Best Beach Build for Titans in Destiny 2

Strand has burst onto the scene in Destiny 2 and Guardians are immediately starting to play and tinker with the new Darkness subclass. There’s a lot of new terms and interactions with the element, but with some persistent tinkering, we’ve found the best Strand build of them all.

Lightfall Strand Titan Build

This build is all about suspending targets in the air, immobilizing them, and taking on the role of crowd control. It’s an unusual take on Titan, but one that works particularly well thanks to the exotic, floating jump. Paired with some beach weapons you have swarms of enemies in lockdown.

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strand skills

  • blade fury: Create two woven blades and roam the battlefield.
  • Towering barricade: Create a large barrier that can be used to reinforce a position with cover from enemy fire.
  • Raging Blade: Activate your charged melee ability to dash forward, smashing and severing targets in front of you.
  • tether grenade: A thrown weapon made of weighted strand matter that explodes on impact, suspending targets and creating additional floating sub-projectiles.

beach aspects

  • Into the fight: Destroying a Tangle or casting your Super grants Woven Mail to nearby allies. While you have Woven Mail your melee regeneration rate is increased.
  • Dengr’s whip: Activate your class ability to create a wave in reality that travels forward along the ground, hanging and damaging targets hit.

strand fragments

  • thread of the spirit: Defeating floating targets grants energy for class abilities.
  • thread of continuity: Suspend, Unravel, and Separate effects applied to targets have a longer duration. (+10 Strength)
  • thread of wisdom: Defeating floating targets with precise final blows creates an orb of power.
  • TThread of Binding: Super Finishers emit a suspension blast from the target. (+10 Resilience)


  • Last warning
    • All at the same time: Holding the trigger marks targets in range and loads multiple bullets that fire in a salvo with increased stability when the trigger is released. Hitting a marked target with a fully charged salvo will unravel them.
    • Choose your poison:
      • hip fire: Projectiles track marked targets and deal increased body shot damage on impact.
      • aim: Projectiles have greatly increased speed and deal additional critical hit damage to marked targets.
  • round robin
  • circular logic

Armor & Mods

The goal in any armor build is to first reach 100 Resilience and then spec into a different stat. We recommend that the second stat is Discipline to keep your tether grenade flying.

  • helmet
    • Strand Siphon, Strand Targeting, Font of Wisdom
  • weapons
    • Strand Loader x2, Font of Focus
  • Breast
  • Floating Jump: Drengr’s Whip spawns two additional projectiles, tracks targets more aggressively, and flies farther. Gain Woven Chains when hanging targets.
    • Strand Weapon Surge x2, Stacks on Stacks
  • class article
    • Utility Kickstart x2, Outreach

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