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Terraria has a lot of fun seeds to access, but you can also access in-game maps for two reasons. The first is to start a whole new adventure and the second is to bring items from another world back to your original world. In the following sections you will find interesting worlds to visit and worlds with easy-to-loot items.

drunk world

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If you look at the seed and turn it into a date, it becomes 5/16/2020, Terraria’s ninth birthday. The world is much different and much more alive. It’s not a drinking simulator or anything like that. Instead, you get more regular and colorful trees like sakura trees.

The loading screen to create the map gets out of hand with lots of seed numbers. Upon entering, the guide is replaced by a party girl and the music is different. The cacti have grown larger and there are more pyramidal structures. The floating islands are made of snow and sand, and everything is slightly set off. You can play the game to just move around the map if you already have a good character to use.

Swift Muramasa

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Of all swords, the Night’s Edge sword has the highest possible base damage. A Muramasa is required to obtain it. It’s hard to do, which is understandable since you’re on your way to a high tier sword, but instead of digging through golden chests you can head to this seed instead. Head left from the spawn point and you will find a dungeon entrance. Hit Skeletron and then go lower until you see a painting of a skull. After that, turn right and go through the door until you reach a dead end. If you dig through the wall, you’ll find a golden chest containing the Muramasa.

is it unfair Sure, but isn’t it unfair to spend Golden Keys on a handful of Golden Chests when only one Muramasa is rewarded?

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Not the bees

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Yes, this is a silly world to walk into, but it’s too much fun. All of the water is replaced with honey, and the map essentially becomes a beehive. Jungle and honey blocks are everywhere, and you don’t have to wait long to see larvae. The dealer has replaced the guide. A giant bee will spawn if you destroy a few hives, so be careful.

Many players have made entire cities out of this seed, like beehives for players. While not the main Terraria experience, it’s still fun to go to.

Double Jump Seed

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It is specially designed to help you improve your double jump. A cloud in the bottle is familiar to most players, which creates a cloud from which you can jump in the air a second time. The seed contains a sandstorm in a bottle located west of the spawn point in a pyramid. Sandstorm in a bottle gives you a much bigger boost and lets you skyrocket.

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Free Loot Seed

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If you’re looking for a loot-heavy seed to bring back to your normal world, then this is the seed for you. There are Water Walking Boots in the Eastern Ocean, an Anklet of Wind, Ice Stakes, Aglet, Lava Spells, and a few others right near your spawn point. You can just take what you want when you’re done and go home.

Celebration mk10

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  • seed: 05/16/2011
  • seed: celebration mk10

To access this seed, use one of the seed codes above. There is a similarity between the numerical code for this seed and that of the drunk seed above; This seed is 5/16/2011, the day Terraria was released. Terraria’s tenth birthday is celebrated with a much larger seed for the occasion.

The player will be spawned with the guide, the princess, the party girl and the town bunny on the beach. There will be a party to match the brightly painted world, and you will find it Preferably modifier in each chest. This is really just a festive seed.

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