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Determining the best build for your character is an essential step in Arcane Odyssey, helping you navigate where to place your stats and improve your skills. You can create a build by putting your skill points into certain stats, such as: B. the Conjurer build. The summoner is just a mix of weapons and magic stats, but you can do it in specific ways to get different results for your character. Here are some of the best Conjurer builds to focus on.

List of the best Conjurer builds for Arcane Odyssey

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The Conjurer build is a mix of magic and weapon stats. They can imbue their weapons with their magical abilities to create a powerful hybrid that allows their weapons to have magical effects. To create his build, you must invest 40% of all your skill points in weapon and magic stats, but none can exceed 59%.

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However, you can create multiple branching builds by setting your magic and weapon stats to different percentages. You can get up to 250 total combined skill points, and depending on how you place them, the results can be more spell variants, more weapon skills, or a healthy balance between the two. How to reach them:

Balanced magic and weapon stats

If you’re looking for a balanced approach to your summoner build, you can place abilities appropriately so that you take roughly the same damage from spell effects as you do from your weapon abilities. To get this build you should get the following stats:

Weapon-focused stats

Weapon skills can be essential during combat, especially when you can use a great weapon. If you want to better focus on the power of this weapon, you can focus more on placing skill points in this skill tree than your magic. However, you should definitely grind some bosses and try to acquire a worthwhile weapon. This allows you to take full advantage of your extra attacks. To get this build you should get the following stats:

Stats focused on magic

If you’d rather focus more on your magical abilities and the effects you can put into your weapons, and acquire more spell variants, you can focus on adding more stats to the spell tree. This can result in higher damage spell effects and more spell effects to use, such as: B. the aura spell. To achieve this build you should end up with the following stats:

While these are some of the most recommended ways to place your stats as a summoner, different methods work for different people and it’s entirely up to you what you focus your points on. It also depends on what equipment you are equipped with and what weapons and spells you use. Let us know how you build your Conjurer in the comments below!

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