Best Azumarill Build for Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Azumarill might not be the best Pokemon to take onto the competitive scene, but it’s an absolute terror in Tera Raids. You just need the right movements and, among other things, nature. Here is the best Azumarill build you can have for Tera Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Best moves to give Azumarill for Tera Raids

If you only use Azumarill in Tera raids, the best moves are the following:

  • Belly drum (egg movement)
  • play wild
  • Waterfall (TM)
  • A coverage move like Superpower or Double-Edge

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Belly Drum is an attack that increases your Attack by six stages at the cost of half the user’s HP. When Azumarill uses STAB moves like Play Rough or Waterfall, his attacks deal 450% damage in one attack. The only flaw of this build is that Azumarill can’t evade any recovery moves other than Kiss and learn to Rest, which won’t help him survive for long in a Tera raid.

Still, that should be ok. Even if stat boosts are lost when Azumarill passes out, you can always use Belly Drum. Anyway, it only takes one extra round!

Then give Azumarill a nature that increases attack, such as unyielding or Brave. The situation is different if you plan to use it in the field or in competition. Use Proteins and HP Ups to increase his HP and Attack EVs. This should make it hit hard and survive longer. Proteins and HP Ups can be bought from Chansey’s Supply for P20,000. At zero EV, you should need 26 of each vitamin to max that stat.

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