‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star insists there is ‘not a single red flag’ in their relationship

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Quite a few successful couples have emerged from Bachelor in Paradise since spin-off The Bachelor debuted in 2014, and some pairings have come as quite a surprise. Perhaps one of the most unlikely success stories involves Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes, who met in Season 6 Us weekly More specifically, Unglert split from Miller-Keyes on her birthday during filming, but later returned and asked for another chance. They have been together ever since and have spoken openly about getting engaged and getting married. However, Unglert frequently says things about his relationship with Miller-Keyes that later require clarification, and that was the case when he recently discussed engagement rings. She joined Unglert and Jared Haibon for the June 26 episode of their podcast. “Help! I shit on dating”, and she had a lot she wanted to say about that and their relationship as a whole.

Here’s what you need to know:

Miller-Keyes was fed up with the feedback she was receiving

Miller-Keyes said, “The main reason I wanted to come here is because Dean keeps saying ridiculous things about our relationship.” Unglert was stunned by her statement and was quick to clear it up. “Well maybe not ridiculous but the headlines are ridiculous and I’m sick of the trolls getting in my DMs and telling me Dean is a bad friend so I just wanted to set the record straight.” The “Bachelor in Paradise.” star insisted they were strong as a couple, and she warned others, “Don’t tell me there are red flags because there isn’t a single red flag in Unglert.”

She admitted she didn’t expect Unglert to talk about her upcoming engagement on the podcast, despite being supportive of her boyfriend. Miller-Keyes said she found it ridiculous “to buy an engagement ring for a woman and have the man take all the responsibility.” Noting that the couple had thoroughly discussed ring expectations, she insists he didn’t demand that she buy him a truck in exchange for an expensive ring. Ultimately, she thinks what they landed on is “a good compromise.”

Unglert doesn’t want them to “need” each other.

Unglert admitted he has a hard time “buying” anything that he doesn’t “strongly agree with or believe in,” which relates to engagement rings and weddings. He clarified that it’s not the “concept of eternity” he resists, it’s the commercial side of it all. Getting married at all is a big compromise for him. “I don’t need to get married. do i want to get married I do not know. But the fact that Caelynn wants to get married is reason enough for me to want to marry Caelynn,” he explained.

He also declared, “I don’t want us to need each other.” Unglert shared, “I want us to want each other, I want us to love each other,” but he balks at the idea of ​​them becoming dependent on each other would. He explained that he “didn’t want to feel guilty about skydiving for three weeks or going to Pakistan” and that he was “trying to bring that home as best I could.”

A double suggestion comes up

Despite what he said on the previous podcast, Unglert bought an engagement ring for Miller-Keyes. In fact, he bought it right after that previous discussion. He admitted he was “perhaps too honest and frank” about the ring issue at the time, and both plan to propose to each other. Miller-Keyes is having a ring made for Unglert, and it sounds like an official engagement is coming sooner rather than later.

The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ couple admitted that many compromises were made to make their relationship work. Miller-Keyes said she believes she got “the better end of the stick” and that her “compromises weren’t as harsh as his.” Unglert also feels he has to make more compromises than his partner, and he noted that this relationship is “uncharted territory” for him as it’s the longest relationship he’s had with anyone. Miller-Keyes admitted she was embarrassed by some of what Unglert had previously said, but willingly stepped in to defend him against the critics and “trolls.”

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