As China’s military power grows, admin Biden issues directive warning about our military’s weakness

Russia has invaded Ukraine and has set its sights on further military adventures. China’s military can continue to grow.

However, under the administration of President Joe Biden, it seems that the US armed forces are more interested in maternity flying suits and drag shows at bases.

Obviously, that didn’t attract the waking crowd the way one might think.

It’s so bad that in testimony before the House Armed Services Committee panel on Tuesday, the Army’s deputy chief of staff admitted that, largely due to a recruitment shortfall, the service is estimated to lose 28,000 troops by end of fiscal year 2023.

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In what the Army Times called “a great reception,” Deputy Chief of Staff General Joseph Martin told the council the Army would be short of about 7,000 troops by the end of this fiscal year on September 30. .

The report said Martin “also confirmed that the Army has informed a House of Representatives military panel that it expects to have between 445,000 and 452,000 troops by the end of fiscal 2023, a reduction of 28,000 troops from initial final strength that the Army projects for 2022.”

In an email to Army Times, a spokesman for Lieutenant Colonel Loni Ayers offered a clear explanation, saying Martin “said the estimated final strength for fiscal year 22 is 466.4 thousand. Our estimated end durability for FY23 is between 445-452K. “

That number is still significantly short of the Army’s final strength of 473,000 for this year and 476,000 for the next.

Is the US military too sober under President Biden?

It’s not about retention, you remember – it’s about recruiting.

Remember that at the beginning of the year, the ultimate strength target was 485,000. That number was cut by 12,000 in April when the service found hiring targets would not be met. (Those recruitment targets were also cut by 15,000.)

The Army Times noted: “The numbers remained near record levels – more than 57,000 troops were re-enlisted as of July 7, compared with an annual target of about 54,000 – but the Army’s recruiting failures showed too many difficulties to overcome”.

“The reasons contributing to the drop in hiring are complex, including more detailed physicals, a declining percentage of Americans eligible to serve, poor marketing practices, and low civilian unemployment. and more”.

“This is not a one-year challenge,” said Army Secretary Christine Wormuth.


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“And because this is not a one-year problem that we will solve overnight, we are looking at a series of additional steps that we can take in the short and long term to recruit.” adding soldiers to the Army without lowering standards or sacrificing quality,” she said.

Except lowering standards and sacrificing quality are options on the table. For a short time, the Army allowed applicants who did not have a high school diploma or GED but scored the best on half of their entrance aptitude test to enlist; The controversial policy lasted only a week before it was terminated.

The Army is also considering a pre-basic training camp in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, for recruits who don’t meet current standards and need to improve their aptitude scores or lose body fat.

Another challenge, according to the Army Times: the military’s COVID-19 vaccination mission.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data shows that more than a third of Americans 18-24 years old and nearly a third of 25-39 year olds are not fully vaccinated for a minor illness. endanger them.

Retired Army Lieutenant General Tom Spoehr, now with the conservative think-tank Heritage Foundation, said the mission was “another subtraction from the pool of qualified people” and “dragged [the military] into the political field. “

Then there’s the fact, Army Times reports, that market research from last summer “indicates that the percentage of people willing to serve is also falling, reaching lows not seen since. explosive years of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”


Maybe it’s ads like this, released just before market research in May 2021:

Not only was it a painful bit of skepticism that couldn’t send a crowd of gender studies majors to their local recruiting office, but it also managed to shut down the Army’s traditional recruiting base. , who cannot afford to join a service is considered a kind of social engineering project wake-up.

“Look, it’s ridiculous, and the men and women of our military, our soldiers and sailors, pilots and marines are the toughest, fiercest fighting force ever. most effective and efficient on the planet,” Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz told Fox News after that infamous viral ad was released last year.

“They are the reason we are free,” he said. “They are the reason we have our rights. And what we’re seeing is Democratic politicians and left-wing bureaucrats and left-wing media reporters trying to destroy the American military, trying to turn the American military into a bunch of idiots.” .

Oh, but it was worse than Cruz imagined.

Even if the Biden administration’s military succeeded in that goal, it couldn’t even recruit enough employees to do the right job.

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