Best Himeko Relic Sets and Light Cones in Honkai: Star Rail

Himeko is one of the standard 5-star characters in Honkai: Star Rail, which can deal a lot of additional damage to your party through its follow-up attacks. She is a fantastic AoE DPS or sub-DPS with her ultimate. When choosing Light Cones and Relics for Himeko, you should prioritize those that increase her overall follow-up attack and ultimate damage potential.

First, let’s do a quick overview of Himeko’s equipment. There’s nothing really special to say about her normal attack or ability. Your Victory Rush talent stacks each time you defeat an enemy. At three stacks, it makes a follow-up attack equal to a percentage of her ATK. Heavenly Flare, her ultimate ability, deals AoE fire damage and then restores her energy. Some of her marks also increase the damage she deals to enemies inflicted with Burn. This is an effect that she can cause relatively easily between her ultimate and her talent.

Himeko Honkai Star Rail light cone

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  • Before dawn
    Jing Yuan’s signature light cone is generally a fantastic scholarship light cone. It can significantly increase critical damage and follow-up attack damage through its passive ability. As a 5-star cone of light, it also greatly improves Himeko’s stats. Unfortunately it is not only a 5 star hotel but also a limited one. It may be difficult to recommend due to its lack of availability.
  • Night on the Milky Way
    This is Himeko’s signature beam of light and it increases her ATK for every enemy on the field. It also increases how much DMG she deals with Weakness Break. Since it’s a 5-star Cone of Light, you can also just use it for its high stats instead of its passive ability. However, if you care about skills, some of the later beams on this list are far more useful.
  • Make the world go wild
    This beam of light increases Himeko’s ultimate damage and lets her instantly regenerate energy. Since a lot of Himeko’s AoE DPS usage comes from her ultimate, this is really good for her. It’s also fairly generic, meaning it can be useful in both farming and boss fight situations.
  • The calm of geniuses/The seriousness of breakfast
    Both beams of light activate when Himeko defeats an enemy. Geniuses’ Calmness increases their critical damage, while Breakfast’s Seriousness increases their ATK. Which one you use depends on your current stats for Himeko, your other characters, and your relics. Since they activate their effects depending on whether you defeat an enemy or not, they are best suited for farming.
  • The birth of the self
    If you want to use Himeko in situations other than just farming, The Birth of the Self is a good light cone. This increases the damage of their follow-up attack and deals more damage if the enemy is below 50% health. Since Himeko doesn’t have to defeat an enemy first, it’s a good light for situations like boss fights.
Relics of the Starrail by Himeko Honkai

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When choosing relics for Himeko, you should prioritize her Fire DMG, SPD, and Crit stats. As usual with a DPS or sub-DPS character, Musketeer of Wild Wheat and Space Sealing Station are good until you get more specific relics for them.

  • Lavaforging Firesmith
    The 2-piece set increases fire damage by 10% and the 4-piece set increases skill damage by 12%. The full set also increases fire damage after an ultimate by 12%. If you’re having trouble getting a complete set, you can combine the 2-piece Firesmith with the 2-piece Musketeer.
  • The ash-burning Grand Duke
    This is the best set of relics you can attach to Himeko since she focuses on follow-up attacks. The 2-piece set increases the damage she can withstand with her follow-up attack. Meanwhile, the 4-piece set increases her ATK by a maximum of 48% each time it deals damage. This significantly increases their overall damage potential. Please note that this relic set is best suited if you are using Himeko either for farming or in a location with multiple enemies.
  • Inert salsotto
    Inert Salsotto is an amazing set for Himeko due to its 2-part effect. It increases her critical hit rate by 8%, and once her critical hit rate is 50% or higher, it increases her ultimate and follow-up attack damage by 15%. Himeko’s ultimate and follow-up attacks are her bread and butter as your DPS, so you want to make sure she can unleash as much pain with them as possible.

Honkai: Star Rail is easily available on Windows PC and mobile devices. A PS5 version is in development. Himeko is a permanent 5-star character that you can pull from the gacha pool.

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