Best weapons and skills in Cuphead

While Cuphead looks lovely, all decked out in 1930s-style hand-drawn animation, where it really shines is in the precise and calculated combat system, which helps make the game feel tough but not unfair. One thing that adds both variety and support to the boss fights is the variety of weapons and abilities that you can buy from the store. Here are the best weapons and abilities in Cuphead.

The best weapons and spells to buy in Cuphead

Even before you enter your first Boss Battle or Run & Gun phase, you’ll come across something Pork Emporium. Here you can use it coins Earned in the Run & Gun missions to buy new weapons or amulets that give you special abilities. Below are those that you should buy as soon as possible to facilitate your fight against your enemies.

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  • Spread – This attack shoots three lines of short range Projectiles in a cone in front of the player. This attack can skip huge damageHowever, you need to be almost over your target to make sure the projectiles hit.
  • Hunter – That is a Long-distance gun with below average damage. Although it has lower damage than other weapons, it is so useful that it Missiles attack enemieswhich essentially eliminates the need to aim accurately.
  • Load – This weapon fires Long-distance bullets that cannot be fired quickly, which means you have to shoot each shot individually. The Charge weapon is arguably the most useful weapon in the base game due to its ability to do so Charge your shot before shooting to increase damage.


  • bonus heart – This spell gives players an extra hit point at the cost of slightly less overall damage. This is perfect for players who aren’t interested in beating the boss quickly and who need extra hit points to survive the fight.
  • smoke bomb – The Smoke Bomb Spell gives you the opportunity to do so invisible line. It means that you take no damage during a dash. A must-have for all players, this spell can get you out of sticky situations with ease.
  • Coffee – This charm causes yours Super meter for continuous filling during a battle in addition to the progress you earn during the battle. This is great for quickly charging up your super ability and ending boss fights when your health is low.

Best Weapons and Spells in Cuphead Delicious Last Course

Cuphead’s DLC content, Delicious Last Course, brought even more weapons and charms to try. There are three new weapons and three new spells. Below are the best weapons and amulets in Cuphead: Delicious Last Course.

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  • Converge – This weapon fires three lightning bolts in cone shape which can span the entire stage area. It is a Long range high damage Attack. It’s great for hitting those big boss hitboxes.
  • cracker – This weapon is a Long-distance direct shot with moderate damage. The projectiles fired will break into a smaller one pursues an enemy. This makes it great for dealing more damage during times when you can’t target the enemy.


  • heart ring – This spell causes the player to do so Regain a hit point every first, third and sixth successful saves. This is a very powerful spell in the arms of someone great at making parries.
  • Broken Relic – This spell will be unlocked afterwards Completion of the graveyard puzzleand there are players Access to the secret boss. This relic doesn’t do anything in a fight, but the secret boss fight is one of the best in the game.

So there you have it, these are the best weapons and spells in Cuphead. As always, the game is fully playable and beatable without using anything mentioned above. It will only be a lot more painful if you decide to refrain from using these items.

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