” Farmer said. “Dressed.”

She recalls Maxwell having dark hair, speaking with a British accent, “well spoken” and “clear”.

Recalling being less eager to see Epstein again after New York, Farmer testified that Maxwell’s presence made her feel more comfortable.

“I think they are romantic mates,” she said, adding that they appeared intimate with each other.

Then came another movie trip: Annie Farmer says she, Maxwell, and Epstein went to see “Primal Fear.”

“He immediately tried to hold my hand, stroke and hold my leg and my arm,” Annie Farmer said, referring to Epstein.

Back at Epstein’s Zorro ranch in Santa Fe, Annie Farmer said Ghislaine Maxwell “instructed” her to give Epstein a foot massage. She said that Maxwell massaged one of Epstein’s legs and gave her the other.

Ghislaine Maxwell appeared to be massaging Jeffrey Epstein's feet (2)

Photo courtesy DOJ

“I feel very uncomfortable,” said Annie Farmer of the massage. “I want to stop, and I hope it ends soon.”

Later, Annie Farmer said, Maxwell gave her a massage.

“What did you wear during the massage?” asked the prosecutor.

“Nothing,” she replied.

When asked why she took off her clothes, Farmer said she was following Maxwell’s instructions: “She told me to undress.”

Farmer told the jury that once she was lying on her back, Maxwell pulled down the bed sheets, exposing her breasts and touching them. She said that Epstein then went into her room and cuddled her, and she recalls that although she said nothing at the time, she didn’t want to cuddle Epstein.

After her trip in the summer of 1996, Annie Farmer said, she recalls: “I told my mother I wasn’t raped, and I didn’t want to talk about it.”

Annie Farmer said she also kept the cowboy groups she said Epstein bought for her on the trip, while Maxwell was present. The witness testified that she initially stuffed them in the back of her closet, before being questioned by federal agents about them and wearing them to “claim” them back. Prosecutors have told jurors that Epstein and Maxwell sometimes gave gifts to their alleged victims to “groom“They are for sexual abuse.

“To Maria and Annie’s absolute horror”

Maria Farmer also accused Epstein and Maxwell of abusing her at the billionaire Victoria’s Secret Les Wexner The property is in Ohio, where Epstein owned a guesthouse, in one incident, the elderly Farmer said she reported to the New York City Police Department and the FBI.

Much of their story has previously been made public, including litigation filed in 2019.

“To the utter detriment of Maria and Annie — and countless other victims after them — the authorities ignored Maria’s reporting efforts and took no action,” their complaint achieved. 1.5 million dollars.

During the opening remarks, Maxwell’s attorneys Bobbi Sternheim argued that “nothing criminal” had happened in New Mexico, a state in which Farmers had reached the age of majority.

Citing state law, US District Judge Alison Nathan announced before proceedings began on Wednesday that she would instruct the jury that the alleged conduct in New Mexico was “not an “illegal sexual activity”” as the indictment instead government position. However, she added that Farmer was one of Maxwell’s alleged victims, as prosecutors allege Maxwell lured her from jurisdictions where she was a minor.

That ruling is a more modest setback for the government than Judge Nathan’s ruling on “Kate“, A 17-year-old youth has reached the age of consent.

“I instruct you that this witness was not a victim of the crimes outlined in the indictment,” Judge Nathan told the “Kate” jury on Monday.

“Kate” testified that Maxwell had prepared her to provide Epstein with massages that led to sex and asked her to ask friends to provide Epstein for oral sex. Two other accusers testified against Maxwell: the first, under the pseudonym “Jane”, and the second known only as Carolyn, her real name.

Maxwell’s Attorney Jeffrey Pagliuci disclosure “JaneAnd Carolyn’s real name was in court and was prompted by the judge the first time he did so. Law & Crime did not release the names of privacy claimants to describe allegations that they were sexually abused.

Prosecutors estimate that the government could settle its case as soon as Thursday. The defense will then begin calling witnesses, and the proceedings will conclude with a conclusion. If convicted, Maxwell faces a maximum term of 70 years in prison, possibly a life sentence, for the 59-year-old.

Morning ends with Maxwell’s lawyer Laura Menninger cross-check Marie Farmer, whose testimony is continuing.

This is an evolving story.

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. Annie Farmer testifies against Ghislaine Maxwell at trial

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