Are Jonathan Bailey, Simone Ashley Dating? “Bridgerton” Season 2 Relationship

When you ship Anthony and Kate, you might be wondering who Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley are from Bridgeton Season 2 is dating in real life and what their off-screen relationship was like on set.

Bridgetonbased on the book series by Julia Quinn
of the same name, premiered in December 2020 and went on to become Netflix’s most-watched original series. The show, executive produced by Shonda Rhimes, follows the Bridgertons, a distinguished upper-class English family of eight siblings and their widowed mother, during Regency-era England. Each season centers around a different Bridgerton sibling – Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory and Hyacinth – with the first season focusing on Daphne Bridgerton (played by Phoebe Dynevor), the eldest of the Bridgerton daughters, and their relationship follows the Duke of Hastings (aka Simon Bassett), played by Regé-Jean Page.

Bridgeton Season 2, which premiered March 25, 2022, follows Anthony Bridgerton, the viscount and eldest Bridgerton son, on a search for a viscountess. The second season builds a love triangle between Anthony and two new characters: Kate and Edwina Sharma, two sisters from India who come to London with their mother Mary to find Edwina a husband. A love triangle begins when Anthony, London’s most attractive bachelor, and Edwina, the Queen’s anointed diamond of the season, date and become engaged – despite Anthony’s feelings for Edwina’s older sister Kate, who has a love-hate relationship with him.

“It’s a complicated love triangle because it’s not a conventional one. Certainly in a show like Bridgeton, you will not get catfights between women over men. It’s just not the mood at all. It’s a sister before the gentlemen for sure,” Charithra Chandan, who plays Edwina, told Extra in 2022. She continued, “What you get is three people who are connected for completely different reasons and are attracted to each other in very different ways, and it’s that entanglement between the three that’s arguably the drama of this season. And I think that even though it’s like a really crazy situation, every single relationship is really relatable, I think, and you would probably find it in your own life.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2022, Jonathan Bailey, who plays Anthony, called the love triangle “dangerous.” “You can understand why he’s drawn to both. And they both feel attracted to him in turn. It’s an interesting love triangle; It’s dangerous when they’re siblings. It’s bestial between them in a way Season 1 wasn’t. They’re all animals together,” he said. “Edwina and Kate are the embodiment of his approach to love – one is head, one is heart. The push and pull [illustrates] how intense it is to fall in love in a society so rigid, where gender roles are so specific, and how completely counterproductive these roles can be to happiness, progress and love.”

So…who are Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley from? Bridgeton Season 2 and how was their relationship on set? Read on to learn more about Bailey and Ashley’s off-screen dating lives and how they compare to Anthony and Kate.

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Who are Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley dating? Bridgeton Season 2?

Who are Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley dating? Bridgeton Season 2? While Bailey and Ashley play love, Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma take an interest Bridgeton Season 2, they’re not dating. Bailey, who is openly gay, is dating actor James Ellis. Although neither Bailey nor Ellis have confirmed their relationship, Bailey did confirm to GQ that he has a “boyfriend” in a 2022 interview. In the interview, Bailey recalled an “actor friend” telling him, “‘There are two things we don’t want to know: whether you’re an alcoholic or whether you’re gay.'” He continued, “Everything it takes, until one of these people in this position of power says so, and it ripples through. So yeah, of course I thought so. Of course I thought I had to be straight to be happy,” he said. “I got to a point where I was like, ‘Fuck it, I’d much rather hold my boyfriend’s hand in public or be able to post my own face picture on Tinder and not worry about it than one role.’” (Bailey and Ellis were also photographed having dinner together in Notting Hill in July 2021.)

In an interview with Sir Ian McKellan for Attitude magazine in 2020, Bailey spoke about how Hollywood has evolved in terms of LGBTQ+ actors and how it’s still stayed the same. “In my generation now, the out-gay actors are being poached,” Bailey said. “You get a script sent to you and they say, ‘Got to be comfortable talking about sex.’ That’s a brilliant thing in a way because it says we’re not encouraging anyone not to talk about sexuality, but it also shows that sexuality is becoming a commodity.” He continued, “We say, when you come out, is this is the start of a new growth chapter, right? But I don’t think I’ll ever know where I fit in terms of society because it’s always changing.”

