Best golf vests for fashion functionality

Keep your core warm, swing freely and play your best golf game by investing in a nice golf vest (perfect for on and off the golf course).


If you are a golfer who really prefers to keep your arms free of excess fabric to ensure a quick and easy swing, a vest is an ideal option to keep your core and therefore your whole body warm.

You could wear a vest if it’s cool enough for more than a polo shirt, but not so cold that you need to wear a full jacket. And maybe you need more pockets to carry a rangefinder or your phone? Vests offer more wearing options than just golf pants or shorts.

How to choose the right golf vest for you

The best golf vests don’t vary in price as much as some golf accessories. While there are some budget options that range from $50 to $75, most well-known brands’ prices range from $100 to $200. If you want guaranteed quality, you have to be prepared to spend in this price range.

In most cases, golf vests are made of polyester, nylon or similar materials. Depending on the insulation and other factors, these materials can be water-resistant, wind-resistant, or insulating.

The best golf vests can block the cold, block the rain, block the wind, and look cool while doing it. You know where and when you play golf – consider the weather conditions and choose a vest that best suits your game.


  • Stand-up collar

  • Quarter zip

  • Light


  • Affordable

  • Comfortable

  • Good workmanship quality


  • Weatherproof

  • Zippered hand pockets

  • Most modern fabrics


  • Light

  • Classic fit, four-way stretch

  • Air resistance


  • Moisture wicking

  • Stretch side fabric for ventilation

  • No label and easy to care for


  • Isolated

  • Wind resistant

  • Rainproof


  • Strong all-purpose choice

  • Warm, breathable

  • New fall colors


  • Heated pockets

  • Adjustable heat settings

  • Waterproof


  • Good workmanship quality

  • Reliable rainwear

  • Stretching exercises for swing movements


  • Good workmanship quality

  • Reversible


  • Stylish

  • Modern materials

  • Wind and water repellent

Select which golf vests you would like to compare

Use the drop-down boxes to select three golf vest options to compare

Invest in warmth and style on the trail

Hopefully you will be playing most of your rounds of golf in what you consider to be nice weather. But even when the temperature drops, the wind increases, or it rains, the best golf vests offer protection without sleeves that can hinder a simple golf swing. Knowing the conditions you will face on the trail should help you put on a vest that works well for you.


How should a golf vest fit?

A golf vest should be loose and comfortable enough not to restrict the rotation of your upper body during your golf swing. However, it should also be tight enough that it doesn’t get in the way during the swing, but not so loose that it slips during the backswing.

Why wear a vest when golfing?

The obvious answer is that it is cold or rainy. You want to be warmer and drier, but you still don’t want your arms to be burdened by the long sleeves of a jacket. You may want to put on a vest to have more pocket space when you have your phone or rangefinder nearby.

What is a golf vest called?

There is no commonly used terminology for the garment other than “golf vest.” However, golf vests also come in the form of a vest – usually a zippered, sleeveless garment that is not as tight-fitting as a vest and can reach above the waist.

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