Asmongold criticizes controversial new WoW book: ‘It’s just bad handwriting’

Blizzard’s latest book in the World of Warcraft novel series, WoW: Exploring Kalimdor has been criticized for allegedly propagating racist stereotypes. Twitch star Asmongold, one of WoW’s most prominent creators, gave his opinion on the controversy.

Outside of World of Warcraft’s ever-expanding virtual universe, there’s a whole collection of books commissioned by Blizzard dedicated to uncovering the lore behind some of the game’s most iconic characters and races.

WoW: Exploring Kalimdor is one such book, but there are criticized by some readers for allegedly promoting racist stereotypes – especially against the Jews. With the treatment of the Goblins in the novel paralleling the treatment of the Jews in The Holocaust, the book’s official release has been delayed until further notice.

The Goblins poisoning the water adds a strange ghost to the story, and Twitch star Asmongold was quick to criticize the book’s content.

world of warcraft wow two goblins standing in the moonlight sky wearing heritage armor
Blizzard Entertainment

WoW’s portrayal of Goblin in the latest novel has been criticized by some readers as promoting racial prejudice.

Asmongold Responds to WoW Kalimdor Book Backlash

Read WoWhead’s Post a discussion of the article in one December 15th line, the guy who calls himself a “professional neck-wearer” continues to discuss his thoughts on the stereotypes evident in the book about different races in real life.

“I think to an extent that is true,” he said, noting that “it is very clear that the Tauren culture is based on Native Americans, and obviously the troll culture is based on the Caribbean. I think we can all admit that.”

He continued that “I think it’s weird if you have a race that is portrayed as a real-life culture, and then you have the problems and stereotypes of that imaginary race that reflect those of the real world. patterns and problems of real-life culture. it represents. I think honestly it sucks because you’re just creating an allegory at the time. ”

Continuing to discuss Goblins’ controversial portrayal of the game, he noted that “I’ve been saying this for a long time: Goblins are clearly caricatures of Jews. There are many, many, great number of similar. When his conversation disagreed, he suspected, “I’m the last person to ever say these kind things, if I say it, there’s probably a reason.”

“What I’m saying is that there’s a lot of stereotypical things that people say about the Jews, they say the same things about Goblins.” While he emphasizes that he doesn’t believe the similarities are directly intended, he’s made it very clear that the book won’t take up place on his shelf any time soon.

This issue appears to be another chapter in an unfortunate chain of events. Blizzard was recently criticized for its in-game release Warlock Armor bears a striking resemblance to the traditional white clothing worn by members of the extremist organization, The Klu Klux Klan.

The company hasn’t announced when the book will be available for purchase again or whether it plans to buy it outright. Asmongold criticizes controversial new WoW book: ‘It’s just bad handwriting’

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