Best soldier build in Steelrising

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The Soldier class in Steelrising relies on the power stat and focuses on weapons that deal high impact damage. Similar to the Bodyguard class, most of the weapons that the Soldier class can use have a high affinity for Might and are relatively slow. There are weapons that are faster than others, but they don’t reach the level of speed of weapons that are geared towards mobility. Players can either focus on raw damage or stagger enemies with impact damage. These are the best early, mid, and late game Soldier builds in Steelrising.

Make the best soldier build in Steelrising

Of four classes In Steelrising, the Soldier class is the simplest. It starts with some extra power and a weapon that can be used at short or medium ranges. While the Bodyguard build focuses on survivability and charged attacks, the Soldier’s extra power early on allows players to focus on dealing as much damage as possible first. Players should balance durability as they see fit, but have a head start on damage output and can capitalize on it.

Best Early Game Soldier Build in Steelrising

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special moves play a valuable role in Steelrising by using alternative damage methods. These moves only get stronger as you level up perfomance while base weapon damage scales with the same value. With this in mind, players can use the special moves of many different weapons to deal damage and experiment with what they like best. This is all players can use at the beginning of the game for this playstyle:

  • weapon
    • Gribeauval halberd – The starting weapon for the class, which can be used at short and medium distances.
    • fire chain – Deals flame damage and deals more impact damage when infused.
    • Roma’s partisan – Deals fulmination damage and deals more impact damage when infused.
  • armor
    • Any – Armor doesn’t really matter as it’s mainly used to cover weaknesses. Balance and armor can increase, as can stamina, depending on which set is worn, helping players focus on power leveling.
  • modules
    • Grade I Frost/Fulmination/Flame Catalyst Module – Depending on what weapon players have, they can increase the speed at which Alchemical Afflictions build up.
    • Long Infusion Module Grade I – This will increase how long weapons with infusion special moves remain coated in their alchemical element.
    • Grade I Unstable Essence Module – This results in the player having a chance to obtain alchemical capsules when firing a weapon or attacking with an infused weapon.

Players can experiment with other weapons and even try to settle on one agility and perfomance hybrid. In the beginning there are not too many power weapons with special attacks, apart from shields, which makes infusions very strong. leveling durability will be important to ensure players survive longer but have diminishing returns after a certain point.

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Best Mid Game Soldier Build in Steelrising

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By mid-game, players should have a better understanding of what types of weapons they enjoy. Even without choosing infusion-based weapons, there are many other powerful special moves that players can utilize. These are all the new things players can add to their builds:

  • weapon
    • Boreas wheel – A great weapon with a Frost Infusion special move that deals a lot of impact damage.
    • Discobolus wheel – A high impact weapon that can be fired from a distance and deals even higher impact damage.
    • Porevit chain – This weapon’s special move deals more damage at close range and fires multiple knives at once.
    • Hephaestus’ batons – These weapons infuse themselves and fire two projectiles. They scale more with alchemy than power, but still increase their power with a power build.
  • armor
    • Any – Armor should be swapped for resistances more than anything else.
  • modules
    • Endurance Module Grade II – Stamina increase will prevent players from leveling Vigor.
    • class II Frost/Folmination/Flame module – Stacking these modules with their other Grade versions will stack and deal more damage.
    • Long infusion module grade II – Stacking these increases the duration of weapon infusion.
    • Grade II unstable essence module – These modules are also stackable with each other, although at some point these modules will become obsolete as the player will be swimming in alchemical pods.

Any weapon can be carried to the end of the game as long as players are comfortable with it. Use both those R.A.M., To graband momentum Moves that the player unlocks are great options for building up damage and alchemical inflictions.

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Best Endgame Soldier Build in Steelrising

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By the end of Steelrising, players should have unlocked at least some of their Grade III Module slots. Players have an arsenal of weapons and can either use infusion-based weapons for damage or prefer other weapons that deal purely physical damage with their special moves. Players can use short- or medium-range special moves and use their modules to boost their health if they’re having trouble staying alive. These are all of the new things that players have access to once they reach the end of the game:

  • weapon
    • La Pérouse wheel – This weapon’s special move does a lot of damage and can be used against a large group of enemies if the player’s balance is high enough not to be interrupted.
    • Volley mallet – This weapon’s special move interrupts enemies and can deal great damage at close range.
  • armor
  • modules
    • Grade III Destruction Module – The best module in the game that increases physical damage. This works great with weapons whose special move also deals physical damage.
    • Grade III Endurance Module – This increases stamina by a large amount and almost eliminates the dependency on leveling Vigor.
    • Grade III Frost/Fulmination/Flame Catalyst Module – Increases the amount of Alchemical Affliction and stacks with the Tier II variant.

A Soldier build is extremely versatile and easy to hybrid. Players can survive the game with either pure physical damage, special move damage, or infusions. The best builds will be able to deal large amounts of Special Move damage and will be able to hit most enemies at range.

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