Best Minecraft PE Seeds Ever For 1.19 (December 2022)

We’re looking at a few Best Seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition You can find! These make starting a new world a lot easier and give you an edge if you have an epic place to build your next creation. In our list below, we’ve included screenshots of the main highlights of each seed, a description of what you’ll find, and coordinates for the main starting areas.

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Best Minecraft 1.19 PE Seeds

The ultimate beginner’s island

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides

seeds: 968565878525959881

This survival island is for beginners and casual gamers. You spawn on the edge of an ideal jungle island that houses several small biomes, including a lush cave that nestles perfectly beneath the deep jungle that fills most of the island. Players playing on Minecraft PE will also love this survival island because it’s easy to set up a large but secure home base.

Important Java locations Important bedrock sites
Jungle: -152 40 Old Town: 184-51 104
Old Town: 216-51136 shipwreck: -232 -120
Ocean Monument: -264-712 Village: -904-424
Village: -944 48 Ocean Monument: -200 -776
Village: -1312 272 shipwreck: 168-344

Hardcore survival island spawn

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides

seeds: 401687118

This seed is not for beginners. You start out on a rocky island with limited resources: three trees, some animals, and a portal to the underworld. The Nether is known to be a huge challenge for new players, and this seed places you on an island where the only direction you can go is down. Of course you could build a boat with the trees, but that defeats the purpose of spawning on the perfect hardcore island!

  • Important locations
    • Buried Treasure: 200 72
    • Buried Treasure: 136 72
    • Buried Treasure: 200 24
    • Buried Treasure: 136 24
    • Villa: 600-888

Warm biome split

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides

seeds: 1559701409609232210

This seed sets the gold standard for biome diversity in Minecraft PE. They spawn on the border of a biome made up of humid jungles, arid deserts, and temperate wastelands. Given that a variety of biomes is essential for any good resource-rich Minecraft experience, this is the perfect seed for novice and casual gamers. It’s not just tied to warm biomes, though! You will find by

  • Important locations
    • Village: -184 152
    • Jungle Temple: 40 40
    • Jungle Temple: 56 552
    • desert temple: -488 568
    • desert temple: -760 248

Crater Mountain Island

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides

seeds: 162712994

It’s taken nearly a decade for Minecraft PE players to be able to play cross-platform with their friends, so they’re no stranger to isolation in Minecraft Survival. This seed represents that lonely playstyle, as you start out on a large island with just one village to keep you company. When you spawn on this large, mountainous island, however, you’ll find unobstructed beautiful vistas and plentiful resources. The images are so gorgeous that you probably won’t even realize you’re playing on a smaller screen!

  • Important locations
    • Village: -296 200
    • Destroyed Portal: -600 24
    • shipwreck: 248 104
    • Old Town: -296 -232
    • Old Town: -552 -280

Village above the buried city

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides

seeds: 6168669096356993368

This seed reminds us how civilizations are built on older buried ones! This seed spawns us in front of a beautiful but nondescript village built around a mountain formation. However, its true secret lies within. Digging through the rock will bring you to a magnificent old ancient city with a fortress, mine shafts and even a ruined portal. No wonder these townsfolk never have to leave their little island!

  • Important locations
    • Ocean Monument: 88 -1,176
    • Old Town: 104-51-1,048
    • Destroyed Portal: 232 -1,048
    • Buried Treasure: 216 -1,016

Old Lush City

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides

This was one of the first seeds to attract public attention in Minecraft 1.19. It proves to be an ideal seed for players who appreciate the beauty of the lush cave but also want to explore the new biomes of the Wilds update. You start out in an area that’s close to most of the overworld biomes, giving you the most resources quickly. A few hundred blocks away is a lush cave that branches into an ancient city and causes one of the most intriguing transitions between biomes. There are also two exposed mine shafts in Lush Cave!

seeds: -156227665

  • Important locations
    • desert temple: 168-164
    • Village: 136-296
    • Ancient City / Lush Cave: -648-696
    • Great Cold Ruins: 88-136

The clash

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides

seeds: 3546842701776989958

Minecraft 1.19 couldn’t have made world generation more interesting. You start this seed at the edge of a desert biome touching a mangrove sponge. A short walk from the spawn brings you to one of the strangest combinations of structures we’ve seen. This desert village has been transformed with a shipwreck, nether portal, outpost and desert temple! With all of these unusual and rare structures right next to the spawn, you’ll have plenty of gear and valuable resources at your disposal to give you a head start on the map!

  • Important locations
    • The clash: 205 155
    • Jungle Temple: 616-318
    • desert temple: -152 808
    • Ocean Monument: -216-792

Manor Island Envy

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides

seeds: -8854940294269027445

You might be playing Minecraft on a small screen, but you’ll feel like you’re living a rich life with this wonderful semi-detached seed. This is the perfect Minecraft Wilds PE seed if you want to establish more story in your survival world. You will also find almost every biome within a 2,500 block spawn radius!

  • Important locations
    • Villa: -696 1336
    • Island Villa: -648 904
    • Village: 312-360
    • Village: -344 -344
    • Village: -440 168

Best Minecraft 1.18 PE Seeds

The Impossible Village

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides

seeds: 2100201543

In this intriguing seed, you start next to a village in an impossible situation. We say impossible because that can only happen if a villager has been messing around with spacetime and accidentally warped an entire chunk. Whatever the reason for this crazy situation, it works well to protect them from the looter outpost that only spawns a short distance away!

  • Important locations
    • desert village: 328 104
    • Looter Outpost: 232 280
    • Destroyed Portal: 232 200
    • desert temple: 264 264
    • shipwreck: -152 312

Pirate village on the coast

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides

seeds: -892884632

If you want to live a life of vikings and pirates, you can’t go wrong with this seed. In this seed, you spawn in front of a plains village tucked away in a bay overlooking a vast frigid ocean. The village has crops, cottages and boardwalks. It also has a shipwreck right next to it, perfectly positioned to make a boathouse out of its ship. In addition, there are several river channels around the spawn point if you want to easily sail to neighboring biomes.

  • Important locations
    • Great Cold Ruin: -152 Z: -152
    • Destroyed Portal: -552 8
    • shipwreck: -200 24
    • Igloo with basement: -1,016 -360
    • Looter Outpost: -936 360

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