Best Minecraft Meadow Mountain Seeds (June 2022)

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The Meadow Mountain was a new subbiome added to the Minecraft 1.18: Caves & Cliffs Part 2 Update. This biome is full of flowers and sheep, donkeys and rabbit brood. It’s an idyllic setting to begin your Minecraft adventure.

To help you find the perfect meadow setting, we’ve uncovered some of the best mountain meadow seeds and listed them below.

Best Minecraft 1.19 & 1.18 Meadow Mountain Seeds List

  • Minecraft 1.19
    • A meadow for your castle: -5930464648540265214
    • The Canyon at Hilltop Meadow: 937937323
    • Wiesenbergtal: 460628901
  • Minecraft 1.18
    • Snowy Road: 1401143922128689540
    • Dangerous Peninsula: -121581799917678842
    • The slime bowl: 5513533723593894861

Best Meadow Mountain Seeds for Minecraft 1.19

A meadow for your castle

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seeds: -5930464648540265214

This seed spawns you in a field of sunflowers surrounded by a forked river. It’s the perfect place to start a bright and sunny adventure, eventually turning into the ideal spot for a castle. The river acts as a natural moat, providing a large but manageable block of land for you to protect. Outside of this field of sunflowers are several mountain meadows to frolic in when you need a break from your castle.

  • Important locations
    • Nether Portal: 88 72 (Java only!)
    • Best Meadow: -120 -66
    • Meadow: -10 201
    • Meadow: 20 325

The Canyon at Hilltop Meadow

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Forget the ominous name – this is an intriguing and beautiful seed with several ideal spots for players who like to stop and smell the roses. Heading north from the spawn you will encounter a majestic meadow mountain that hides a gorge on the opposite side of the spawn. If you head south you’ll instead find an amazing view from a meadow on top of a mountain cliff!

  • Important locations
    • Entrance to the Wiesenschlucht: 160-300
    • cliff meadow: 170 85
    • Old Town: 536-760


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Although this is technically the opposite of a mountain, this seed deserves an honorable mention. You spawn on a mountain ring that encloses a beautiful meadow valley. Beyond the ring of mountains you will find several more meadows, some hundreds of blocks long. This is a perfect Meadow Mountain start for 1.19 if you don’t mind that it’s in the valley of the mountain!

  • Important locations
    • Old Town: 104-344
    • Village: 96 -208 (Java only)
    • Large Meadow: -195 -75
    • sunflower field: -560 -80

Best Meadow Mountain Seeds for Minecraft 1.18

donkey village

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Code: 5969091165939971933

A sleepy mountain overlooking a humble village. A herd of donkeys enjoy the mountain views while the villagers go about their daily chores. The great thing about this seed is the quick access to Dark Wood and Spruce Wood thanks to a number of forests nearby. Perfect for ambitious medieval-style buildings.

Important locations

  • Village: -322 49
  • Spruce taiga with giant mushrooms: -566-431
  • Destroyed Portal: -592-288
  • shipwreck: 288-480

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snowy road

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Code: 1401143922128689540

This one is a bit of a hike from the spawn, but well worth it. You start in a snowy wasteland and have to climb a mountain to the southeast to reach the meadow beyond. Honestly, one of the biggest draws is the fact that this area is right next to a huge frozen mountain. It’s a stunning location!

Important locations

  • The meadow: 600 300
  • Village: 400 625
  • Destroyed Portal: 672 368
  • mineshaft: 700 400

Dangerous Peninsula

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Code: -121581799917678842

A looter tower blocks a village’s only means of escape from this waterlogged peninsula. This is an incredible place if you fancy playing tower defense in Minecraft as you need to be extra careful during raids!

Important locations:

  • Raider Tower: 49-527
  • Village: 130-349
  • Underwater Destroyed Portal: 18 162
  • shipwreck: 915-240

The slime bowl

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Code: 5513533723593894861

Spawning next to a giant pit in the ground (which happens to be inside a Slime Chunk), you only need to take a few steps north to find a series of mountains including a Meadow Mountain biome. There is also a village nearby and a large looter outpost with three (!) captured Iron Golems. A really exciting starting point.

Important locations:

  • Village: -302 25
  • looter tower: -400 310
  • The slime bowl: -20 65

Blue flowers canyon

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Code: 5513533723593894861

A huge gorge filled with meadows of flowers was formed on the side of a snow-capped hill. There are shattered portals, ocean ruins, and a shipwreck not far from the spawn, giving the atmosphere of a lost civilization where nature has returned to reclaim the area.

Important locations:

  • ocean ruins: -528 -528
  • Destroyed Portal: -269 5
  • Village: 304-305
  • shipwreck: -528-224

beech oasis

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Code: -2457851589888536872

That’s no mistake – this mountain meadow is an oasis in a sea of ​​beech trees that surrounds you on all sides. The mountain with its immediate cave entrance to a stalactite filled cave is your start but as far as you can see is an endless forest. Or is it? Civilization might be a little closer than you expected.

Important locations

  • Village: 54-171
  • Village #2: -841 594
  • Destroyed Portal: 66-450

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