Best support for playing with Twitch in LoL

If you don’t know which supports are best to play alongside Twitch, here are five champions who will be partnering with him this season.

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The best supports to play LoL with Twitch

If you play League, you probably either love or hate Twitch. He’s the kind of champion that can make your game a nightmare or put you in a carry-all 1v9 mode. Thanks to his “sneaky” loadout and impressive late-game damage, Twitch is capable of blowing up entire teams when positioned well.

Now that he’s one of the strongest ADCs in the current meta, you’ll always want to have the best possible support with you so you can take full advantage of his power and carry potential.

If you’re not sure which champions you should play with Twitch, we’ve compiled a list of the best supporters working with it. We’ll look at the key strengths and weaknesses of these bot lane duos so you know exactly what to expect in Summoners’ Rift.

Lulu – the #1 support for Twitch

Lulu is the best champion to play on Twitch. If you have the chance, be sure to play these two champions together.

There are several reasons why you should have the Twitch Lulu bot lane. The first is that Lulu has so many tools to protect her body, making it almost impossible for Twitch to die. She can constantly shield him with her E and use Wild Growth (R) if he needs to survive more burst damage. As if that wasn’t enough, Lulu also has a Polymorph (W), which prevents enemies from using deadly abilities and gives allies enough time to take out the target.


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Additionally, Lulu increases Twitch’s damage with her own passive, allowing him to do even more damage with his combos.

Considering that Twitch is weak early and needs time to scale, having Lulu at his side reduces Twitch’s chances of being punished by ganks or in 2v2 battles.

If you want to climb SoloQ, Lulu is always your first choice to play with Twitch. You’ll be weaker than most bot lanes in the first few minutes of the game, but as long as you don’t lose badly in the early game, you’ll be a big threat later on.

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Milio – The Lulu alternative

Lulu-Twitch is a well-known bot lane combination, so it may happen that enemies ban or select the champion to take him away from you. When this situation arises, you should look for an alternative wizard, and the best one out there is Milio.

The newest LoL champion does a great job of boosting Twitch during teamfights. With Cozy Campfire (W)’s additional attack range, Twitch is capable of penetrating targets miles away without harm, especially considering Twitch’s own ultimate ability gives him additional attack range. And if an enemy threatens Twitch, Milio can protect them with just one use of his own ultimate ability.

Paired with the shields and the additional damage from the passive, Milio is the closest thing to Lulu when it comes to kit synergy.

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Yuumi – One of the best enchanter supports on Twitch

If you’re looking for another wizard to play on Twitch, then check out Yuumi. Although she is currently quite weak, especially after the repeated nerfs she has received, Yuumi still performs well when played with the Plague Rat.


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When it comes to exfoliation, Yuumi is probably only second to Lulu considering how much protection and healing she offers. Now that Riot has changed her gear, they have strengthened her enchanter nature even more.

However, Twitch-Yuumi has the weakest early game of any bot lane duo in this list, so focus on farming and scaling as much as possible. There is a high chance that the enemies will try to exploit your vulnerability, so play it safe.

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Thresh – one of the best engagement supporters with Twitch

If you are a player who doesn’t like playing Enchanter Support but still needs to play with Twitch, then Thresh is probably your best choice.

Even though he doesn’t do much damage compared to other supports on this list, Thresh has plenty of crowd control to take out enemies and allow Twitch to deal high damage to these targets, especially early in the game. Compared to other duos, Thresh allows you to win some skirmishes.

However, this bot lane requires good coordination and a strong understanding of 2v2 trades to trigger snowballs. If you lose early, it will be much harder to make a comeback later.

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Nami – Maximizing damage output

The final support for this list is Nami, another enchanter support. You’ve probably realized by now that the best supports for Twitch must have good peeling ability so that he can survive incoming enemy damage. While Nami does have some crowd control to help achieve this, the main reason you’ll want to pick her alongside the Sniper Champion is to further boost his damage.

Coven namesCoven names

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Thanks to her E, she can further increase Twitch’s damage, allowing him to quickly finish off targets at the start of a fight when using the Ultimatum. Additionally, it has good synergy with Twitch’s E slow, making it easier to hit the Bubble or Tidal Wave.

However, learning this bot lane duo is more difficult than other bot lanes. You need to be able to play with composure and find trades as early as possible by using the combos in quick succession. This is pretty tricky as it can backfire badly if you mess up too much.

Make sure you analyze their team compositions and figure out what threats are trying to kill Twitch and do your best to make sure your ADC doesn’t die or get caught. If you can do this, you will win most of your games.

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