Another Eden level list – top heroes by attack type

Another Eden is a hugely popular RPG that takes you on an adventure through time. With so many characters and the possibility of teamwork, turn-based battles really unfold, allowing you to play on the field the way you want. But who is the best character to help you overcome the power? That’s where we come in!

After spending a lot of time and research, we have created Another Eden-level list to show you some of the best heroes in each attack pattern. Remember, due to Another Eden’s versatility, there is no definite answer to the question of which is the strongest team composition, as not only do different characters compliment each other, they are also influenced by zones. specific regions and summoners – so just because a character hasn’t ranked high on our list doesn’t mean they’re useless. However, by scouring the stats and spending some time with the characters, we’ve come up with what we believe is the most comprehensive overall list.

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Now, finally, here’s our other Eden tier list!

List of other Eden tiers

Another character of Eden, Cyrus

Another slashed list of Eden

Floor: Another Eden character:
SS Melissa, Necoco, Thillelille (Other Styles), Isuka (Additional Styles)
S Victor (Other Style), Kikyo (Other Style), Miyu (Other Style), Thillelille, Shigure (Other Style), Akane (Other Style), Ilulu, Isuka (Other Style), Aldo, Shion, Ilulu (Other Styles), Radius, Cyrus, Zeviro (Other Styles)
ONE Cress, Violet, Heena, Philo, Renri, Tsukiha (Other), Victor, Velvet, Anabel (Other), Renri (Other), Nikeh (Other)
REMOVE Yuri, Elga, Deirdre, Milla, Anabel, Shannon (Other Style), Sophia, Cynthia, Shanie (Other Style), Nagi (Other Style), Shion (Other Style), Shannon, Shanie, Kikyo, Guildna
OLD Tsukiha, Azami, Elga (Other Style), Ruina (Other Style), Shigure, Zeviro, Morgana, Nagi, Isuka, Joker, Miyu

Another Eden character, Claude

Another list of levels through Eden

Floor: Another Eden character:
SS Pizzica, Tsukiha (Extra Style), Garambarrel, Suzette
S Hismena (Other Style), Milsha, Hozuki (Other Style), Foran (Other Style), Sheila (Other Style), Ciel (Other Style), Hismena, Suzette (Other Style), Yukino, Mistrare, Mana, Laclair (Other Styles)
ONE Tiramisu, Tiramisu (Other Style), Claude (Other Style), Ewella, Betrand (Other Style), Hozuki
REMOVE Premaya, Jade, Claude, Bertrand, Laclair
OLD Cetie (Other Styles), Altena, Cetie, Bria, Ciel

Another Eden character, Felmina

Another blunt level list of Eden

Floor: Another Eden character:
SS Tsubame (Other Style), Hardy (Other Style), Myunfa (Other Style), Daisy
S Ewan (Other Style), Prai, Melina (Additional Style), Felmina
ONE Yipha, Hardy, Myunfa, Dewey
REMOVE May, Skull, Cerrine, Ewan, Amy, Riica
OLD Felmina (Other Style), Biaka, Lovely, Tsubame, Melina, Lokido, Lokido (Other Style), Melina (Other Style)

Another Eden character, Dunarith

Another list of Eden’s miracles

Floor: Another Eden character:
SS Nagi (Additional Style), Chiyo (Other Style)
S Rosetta (Other Style), Clarte (Other Style), Dunarith (Other Style), Radica (Other Style), Myrus (Other Style), Melody, Veina (Other Style), Yuna (Other Style) , Mighty
ONE Toova (Other Style), Levia (Other Style), Radica, Yuna, Mariel, Gariyu (Other Style), Rosetta
REMOVE Gariyu, Myrus, Dunarith, Bivette, Feinne, Toova, Mighty (Other Styles)
OLD Clarte, Mariel (Other Style), Saki (Other Style), Veina, Levia, Helena

How to roll in another Eden

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to roll back in Another Eden, but it’s entirely possible. As long as you haven’t linked the game to your Facebook account, you can delete the game and start over, but of course this will wipe out all progress and you’ll have to start fresh. Collect all the crystals you need to buy a new team. Also, you will have to wait for the game to install again! But the free units you get from the game are pretty solid, and you can always play around with team compositions to see which one works best for your unit.

If you want to join the fun, come App Store or Google Play Join for free!

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