Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods (So Far)

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Hogwarts Legacy is a cross-platform release that allows players on PC and consoles to enjoy this magical adventure. However, the PC audience is known for its fan-made mods. Although there are no official mods for Hogwarts Legacy, fans have not let that stop them and have already been hard at work making mods for it Harry Potter Adventure.

How to download mods for Hogwarts Legacy

Most PC mods for Hogwarts Legacy can be found on Nexus Mods. This is the typical mod hosting site and considered safe to use, but use mods with you own risk. You may be able to download viruses or crash your game by using mods. So be careful in choosing the mods you will use.

How to install mods for Hogwarts Legacy

Once you’ve downloaded your desired Hogwarts Legacy mods, you’ll need to check out each one modifications directory. It will direct you where to put the mod files in your Hogwarts Legacy folder. We recommend making a backup copy of any files that you replace with modified files. Most modifications will give you detailed instructions where to put files and how to install them.

Best Mods for Hogwarts Legacy


Image via norskpl

An Arachnophobia mode is one of the most requested features in Hogwarts Legacy due to the Acromantula. The base game doesn’t have this feature, but Hogwarts fan norskpl made it himself. This mod replaces the Acromantula with harmless looking cubes, eliminating their spider-like nature.


Image via Zurrye

We all knew this was coming. No PC game is complete until a mod adds Thomas the Tank Engine, and creator Zurrye incorporated this legendary character. This mod replaces your broom with Thomas and will surely make your flight time more interesting.

Paler and darker skins for the player character

Image via BobG123

Hogwarts Legacy offers a robust character creator, but some fans would like more options, including BobG123. This skin tone mod adds more skin palettes to help you create your ideal witch or wizard student.

Hogwarts Legacy Realism Overhaul Shaders

Image via scottyus1

Hogwarts Legacy is already a beautiful game, but scottyus1 created a shader to enhance the in-game textures with a more crisp and realistic look. If you want to improve the look of your game, check out this mod and see Hogwarts come to life in new ways.

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Performance friendly shader

Image via Deehn

For those on low-end PCs who still want an enhanced look, Deehn has created a cinematic and realistic shader that’s kind to performance. This mod still improves the game and makes its stunning graphics look even more magical.

A billion coins

Image via kosagar

Fan Kosagar made a mod to give players an early save file with a billion coins. This will surely make your life easier as you don’t have to worry about money anymore. Always.

Unlock all clothing items

Image via AidenCharming

For witches and wizards who are more interested in fashion, this mod by AidenCharming will unlock all clothing items. This allows you to customize your wardrobe for any occasion right from the start of the game.

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Arithmantic door numbers

Image via MissingMinus

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with mysteries, but few are as perplexing as encountering an Arithmancy door for the first time. This puzzle involves the most feared form of magic – mathematics. Luckily, MissingMinus created a mod to add numbers to the door, making it easier than ever to solve the equation.

facial hair

Image via Sirgalahad172

Sure, you’re playing a student in Hogwarts Legacy, but some kids hit puberty early and start growing facial hair at school. Sirgalahad172 thinks the same way and has created a facial hair mod that will give your character a gorgeous mustache or thick beard.

Shrek broom

Image via norskpl

The green ogre eventually invades all media sources as norskPL modded Shrek in Hogwarts Legacy. Not as a figure, but as a mobile broom. The Shrek Broom turns your witch’s or wizard’s broomstick into the ogre and lets you fly through the air.

Hogwarts Legacy VR

While not complete, Flat2VR’s VR mod for Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most ambitious and cool mods out there. This allows players to explore Hogwarts like never before. It’s still a work in progress, but it certainly looks promising.

Hogwarts Legacy Co-op

Another work in progress is The Together Team’s co-op mod for Hogwarts Legacy. While not complete, walking around Hogwarts with a friend is an idea to stay on your radar. The Together team has uploaded a short video showing two students walking through Hogwarts Legacy together.

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