Best builds for Ai.Me in Omega Strikers

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The Omega Strikers roster has many different characters to choose from, and each one has different abilities and playstyles. For those who enjoy playing new characters, Ai.Me is the second character added to the list after Asher. This may leave you wondering how to play Ai.Me and the best builds for them in Omega Strikers.

Best Workouts for Ai.Me in Omega Strikers – Best Ai.Me Perks

training are passive benefits You can equip your character. You’re allowed to have three of them, and they can change your character’s abilities and playstyle. Equipping the right workouts is critical to maximizing your efficiency. Which training sessions you should use depends on whether you want to play forward or as a goalkeeper. Here are our recommendations for the best workouts for Ai.Me in Omega Strikers.

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Best Ai.Me Forward build in Omega Strikers

Ai.Me’s kit is very versatile, but we recommend the following workouts for them. Crossover is great for boosting her speed and combined with Cyber ​​Swipe it gives her great mobility. Creator of Durable Things increases how long Firewall Sentry remains and lets you bother the other team and possibly push the core into the goal. Finally, Rapid Fires speeds up the cooldown of Glitch.Pop., one of your best attack tools.

  • crossing
    • Strikes grant 35% Haste for 1.5 seconds.
  • creators of durable things
    • Creations gain 100% duration and hit 5% harder (2.5% to core).
  • rapid fire
    • Primary ability cooldown reduced by 12%. Increases to 25% at max level.

Best Ai.Me Goalie Build in Omega Strikers

Ai.Me can play goalie, but their gear may require a bit more skill on your part. The eject button is great because it lets you use Cyber ​​Swipe clear the Vein and immediately return to the destination. Your Firewall Sentry is great defense tool since it can temporarily turn off part of the gate and help your strikers get the core to the other gate. Finally, Missile Propulsion increases the range of Glitch.Pop. and Firewall Sentry to help you keep your objective clear.

  • rocket propulsion
    • Projectiles gain 35% movement or cast range and hit 5% harder (2.5% to core).
  • creators of durable things
    • Creations gain 100% duration and hit 5% harder (2.5% to core).
  • eject button
    • After casting a movement ability, you get a short window to cast it again, causing you to blink back to the cast location. Movement skills have +5% longer cooldowns.

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How to play Ai.Me in Omega Strikers – tips, tricks and strategies

We’d rather play Ai.Me than midfield support or as a striker, but as a goalkeeper she is quite suitable. In midfield, she can support both goalkeepers and forwards, and her mobility makes it easy to do so power games offensive or defensive.

As a forward, Ai.Me excels at controlling the arena. she Glitch.Pop. can do a lot of damage and easily take down enemies who venture too close to the edge. cyber swipe is great for moving quickly around the arena and can help you score a surprise goal. Finally, Firewall Sentinel is a powerful tool that can either push the core in, shove the keeper out of the way, or simply knock out an opponent.

Ai.Me finds it a bit harder to play as a goalkeeper, but she can definitely do it. Glitch.Pop. can be used to hit the before he reaches the goal or just smack the opponent forward. cyber swipeespecially when combined with the eject button, lets you push forward a little more comfortably as you can always return to your target. Firewall Sentinel plays an opposite role as a forward than Ai.Me, being able to protect an area of ​​your goal, clearing the core, or harassing a forward that gets in its way.

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