Best Trevenant Builds in Pokemon Unite

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Trevenant is a defender in Pokemon Unite, and a powerful one at that. It has a much higher HP stat than most Pokemon and uses a percentage of that to deal damage while healing itself. Many of its moves can have the ability to interrupt opposing Pokémon, making Trevenant work very well with ranged characters who need help escaping melee attackers. There are many ways to play Trevenant, but these are the best Trevenant builds in Pokemon Unite.

Best use for Trevenant in Pokemon Unite

Trevenant works best in team builds that can double stuns and area attacks and make the most of those stuns. With ranged attackers, Trevenant can keep opposing Pokémon at a distance, and with melee attackers, players can to press Enemies into their team or a more favorable area. Trevenant players have excellent recovery and can avoid returning to base with theirs Capability, Natural Healing.

Trevenant’s movements

at level oneTrevenant has a choice of either studying branch poke or will-o’-the-wisp. Wisp deals more damage and adds a damage over time Effect for three ticks. While burned, the target’s Attack and Special Attack are also reduced by 5% to the three seconds. Branch Poke, on the other hand, deals less damage but heals Trevenant while reducing the target’s movement speed. Everyone Increased Attack of Trevenant is restored 5% its HP, making it a valid strategy to increase its attack speed.

at level fiveTrevenant will be able to learn both mallet or curse via Will-o-Wisp. Wood Hammer is strong and has two stuns attached to. Wood Hammer’s first attack stuns, but if it misses the follow-up attack is unavailable. This second attack stuns longer based on how much HP Trevenant has. Whenever this move is used, Trevenant will use it 7% their HP in exchange. Curse used instead 3% Trevenant’s HP per second for six seconds. When fully charged and unleashed, Curse resets the cooldown of his other attacks. It reduces the speed of enemies hit based on how low Trevenant’s HP is, making it work well with melee teammates.

at level sevenTrevenant will be able to learn both horn leeches or pain split via Branch Poke. Horn Leech knocks enemies away and recovers more HP when hitting enemy players. Trevenant’s next three basic attacks deal increased damage after landing and reduce Horn Leech’s cooldown by 0.5 seconds for each hit. Pain Split links Trevenant to an enemy Pokemon, causing it to take damage whenever Trevenant is damaged. This reflected damage increases based on how low Trevenant’s HP is, and begins healing Trevenant when its HP is lower than the Pokemon it’s linked to. When used, increases Trevenant’s movement speed for two seconds.

at level nineTrevenant learns his unit movement phantom forest. This marked Enemies to take more damage from their basic attacks six seconds and grants Trevenant a shield. The shield grows stronger for each enemy marked, increasing Trevenant’s HP regeneration effects by 50% while shielded. After using the Unite Move, Trevenant gains a 30% Increase and maintain movement speed a 20% Max HP Shield regardless of whether it hits anyone.

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Best Hero and Battle Items for Trevenant

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Trevenant has a few different playstyles and can also be changed based on team composition. Held and battle items for the Pokémon can drastically change how effective they are in battle. Whether that means striving for more survivability, more damage, or somewhere in between, players should try to figure out what works for them and what best suits their own playstyle. They work similarly to Slowbro when it comes to disrupting enemy players because they deal pure damage, but both Pokemon are very good at both.

Best kept items

  • muscle band – Increasing Trevenant’s normal attack speed causes his ability to heal from his boosted attack to occur more frequently.
  • leftovers – This item pairs well with Natural Cure and can keep Trevenant closer to her teammates without having to teleport back to base.
  • Rock helmet – Trevenant is already a very strong Pokémon, and this item will punish enemy Pokémon that attack it even more.
  • attack weight – Trevenant’s damage output isn’t bad, but increasing it with each score can make him an unstoppable threat.
  • buddy barrier – Since Trevenant has high HP by nature, this item is an easy gear for all defenders to give themselves and their teammates a shield.
  • policy of weakness – Similar to Rocky Helmet, since Trevenant takes damage for a period of time, this item increases his Attack to a maximum of 12%.
  • focus band – A defensive option to keep players alive when they are low on HP.

Best Battle Items

  • potion – Regaining HP at the right moment can benefit Trevenant a lot, as their moveset also allows them to regain a lot of their health.
  • X speed – This item is versatile as it can be used to get in front of enemy Pokemon before Horn sucks them into their team, escapes a losing battle, or rushes to score.

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Best Builds for Trevenant

While there are good builds that include Pain Split and Wood Hammer, the synergy between Curse and Horn Leech makes it the best pair for Trevenant players. This plays around with cooldowns and keeps enemies alive while constantly disrupting enemies.

Crowd Control Horn Leech and Curse

Use horn leeches and curseplayers can stun enemy Pokemon while slowing them down. What makes these moves so powerful is the fact that Horn Leech’s cooldown resets after Curse triggers at full charge, making it possible to continually stun enemies. buddy barrier can keep players and their allies alive along with focus band. Rock helmet gives the defensive build an offensive advantage and can be combined with it X speed or potion when players need a way out or want to stay in the fight a little longer.

Fully offensive horn leech and curse

Rather than using held items that increase Trevenant’s survivability, players can instead attempt to boost their offensive stats. Horn Leech and Curse are still the best options for damage, though policy of weakness, Rock helmetand attack weight can cause much more damage to players. potion is recommended for this build due to the lack of Focus Band and Buddy Barrier security. Alternatively a Aeos cookie or point sign can be used instead Rock helmet to either get more max HP or protect players while they score.

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