Best Devastator build in Outriders Worldslayer

When people think of Outriders’ Devastator, they usually think of the unkillable tank in the middle. But in our experience, while this build is doable, it’s a bit boring and monotonous to play. While the other three classes offer a bit more variety, the Devastator can still branch out into other options that allow him to play like a hyper-aggressive earthbender. This build is all about trading punches and causing absolute mayhem.

Destroyer Abilities

Two of the three skills (earthquake and impale) will form the core of this build. This is due to her ability to be cast multiple times, her relatively short cooldown, and other benefits like interrupting enemies and inflicting bleeding. Impale makes relatively short work of weaker enemies, while Earthquake works in tandem to keep bosses from losing too many abilities.

  • earthquake – Unleash a shockwave to deal damage and interrupt all enemies in front of you.
  • impale – Select a target to interrupt their abilities, bleed and deal damage. If the damage is lethal, the enemy is impaled, granting all allies a powerful bonus to armor and health regeneration.
  • tremor – Create a series of explosions around you, each dealing damage and draining health from enemies in a medium radius around you.

Devastator mods and gear

When farming a specific set like that Seismic commander Armor is ideal, it’s not critical to this build. Instead, we want to focus on mods that improve passively impale and earthquake. Also, any Apocalypse gear found is best with a mod that enhances it Blossoms. This also applies to any weapon used. It should be modified to bleed enemies.

Speaking of guns, since this build gains increased armor from being close to enemies, we like automatic shotguns death shield. Not only will it passively increase armor by being near enemies, but it also comes with them fortress Mod that increases armor and resistance by 5% with each shot and stacks up to 3 times. That little bit of armor and resistance is key to staying alive in higher difficulties.

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Annihilator Class Points

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For this build we are focusing heavily on the seismic shifter Tree. This will improve the core abilities we use while also maximizing the potential of Bleed.

Devastator Pax Points

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Tectonic Changer allows us to double our seismic abilities by also making them bleed. In addition, 30% of the damage dealt by a Seismic skill is stored and added to your next Seismic skill. Although it resets each time stored damage is released, our ability to cast seismic abilities quickly ensures we pump out the damage.

Destroyer Advancement Points

While we’re a fan of how aggressive this build can be, we recommend investing the first 20 Ascension Points into it Health and armor Bonuses for a nice 10% increase. From there, start working on the anomaly power and skill leeches options.

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