Best Azumarill Builds in Pokémon Unite

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Azumarill is a melee all-rounder that thrives in single-target battles in Pokémon Unite. Playing the Pokemon can be misleading as it’s rated as easy, but there’s still some depth to Azumarill. These are the best held items, battle items, and movesets for Azumarill in Pokémon Unite.

Best use for Azumarill

Azumarill thrives on damaging single targets. This is due to his ability Huge power. Whenever damage is dealt to a single Pokémon, Azumarill will always deal a critical hit. However, when facing multiple Pokemon, attacks never result in a critical hit.

Is moving

Aqua tail and jacuzzi are the first moves players choose from level five and are both useful. Both moves will restore Azumarill’s HP, with Whirlpool being better for melee builds and Aqua Tail being good for ranged attacks.

water pulse and play wild are secondary moves that players can choose from level seven and are good at slowing down Pokémon. Water Pulse reduces the movement speed of opposing Pokémon, while Play Rough increases Azumarill’s speed and gives it the ability to temporarily stun Pokémon.

Saved Items

Held items can drastically alter the course of a game, and Azumarill can use many of these to great effect.

  • scope – The best item for Azumarill. Increases critical hit damage by 12 percent with another buff based on Azumarill’s attack stat.
  • attack weight – A good item for Azumarill players who want to maximize their damage. Increases Azumarill’s Attack stat each time they score by six at level one and by twelve at level 20. This stacks up to six times.
  • buddy barrier – This item is awesome for any Pokemon as it increases its survivability and helps in a team battle. This creates a shield for both Azumarill and the nearby ally with the lowest HP when Azumarill uses his unit move.
  • muscle band – Muscle Band is almost a requirement for basic attack builds for Azumarill. It increases the damage of Azumarill’s basic attack based on the HP of the Pokémon it’s fighting. It also increases the speed of these attacks.
  • razor blade – Reducing the movement speed of opponent’s Pokemon with this item has great results and works well with Azumarill’s Move Rough. This item also increases Azumarill’s basic attacks based on its Attack stat.
  • focus band – Although this held item doesn’t always trigger when shot down by opposing Pokémon, it can increase Azumarill’s survivability. Paired with Whirlpool or Aqua Tail, Focus Band can guarantee that Azumarill will heal damage from opposing Pokemon in a battle.

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combat items

Combat items are largely left to player preference, but there are some synergies with some builds that players might want to consider.

  • scorer – Paired with Attack Weight, Goal Getter can ensure Azumarill scores as often as possible to get her Attack Buffs. The high 90-second cooldown might seem like a lot, but when used properly, it can get you a last-minute score.
  • X speed – Mobility is very important in Pokémon Unite, and players who don’t use Play Rough may end up chasing enemy Pokémon for too long. X Speed ​​can guarantee both getting out of chases and ending a chase quickly for Pokemon with low HP.
  • X attack – Both Razor Claw and Scope Lens have increased their effectiveness as Azumarill’s Attack increases. With the increase in basic attack damage, both Aqua Tail and Play Rough are greatly improved. The low cooldown of only 40 seconds is a good bonus.

Play whirlpool + rough

This build focuses on single target damage while healing to ensure Azumarill survives duels. Explosive damage Pokémon still threaten it, making Absol, Clawflame, and Zeraora strong against it, but Azumarill can still survive under the right circumstances.

Saved Items

scope increases Azumarill’s damage output and ensures that playing rough does as much damage as possible. Play Rough’s ability to stun Pokémon makes it more likely to defeat enemy Pokémon before gunning them down.

attack weight is Azumarill’s best option to increase her Attack, and players can take advantage of the buff by scoring multiple times with low energy. Even if you only score with one energy, Azumarill still gets a full stack.

razor blade Works well with Attack Weight as it increases its bonus damage based on Azumarill’s Attack stat. This also makes enemies less able to run away from a powerful Azumarill. Combined with X Attack, this can melt enemy Pokemon.

combat items

Both scorer and the X attack Combat items are an excellent choice for this build. Without point sign, Goal Getter can make Azumarill get his Attack Weight buffs quickly and without much trouble. X Attack can be used to ensure players get knockouts early in the game and boost their held items even more.

Play Aqua Tail + Rough

Increasing Azumarill’s base attacks is the goal of this build. Aqua Tail and Play Rough cancel each other out out of So it’s important to keep this in mind when using the Pokemon. The idea behind the build is to use Play Rough on nearby Pokemon and Aqua Tail at a distance, either while chasing or by running away before it hits back.

Saved Items

muscle band increases the speed and damage of Azumarill’s auto attacks. Since Aqua Tail and Play Rough both change and improve Azumarill’s basic attacks, this item will apply the buff to those attacks as well.

scope is a must on Azumarill because there are so many crits. Regardless of build, scope is Azumarill’s best source of damage.

buddy barrier will keep both Azumarill and his teammates alive during teamfights as it doesn’t have much late-game survivability.

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combat items

Both X speed and X attack can be used to further increase Azumarill’s combat abilities. X Speed ​​​​can arrange for Azumarill to get back into battle or escape when necessary. X Attack is there to increase damage and ensure Azumarill ends fights quickly.

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