Best classes to choose from in Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is an action role-playing game set in a fantasy version of the Victorian era. Once you reach level two, you can choose from different classes, also known as masteries, to create different builds to your liking. There are nine different masteries to start with that players can experience as well, and when you reach level 10 you can choose a second mastery to create a dual-class character.

But which class is the best? There are many dual tiers to choose from, so we’ve created a guide that details each mastery and breaks down which second mastery best matches it.

Soldier class in Grim Dawn

Soldier Mastery is very melee focused and many players tend to play it with some sort of melee weapon and shield. This master is best paired with the Arcanist mastery when it reaches level 10 for players to obtain battle mage two-class.

This dual class is great for first-time players as having access to Forecewave makes leveling that much easier. Players also have access to incredibly powerful passive and toggleable buffs, including Field Command and Maiven’s Protection Sphere, to increase your damage and boost your survivability.

Demolitionist class in Grim Dawn

The Demolitionist Mastery focuses on explosive weapons and excels in ranged attacks. Also, stacking this mastery with the Arcanist mastery is the best option, as it gives you access to the wizard two-class.

This class has a lot of items that support them and the endgame will be much easier since the build deals a lot of damage as well as has great mobility. It’s not the most resilient, but players can deal a lot of damage to endgame bosses.

Occult class in Grim Dawn

The Occultist Mastery is really interesting because it focuses on uncanny powers and forbidden dark magic, much like you would see in a Lovecraft story. Players can create both melee and ranged builds with the Occultist mastery, but realistically the best master to pair it with would be Summoner.

These championships together make up the magician Dual class, which is the strongest in the game. Players can send pets into battle for you, including familiars like Summon Briarthorn and Summon Hellhound. Players can also buff their pets to make them powerful enough to clear entire areas on their own.

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Nightblade class in Grim Dawn

The Nightblade Mastery is a dual-wielding melee class that fights with finesse. Pairing this master with the Inquisitor mastery would be the best option as it would build that up intruder two-class. It’s a great balance of everything as you can dish out and sustain big damage to enemies.

We really only recommend playing this dual class if you decide to start with the Inquisitor Mastery, as there are many perks to help level up, including Word of Pain and Storm Box of Elgoloth.

Arcanist class in Grim Dawn

Arcanists focus on magic and attack their enemies from afar. Their spells involve the use of powerful elemental or aetheric magic that can devastate enemies despite their incredibly poor defenses. Combining that with Shaman Mastery would give that Druid Dual-class, which would be the best choice for players going down that route.

The druid dual class gives players access to a lot of elemental support and steadfastness when it comes to casting spells, and you have many different options when it comes to endgame builds.

Shaman class in Grim Dawn

Similar to the Nightblade, Shaman’s Mastery focuses on two-handed melee weapons and brute strength. The real difference is the fact that shamans can summon beasts as part of their mastery. Because of this, one of the best masteries to pair it with is the Necromancer mastery for players to obtain ritualist two-class.

This is a great dual class as you are both durable and have high survivability but can also dish out a ton of damage. Overall, this is a really well-rounded class that also lets you summon pets if you decide to go with such a build.

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Inquisitor class in Grim Dawn

The Inquisitor Mastery is quite interesting because it focuses on dual-wielding pistols and elemental magic. This mastery is only available in the Ashes of Malmouth DLC. You have the ability to use various runes and relics to aid them in battle, and in combination with the Nightblade Mastery as mentioned above, you can build one intruder two-class.

Necromancer class in Grim Dawn

Necromancer is another mastery added in the Ashes of Malmouth DLC. This mastery is quite similar to that of the occultist, although the difference is that they make heavy use of vitality-damaging magic. They also use summons like skeleton minions.

As mentioned above, Shaman is the best mastery to pair these with when it comes to dual classes since you have access to building one ritualist.

Oathkeeper class in Grim Dawn

Available in the Forgotten Gods DLC, the Oathkeeper Mastery focuses on the use of divine powers. These powers can be light or dark, focusing specifically on melee weapons and shields. The best mastery to pair with this one would be the Soldier for players to take advantage of warlords two-class.

This class is immensely powerful and can form some of the most intense endgame builds imaginable. It’s incredibly powerful and heavily supports retaliatory damage with abilities like Righteous Zeal.

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