Apex Legends best weapons and weapon tiers list

In Apex Legends, players experience combat with a variety of weapons from all weapon classes. Winning gunfights comes down to choosing the most versatile weapons with the right attachments while fighting over different distances. While some weapon recoil patterns are easy to master, others take time to work into muscle memory.

Similarly, there are various high-damage single-barreled weapons that require players to train their aim regularly. Keep in mind that even if a weapon you like is considered low tier, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue using it. The best weapons are ideally the ones you are most comfortable with!

List of all weapon tiers

stages weapons
Level S+ R-301, Kraber .50-cal Sniper, Mastiff shotgun, Volt SMG
S level Spitfire LMG, AUTO SMG, VK-47 Flatline, Havoc, Peacekeeper
A step Sentinel, Wingman, Triple Take, Longbow, R-99 SMG, G7 Scout
B level 30-30 Repeaters, Bocek Bow, LStar, Generator SMG, Charge Rifle, Hemlok
C level Rampage, RE-45, Mozambique, Devotion, Prowler SMG
D level P2020, Eva-8 shotgun

The best weapons in the game reside in the S+ tier, and we encourage players to always use them routinely in-game. The Kraber .50 Cal Sniper, Mastiff Shotgun, and Volt SMG are Care Package-only weapons, and these three weapons are always the best choices at their specific range.

Best Assault Rifles in Apex Legends

R-301 carbine

The R-301 is a fast-firing assault rifle with negligible recoil and a tight spread of fire from the hip. It is available as floor loot and from supply crates. This is an S+ tier weapon and is versatile at any range. You can combine it with the 2x HCOG Bruiser, 3x HCOG Ranger or 2x-4x Variable AOG to spray enemies from afar. Although the R-301 uses light ammo, it deals high damage even at long ranges. Make sure you find the Barrel Stabilizer, Extended Light Magazine, Optics, and Stock attachments for this weapon to use it efficiently at long range.

VK-47 Flatline

The VK-47 Flatline is the second best rated assault rifle in the game and you will find it as floor loot. The rate of fire is slightly slower than the R-301, but the Flatline packs a punch with its heavy ammo type. This weapon does not require a barrel stabilizer but is highly effective over range with a 2x HCOG Bruiser or 3x HCOG Ranger. The Flatline’s recoil can be tricky to master, so we recommend players practice extensively with this weapon on the range.

Best Sniper Rifles in Apex Legends

Kraber .50-CAL sniper

The Kraber is a tier S+ weapon in Apex Legends and you can only find it in the care package. This weapon was recently nerfed for its overwhelming headshot and body shot damage. This bolt-action sniper deals 140 body damage and 280 headshot damage to unhelmeted enemies. Despite the nerfs, it still remains the best sniper rifle in the game. Headshots with the Kraber can take down enemies instantly, but it has limited ammo, meaning there’s no room for error. Make sure you always open unlooted Care Packs for a chance of finding the Kraber in ranked matches.


The second best sniper in Apex Legends, the Sentinel has a boosted function just like the Rampage LMG. Players can use Shield Cells to boost the damage dealt by this bolt action sniper and you can use the as well Deadeye’s pace Hop up to increase rate of fire. This weapon requires an Extended Sniper Magazine, Sniper Optics, Sniper Stock, and the Hop-Up to reach its full in-game potential. Combine the Sentinel with the 4x-8x Variable Sniper or 6x Sniper Optics for easy spotting of enemies at medium to long range.

Best Light Machine Gun in Apex Legends

M600 Spitfire

The M600 Spitfire LMG was recently removed from the Care Package, but it hasn’t lost its effectiveness as one of the top tier weapons in Apex Legends. Several pro players and content creators have even said that the Spitfire is the best LMG in the game considering its recoil pattern and range. Combine the Spitfire with a medium-range scope and an extended heavy magazine to rain down fire on enemies from afar. Although this weapon can wipe out an entire squad, SMGs and shotguns will leave players vulnerable in close quarters combat.

Best Shotguns in Apex Legends

Mastiff shotgun

The Mastiff Shotgun is currently a Care Package weapon and we have placed it in the S+ Tier. While hip fire deals decent damage, the Mastiff has a tighter shell spread when players are aiming down the scope. The gun comes with only four rounds in each magazine and 28 spare rounds. The key to knocking down enemies with the Mastiff is to get in and out of cover quickly and switch to ADS quickly.


Undoubtedly one of the most efficient shotguns in the game, the Peacekeeper is easy to find as ground loot. Dominant in close-ranged combat, this weapon features a choke mechanic that reduces pellet spread while aiming down the sights. The Peacekeeper requires a shotgun bolt, a shotgun optic and a Kinetic feeder Hop up for more efficient performance. The choke mechanic allows players to charge the shot before firing it at an enemy. Not only does this result in a narrower spread, but it also deals concentrated damage to opponents in melee combat.

Best Marksman Rifle in Apex Legends

G7 scout

Currently the best Marksman rifle in the game, the G7 Scout is only available in Care packs. This weapon features a semi-automatic, two-shot burst-fire mechanic. The G7 Scout is equipped with 2x-4x variable AOG optics, making it easier to track enemies at medium range. This Marksman Rifle is a great choice if you can find it in the Care Pack, and players should pair it with an AR or LMG to be equally effective at any range.

Triple recording

The Triple Take is second only to the G7 Scout in the Marksman Rifle category in Apex Legends, but is easily obtainable as floor loot. This semi-automatic weapon has a triple barrel that fires three shots at once. It uses energy ammo and also has a choke mechanic like the Peacekeeper. The choke reduces bullet spread, making this weapon incredibly effective in mid-range combat. Players can also attach them Kinetic feeder Hop-up to speed up the choke mechanics when sliding.

Best Submachine Gun in Apex Legends


The CAR SMG is one of the new weapons added in Apex Legends, and it works with both light and heavy ammo types. This is an extremely fast-firing SMG that can deal quite a bit of damage but has a tricky recoil pattern. The CAR SMG has a tight hipfire spread that allows players to beam down enemies at close range. Similarly, it’s very effective at close to mid-range, with an exceptionally fast TTK. This weapon requires a barrel stabilizer, extended light or heavy magazine, SMG optics, and stock as accessories.

R-99 SMG

Despite its difficult-to-control recoil, the R-99 is one of the most powerful SMGs in the game. It uses light ammo and is found as floor loot. This weapon is great for early combat as you can deal high damage quickly to knock down multiple enemies. The R-99 can be very fickle at range, but it excels against shotguns at close range. Although it requires a barrel stabilizer, extended light magazine, SMG optics, and stock, we recommend using this weapon for close quarters combat only.

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Best pistols in Apex Legends


The wingman is perhaps the most devastating weapon in the game, and in the right hands, it can turn the tide of any game. Players with impeccable aim prefer this pistol as it deals 45 body damage and 97 headshot damage when the opponent is not wearing a helmet. This single fire pistol is highly accurate at range and pairs best with the 1x HCOG “Classic” and 1x Digital Threat. You can also attach them Boosted loaders Hop-up to increase reload time and get bonus ammo if reloading the pistol while it’s running low.

RE-45 Auto

The RE-45 is a self-firing pistol and a viable choice in early combat. It uses light ammo and players can also attach the Hammerpoint Hop-Up to increase the damage done to unshielded enemies. While this pistol has an easy-to-control recoil pattern, it becomes difficult to control over range. While starting in Arena matches is a good choice, we recommend players swap this weapon out for an SMG or shotgun in Battle Royale.

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