Best Surtr build in Smite

Since the early days of Smite, Surtr, better known as the Fire Giant, has been the strongest monster in Conquest. Surtr comes from Muspelheim and enters the Norse pantheon in Smite as a warrior. Destined to defeat Freyr in Ragnarok, Surtr is a fire giant bent on unleashing wrath on opposing gods. This guide will help you build Surtr to best complement your team in Smite.

How to build Surtr in Smite

To build Surtr in Smite, you should consider its location, which will be the solo lane. Thanks to his resilience, he’ll even rival Cthulhu as the best solo lane god in the game. The relic to take with you is Teleport Fragment, which increases his stamina in the alley and reduces the time he spends in the fountain.

Surtr skill levels in Smite

The list below describes the optimal way to improve Surtr when playing Smite Conquest.

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Just capability
level 1 Flames of Muspell
level 2 Giant’s Grip
level 3 Flames of Muspell
level 4 embers
level 5 the end of days (ultimate)
stage 6 Flames of Muspell
stage 7 Flames of Muspell
level 8 embers
stage 9 the end of days (ultimate)
level 10 Flames of Muspell
level 11 embers
level 12 embers
level 13 the end of days (ultimate)
level 14 embers
level 15 Giant’s Grip
level 16 Giant’s Grip
level 17 the end of days (ultimate)
level 18 Giant’s Grip
level 19 Giant’s Grip
level 20 the end of days (ultimate)

This build requires you to max out Surtr’s first ability, Flames of Muspell, before anything else. Emberwalk should be next, and by the time you hit level 14 you should have it maxed. The remaining Giant’s Grasp should follow, ending with the fifth point of your ultimate when you hit level 20.

The best items for Surtr in Smite

Surtr is best suited to solo lane when playing Conquest, and his items should reflect that. It allows for aggressive play, and to outfarm your opponent it’s a good idea to get a Bluestone Pendant for extra physical damage. Alternatively, you can grab the Warrior’s Ax for a bit of lifesteal, which increases your farming time and the time you spend in lane for an extra edge over your opponent.

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Consider the enemy team and their damage type for your main item build. You should be on the front line of any teamfight and expect to be focused while you’re in the thick of it. Your main focus should be getting tank items to increase your survivability in the beginning. If your opponents primarily deal physical damage, consider the following points:

  • Midgard mail
  • Gladiator’s Shield
  • Breastplate of Valor
  • bloodforge
  • heart seeker
  • Blackthorn Hammer

If the opposing team is mage-heavy and focused on magic damage, the following items will serve you better:

  • Void Stone
  • Cloak of Mages
  • rune shield
  • bulwark of hope
  • bloodforge
  • heart seeker
  • Blackthorn Hammer

Consider the last three items from each build if you feel you have enough protection to withstand enemy focus and hold your ground and survive. Depending on the particular matchup you’re playing and your playstyle, you can have a different experience each time. Find the build that suits you best. Some basic rules for any other warrior still apply to Surtr. For example, if you feel you need cures, pestilence or contagion are viable options.

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