Bailey also told the magazine that some of the “most conservative conversations” he’s had about his sexuality have been with other members of the LGBTQ+ community. “The most conservative conversations I’ve had about being honest about my sexuality these days have come from gay men in the industry: ‘Oh no, you can’t come out. You really shouldn’t do that. If you do that, you have to…’” he said. “Either it’s people who work in the public domain, or there were also casting directors who called my agent to say, ‘Just so you know, this is being sold like it’s a gay story written by gays Writers for gay actors. So by just taking on the role…'” He continued, “It was at a point where I might have come to terms with my own sexuality, I hadn’t necessarily hidden it… But I was never dishonest. It had just never been necessary to talk about it. I think there is a sense of shame that is felt by all gay men in the industry. But then there’s this heteronormative, heterosexual understanding of sexuality.”

Although Bailey has been open about his sexuality, he also doesn’t want his work to be overshadowed by it. “Cause we’re saying if you come out, that’s the start of a new growth chapter, right? But I don’t think I’ll ever know where I fit in terms of society because it’s always changing,” he said. “So I don’t want to talk about my versatility in the bedroom. I will talk about my versatility on stage. For me it’s about visibility. That’s it.”

He continued, “Why is there this common assumption that because we’ve chosen to gift people with the knowledge that we’re gay, we’re actually willing to basically crouch over a mirror and show them our insides to show? What are your hopes for someone like me starting my career now? Playing clear characters, wanting to be visible but also knowing that there are many things in my life that are personal and I don’t want to cross that line. But visibility is key. What are your hopes for the future from someone like me and what are your concerns?”

As for Ashley, not much is known about their relationships. However, she did tell Glamor UK in 2022 what her relationship with Bailey was like on set. “I would always leave him his favorite snacks in his trailer. We had a very unspoken rhythm of leaving gifts in each other’s trailers in that sense,” she said. Ashley also spoke to Porter magazine in 2022 about her and Bailey’s “explosive” chemistry. “Johnny and I have incredible working chemistry together. It was explosive on set,” she said. Despite their chemistry on the show, Ashley noted that she and Bailey didn’t spend much time together off set. “We didn’t really have time to hang out, but we managed to sneak off for a drink together one day while we were filming on location. We’ve had each other’s backs from the start; it’s a partnership,” she said. She also called Anthony and Kate’s relationship an atypical “fairy tale.” “It’s like in a fairy tale. But you know, it’s not a typical fairy tale because of this [are] two incredibly complex characters. For lack of a better expression [it’s] Screwing people with a complicated history,” she said.

She also spoke about the Bridgerton season 2 sex scenes and how she wouldn’t watch it with her parents. “The second season is a lot darker,” she said. “There’s a lot of drama and a lot of sexual tension. My parents will watch – but not with me!” Bailey also told The Sunday Times 2022 on how she wanted to make sure Ashley felt “safe,” especially during her sex scenes. “It’s less exposed for a man,” he said. “I wanted to make sure Simone felt safe on set as a newcomer,” he told the Sunday Times Bridgeton filmed from the “female gaze,” he wanted Ashley to have control over “what bit of skin” was exposed and “where” and “how” it was touched. “Nobody walks into a scene shaking and worried about how it’s going to go on — if you’re worried, you can talk to them,” he said. “It turns sex scenes into a choreographed dance.”

Bridgeton can be streamed on Netflix. So read the Bridgeton books for free.


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For more about Bridgetonread Julia Quinns Bridgeton book series. The book series – which consists of eight main books
an epilogue
and four prequels
– follows the Bridgertons, a distinguished upper-class English family of eight siblings and their widowed mother during Regency-era England. Each of the books follows a different Bridgerton sibling – Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory and Hyacinth – on their quest to find true love. The first Bridgeton Book, The Duke and Iwhich followed the love story between Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke of Hastings (aka Simon Bassett) was the inspiration for Season 1 of Netflix Bridgeton TV series. the second book, The viscount who loved mewho succeeded Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sheffield (renamed Sharma in the Bridgeton show), was the inspiration for season 2. The third book, An offer from a gentlemanfollows the relationship between Benedict Bridgerton and Sophie Beckett and will likely serve as inspiration for Season 3. The most important eight Bridgeton Books are available on Amazon
for $62.99, saving fans about $30 by purchasing each book individually.

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