Best CS2 Sensitivity Settings – Lock On Your Target!

Changing your CS2 sensitivity settings can have a massive impact on your form on the server. For many players, it can even mean the difference between entire ranks! The same goes for other CS2 settings, but none are arguably as important as sensitivity.

We’ll cover you. To help you climb the CS2 ranks, we’ll show you the best sensitivity settings to help you climb the Premier leaderboards!

How to change CS2 sensitivity settings

CS2 sensitivity settingsCS2 sensitivity settings

Photo credit: Daniel Morris

Changing your CS2 sensitivity settings is easy. Go to your Settings by pressing the gear in the top left corner of your client (where you also change your CS2 crosshair settings), then go to the Keyboard/Mouse tab. Here you should be under “Keyboard and Mouse Settings” by default. Then all you have to do is enter the correct value under the “Mouse Sensitivity” setting.

You should also know your mouse’s DPI settings. This affects how fast your mouse moves and therefore also affects your CS2 settings. In our opinion, the best mouse DPI for CS2 is 400, which is widely adopted by professionals like s1mple. By multiplying your DPI by your CS2 sensitivity you get your eDPI. This is a number that removes hardware from the situation and gives you an objective idea of ​​your true sensitivity.

Best CS2 sensitivity settings


Photo credit: Daniel Morris

It is a common misconception that when it comes to CS2 sensitivity settings, higher is better. In fact, the opposite is true. With good crosshair placement in the game, you shouldn’t have to make quick movements to kill your opponents. The real truth is that with a low CS2 sensitivity you can make your shots far more precise. In an ideal world, perfect crosshair placement would mean you wouldn’t have to move at all!

We’ll show you some CS2 settings directly from the professional scene. This way you can find out what the best CS2 players use to stay in shape on the server!

AWPer CS2 sensitivity

These are the sensitivity settings of some of CS2’s best AWPers:

  • ZywOo:DPI: 400 Sensitivity: 2 eDPI: 800
  • broken:DPI: 400 Sensitivity: 1.9 eDPI: 760
  • s1mple:DPI: 400 Sensitivity: 3.09 eDPI: 1236
  • m0NESY:DPI: 400 Sensitivity: 2 eDPI: 800

Rifler CS2 sensitivity

For comparison, here are the CS2 sensitivity settings for some of the world’s best rifle shooters:

  • Niko:DPI: 400 Sensitivity: 1.35 eDPI: 540
  • ropz:DPI: 400 Sensitivity: 1.77 eDPI: 708
  • Twistzz:DPI: 400 Sensitivity: 1.59 eDPI: 636
  • frozen:DPI: 400 Sensitivity: 1.6 eDPI: 640

It’s interesting to see that the eDPI of AWP players is on average higher than that of shooters. If you’re a fan of Big Green, this is definitely worth considering for your own CS2 settings.

An important point to remember about your CS2 sensitivity settings is that they are completely personal. We can show you what CS2 settings professionals use, but most importantly, you need to feel comfortable. If you’re sitting at a sensitivity of 3.5, going straight down to 1.2 will never feel good. Incremental change is the way forward here. Make changes in increments of about 0.5 until you get exactly where you want to be with your CS2 sensor settings.

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