Bachelor Nation star Wells Adams opens up about the real deal behind the ‘Salley Saga’

Wells Adams


Bachelor in Paradise’ Wells Adams.

Bartender and icon of “Bachelors in paradiseWells told Adams a strange story on the October 3 episode of The Bachelor spinoff. In fact, he didn’t just tell it, he acted it out. The bizarre tale is reportedly a case where truth is stranger than fiction. According to Adams, everything he told guests and viewers about “Salley” was true, at least according to the producers.

WATCH Adams Relay the Saga of Salley

VideoWells Adams-related video claims mystery ‘bachelor in paradise’ woman left producer in trunk for 4 hours2022-10-04T18:18:50-04:00

It all started when BIP actress Lace Morris found a suitcase in her room with the name “Salley” on it. Confused by his presence as there is no one named Salley on the beach, Morris rounded up several of the other women and showed them the mysterious luggage. Not sure what to think, they opened the bag and discovered numerous personal artifacts, including blonde hair extensions and a vibrator.

Genevieve Parisi was already having a rough night considering the man she was interested in, Justin Glaze, was dating newcomer Victoria Fuller. Hearing the name Salley made Parisi even more upset after hearing that Glaze and a woman named Salley had been dating at Coachella. When this Salley woman came to the beach it meant she had two wives fighting over her man.

To find out what was going on, Parisi, Morris and several other cast members visited Wells Adams at the bar. The recently married The former “Bachelorette” actor shared a really crazy story. Adams announced that he would be narrating “The Saga of Salley’s Suitcase,” and the scene switched to previously filmed footage identifying a bearded man with a blonde wig as “Salley.”

Adams explained that on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, Salley eliminated himself on the first night and didn’t even get out of the limousine. She’d apparently ended an engagement just a month before filming began and then abruptly changed her mind about participating in the show.

When Salley decided she wanted to be with BIP, there were concerns she wouldn’t show up. So, according to Adams, “we decided to send a producer to make sure she got on her flight.” Adams played the role of female producer, as well as a few other roles in “drunk story” memorable short film. After a wild goose chase trying to track down Salley, the producer finally convinced her to come with her to the airport so she could be on the show.

However, Salley insisted on making a pit stop at her ex-fiancé’s mansion. Adams explains that Salley told the producer, “Listen, if he sees you in the car, he’s going to lose his mind. You have to get in the back.” The producer quickly figured out that Salley wasn’t referring to the back seat, but to the trunk of the car.

As Adams said, “So the producer gets in the trunk…” Parisi cut him off and said, “Tell me it’s serious.” Adams responded with, “This is freaking serious,” even prompting Parisi to ask the producers afterwards ask. He then went on to say that while Salley promised she’d be back in 10 minutes, she left the producer in the trunk of the car for four hours.

When Salley finally came back she cried and said her ex didn’t love her anymore and he wanted her to go to paradise so now she was all in. However, when they got to the airport with their bags already checked, Salley changed her mind again after talking to her ex on the phone. According to Adams, that’s why their bags were in paradise, but Salley wasn’t.

When the women asked Adams if she was still coming, he replied that she had changed her mind again and was expected to appear in paradise, but no one knew exactly when.

Who is Salley Carson?

According to Style Caster, “Salley is a 27-year-old from Charlottesville, Virginia. Salley was a contestant on the 26th season of The Bachelor starring Clayton Echard… Salley left The Bachelor after production learned that she was engaged to a man named Avery Buccholz a month before The Bachelor season 26 began filming.”

Viewers of Echard’s season will recall that prior to the limousine’s arrival, Carson met Echard in his hotel room and told him that she would not be attending because her breakup with her ex-fiancé was too recent. Echard tried to persuade her to stay by offering her a rose, but to no avail.

How true is the story?

in a (n exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight On October 4, Adams made the following statement about the veracity of the saga: “We were told this by this producer. Well, how much of that was true I don’t know. Was it 80 percent true? Was it 90 percent true? Was it all true but just a little embellished? I’m not really sure.”

Adams also explained to ET, “I think the audience needs to remember that it’s obviously tongue-in-cheek because we presented it to the audience. I saw some people on Twitter saying, “This is bullying. That’s mean.’ We did a Drunk History re-enactment of something. You can’t take that too seriously.”

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