Best Competitive Builds for Armarouge in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Both Armarouge and Cereledge fit into most competitive teams in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. This is because both have high base stats and good typing. Armarouge has a higher HP stat, making it able to tank more hits that aren’t particularly effective, and plenty of support moves. This makes it very valuable in the Doubles format while also being able to do a lot of damage. These are the best competitive builds for Armarouge in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

The best competitive moves for Armarouge in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Armarouge can be built in many different ways, and some moves are only used in certain team compositions. Trick Room, for example, has its utility when paired with Pokemon with a low base Speed ​​stat, but can also be used to counter other Trick Room teams. There aren’t many useful moves it can learn through breeding or with the mirrorweed, so getting the right moves on it is pretty easy. These attacks can all be broken down into whether they help Armarouge deal damage or support friendly Pokemon. These are the best options it has and why they are so important.

offensive moves

  • pyshock – This move will deal with Pokemon that have high Special Defense stats, as damage is calculated based on the target’s Defense instead.
  • tank gun – The high base power of this move makes it one of Armarouge’s best offensive moves, although it lowers his defensive stats.
  • Expanding power – This pairs well with Psychic Terrain teams with Indeedee and deals 50% more damage in terrain.
  • Calm mind – Increasing Pokemon stats can mean the difference between knocking out a Pokemon or surviving a special move.
  • Tera Blast – Depending on the Tera type, this move can give Armarouge extra cover on types that his Fire and Psychic STABS (Same Type Attack Boost) don’t provide.
  • heat wave – Hitting both targets on the field is very valuable, and despite the chance of missing, Heat Wave does a good job of putting pressure on both opposing Pokémon.
  • sunbeam – This is usually only useful on Sun-based teams, but can be a powerful option for covering the Water, Rock, and Ground-types that threaten it.
  • flash gun – This counters Rock-type Pokémon and can be made even stronger if players want to give it Steel Tera-type.
  • dark pulse – This counters other Armarouge and increases type coverage in combat.
  • aura sphere – Adding Battle Cover is useful for defeating Dark Type Pokemon that Armarouge is fighting.

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Supportive Movements

  • Mystic Fire – While this turn is dealing damage, its secondary effect of reducing the target’s Special Attack can be valuable for keeping Armarouge and his allied Pokémon in battle.
  • Broad guard – Moves like Heat Wave, Rock Smash, and Make It Rain can all be stopped by this move, and not many Pokémon gain access to it.
  • Clear smog – Setup moves like Calm Mind and Swords Dance are dangerous, but this move will completely eliminate those stat changes.
  • will-o’-the-wisp – Burning halves a Pokemon’s Attack stat and can eliminate the threat of many physical attackers unless the opposing team has a way to heal itself.
  • Ally switch – Swapping places with friendly Pokemon has multiple benefits depending on the situation and can protect Grass allies by redirecting movement to Armarouge, which is immune due to Flash Fire.
  • To protect – This is a staple of Pokemon and can completely waste the opponent’s turn if it doubles in Armarouge’s slot.
  • Reflect – Halving the damage from physical moves can be important.
  • light screen – The halving of damage special moves is invaluable as there are fewer opportunities to lower Pokemon’s Special Attack.
  • mockery – Preventing opposing Pokemon from using status moves can shut down their entire moveset, e.g. B. Pokemon that want to use Shed Tail.
  • Helping hand – When paired with a strong Pokemon, Helping Hand can mean the difference between a knockout and being able to damage opposing Pokemon that turn.
  • trick room – Armarouge is a great user for Trick Room as its typing and natural bulk make it difficult to take down in one turn.
  • fate bond – If Tailwind or Trick Room helps, a Fate Band that moves first can give a low HP Armarouge another knockout in the best scenario.

Best EV spread and builds for Armarouge in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Similar to finding the best nature for a Pokemon, how a player decides how their Pokemon will be EV trained depends on how they use it. Armarouge is bulky and can be EV trained to use in HP, Defense, or Special Defense. Alternatively, Armarouge is a good Choice Scarf or Choice Specs user and can be fully trained in Speed ​​and Special Attack EV. In Psychic Terrain, Expanding Force will hit hard on an attack set, while some would like Armarouge to set up Trick Room to make a defensive set more appealing. Here are some example sentences:

Totally offensive

  • article – Choice Specs/Choice Scarf
  • Nature – Modest/shy
  • electric vehicles – 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Special Defense
  • Tera type – Grass/Steel
  • capability – Flash fire
  • Is moving
    • Expanding Force/Psyche/Psychoshock
    • tank gun/heat wave
    • move cover
    • move cover

Along with Indeedee, Armarouge can activate Psychic Terrain, dealing 80% additional damage to both Pokémon on your opponent’s side of the field. Choice Specs increases this damage by an additional 50%, while Choice Scarf tries to ensure Armarouge moves first in combat.

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Support Armarouge

  • article – Lum Berry/Sitrus Berry/Light Clay
  • Nature – Relaxed/Calm
  • electric vehicles – 244 HP, 252 Special Defense/Special Attack, 12 Special Attack/Special Defense
  • Tera type – Grass/Steel
  • capability – Flash fire
  • Is moving
    • trick room/Reflect/Light Screen
    • STAB Move/Reflect/Light Screen
    • Ally switch/Broad guard
    • Destiny Bond/STAB move

The STAB moves are just preferences, but Armor Cannon is hard to miss. Lum Berry can counter Spore or Hypnosis with Pokemon, while Sitrus Berry tries to keep Armarouge healthy. Light Clay increases the rounds that Reflect and Light Screen are active. The reduced Speed ​​Natures are for Trick Room teams and can be swapped out for Bold or Calm Natures to regain that Speed. The idea is to be an annoying support Pokemon and then when it’s attacked use Destiny Bond to knock out an opposing Pokemon.

To help get Tera Shards for Armarouge’s Grass or Steel Tera-type, check out Best Pokemon for Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, or for a better understanding of what held items you’ll see in battles, see all held items and what they do in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet on Pro Game Guides. Best Competitive Builds for Armarouge in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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