Are There Actual Benefits to Vaping CBD Oil?

Vape pens, or electronic cigarettes, have acquired broad popularity in the world recently. They promised a much safer and healthier experience to smokers because of the lack of carcinogens and smoke inhaling. However, some deem the components in the vaping liquid even more dangerous than tobacco smoke for the human lungs and vessels. Thus, vaping remains a practice with mixed reviews, from strongly negative to highly positive.

Are you considering a CBD vaping pen to enhance your CBD consumption practice? It’s better to make this choice based on the cold hard data to avoid undesirable side effects and health complications. So, before googling “CBD vape pen kit near me,” study the data we’ve collected online and in credible academic sources to explain whether CBD vaping is indeed beneficial for your health.

What’s Included in the CBD Vape Liquid?

The substance contained in the CBD pens is referred to as CBD liquid, or CBD juice. It’s not an oil you would consume from a bottle, as it won’t give the intended effect upon heating. To be more precise, it’s a CBD oil-infused substance, miscible in water, that contains a large portion of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin). These two substances are pretty hazardous for the human lungs and can even cause an allergy in a smoker. Thus, checking your allergy to PG and VG before engaging in regular vaping is vital.

Love et al. conducted a broad-scale market review of the chemical composition of CBD vape liquids in 2022 and found two major categories of CBD concentrates. One type is concentrated oil, which contains 700 to 1200 mg of CBD per ml, and a diluted CBD juice with 15 to 50 mg of CBD per ml. Besides, the researchers found that both CBD-only and CBD+THC vaping products contain terpenes, flavorants, humectants, silicones, pesticides, and traces of metals.

How Does a CBD Vape Pen Work?

Now, let’s take a look at the mechanics of CBD vaping so that you know how the process occurs. A CBD vaping pen is a pen-shaped device that contains CBD liquid in a cartridge and has a battery that activates when you use it. Once you start inhaling the CBD liquid, the battery turns on and heats the liquid for it to evaporate. As a result of the vaping process, you get the vapor released from the pen and inhale that vapor for a convenient, pleasurable CBD consumption experience. No burning takes place, distinguishing vaping and smoking and speaking in favor of the former.

Benefits of Vaping

The most evident vaping benefit users point out is the ability to consume CBD on the go in a convenient format that doesn’t contain other undesirable cannabinoids or chemicals. Thus, CBD vaping pens have grown in popularity among patients using CBD daily to manage:

  • Nausea
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Symptoms of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Various neurodegenerative disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Anxiety
  • Pain

Besides the broad applicability of CBD vaping pens to various symptoms, this consumption method comes with many additional pros.

Minimal Nicotine Use

Those who smoke weed typically mix it with tobacco to dilute the concentration and avoid overdosing. As a result, they receive both the therapeutic benefits of CBD and the side effects of nicotine-related health dangers. CBD vaping takes nicotine out of the process and helps users avoid nicotine altogether or choose the amount of nicotine added to their CBD vaping liquid, thus controlling its intake.

Lower Risks Compared to Smoking

There is no combustion of tobacco and weed during the vaping process, so the users who use vapes instead of joints or bongs are at a much lower risk of lung disease. Besides, the absence of burning in vaping frees it from the tar and carbon monoxide released during tobacco combustion. The vaping chemistry is much safer for users, with less harm to the lungs and heart function. Besides, you can feel the sweet, flavored taste much better than during a smoking session.

No Specific Odors

You can smell a smoker from afar; their hair, clothing, cars, and even houses are filled with tobacco’s old, bitter smell. No matter what you do, you’ll hardly be able to get rid of the odor entirely, so vaping is a great alternative with zero odor. Even tobacco-containing vapes don’t leave that horrible veil of tobacco burning, so you can enjoy a vaping session in a car or kitchen; nobody will get uncomfortable about that.

Delicious Taste Palette

Needless to say, CBD vaping pens come in various tastes and odors that will please even the most demanding consumers. From citrus to spicy flavors, from pineapple to Coca-Cola, users are spoilt for choice in the CBD vaping product range. Therefore, buying a CBD pen can become a special treat for fans of delicious, natural tastes.

Exercise Caution

As you might see from our review, CBD vaping is much more convenient and safer compared to weed smoking. However, the chemical compounds of CBD vaping liquids deserve your attention, as they may contain pesticides, cheap synthetic cannabinoids, or metals ruining your lungs. Even if you find CBD vaping convenient and prefer this method of CBD consumption, please exercise caution and moderation, choosing only certified brands with clear labeling.

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