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The limited-time event has put many fan-favorite decks back in the spotlight. YuGiOh Master Duel has deployed new events to challenge its players to duel specific formats to earn Gems. With the restriction of only using Rarity N and R cards, many OTK (One Turn Knock Out) decks are invalid. Players are free to use the archetype of their choice, but here are the decks that win quickly and consistently.

Kaiju – Danger – Mekk – Graydle

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These decks focus on using extremely powerful monsters that can be Special Summoned in one turn to remove monsters from your opponent’s side of the field. Use Mekk monsters in tandem with kaiju Monsters, players can easily clear the board while using those as well Cobra Graydle to take control of all Kaiju monsters given to the opponent. Attention Cards can be Special Summoned or sent to the Graveyard and then retrieved The Mystery of World Heritage. with powerful XYZ’splayers have a lot of field control, monster removal, and immunity to the target of card effects.

True Draco – Tenyi

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True Draco and Tenyi use decks Continuous spells and fall to Tribute Summon True Draco monsters while using Tenyi monsters to further thin out the deck. Tenyi monsters can also be used for shortcut and XYZ Summoning, as well as for their own effects, but the main focus is on True Draco. Each permanent Spell and trap has effects to get rid of the opponent’s Spell and Trap Cards, as well as their monsters, when they are sent to the Graveyard. you also have Special Summon and drawing Effects, making it easy to get the required resources as quickly as possible.

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Gadget – Infinitrack

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gimmicks and infinity Monsters are all Earth apart from monsters silver and gold gadget. Use Infinitrack harvester and either Derrick crane for heavy freight trains or Super express bullet trainPlayers can summon Number 77: The seven sins. This can remove all enemies Special Summoned Monster. Infinitrack anchor drill can be used with any of the Gadget Cards to summon them Number 97: Draglubionwho can then summon more XYZ like monsters Number 92: Heart Earth Dragon to get rid of all opponents sentence or normal and Special Summon during their final stage.

Other Notable Decks

metal enemies can be used reliably to great effect Pendulum Summoning and Fusion Summon. They are powerful monsters that can have OTK potential under the right circumstances.

ghost tricks are a niche Grind and Direct Attack deck, depending on how it’s built. with Ghostrick Museum and Ghostrick witch and Dollopponent’s monsters can be locked in face-down Defense Position.

megalith Decks have the strongest OTK potential and are relatively easy to acquire solo mode. Megalith Phaleg and bethor are the main threat and can destroy maps quickly and reliably.

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