Best weapons for Rogue Company, ranked

Rogue Company is one of the most popular competitive shooters out there. Understanding which weapons bring players to the top is important if you want to dominate in the game’s current meta. Different villains use different weapons, but it’s always important to know what gives you an advantage. Here are the absolute best weapons to use in Rogue Company, ranked.

10. Pistol: LW6 revolver

Preview of the stats of the weapon, the LW6 revolver.
Image Credit: Hi Rez Studios via Twinfinite

Most people are aware that a pistol is never a competitive choice in general; Apart from that, the LW6 revolver offers pure entertainment. There’s really nothing more rewarding for landing great shots, and whenever you do it the damage is significant. Out of ammo and need to play fast? Pull out the LW6 and make your shots count.


Preview of the weapon's stats, the MLX MAW.
Image Credit: Hi Rez Studios via Twinfinite

There is a widespread belief that the MLX is the better of the two LMGs available. The MLX LMG has a faster rate of fire and the larger magazine seems to feel better in most situations. This is not to say that conviction has no place. With all the changes, buffs, and nerfs to the weapons over time, it’s fair to say that both are safe to use. That said, MLX still comes out on top here, but overall it’s not as useful as other weapons.

8. SMG: The Knight

Preview weapon stats, knights.
Image Credit: Hi Rez Studios via Twinfinite

Without the range versatility that the LMP-X possesses, the Knight is unbeatable at extremely close ranges. Land your shots and you’ll win 90 percent of engagements. Direct comparison to the LMP-X shows an inability to really compare to mid-range ARs where the LMP-X can hold its own. Despite this flaw, it demonstrates exactly the qualities that any great SMG should have.

7. Shotgun: The referee

Preview weapon stats, the Arbitrator.
Image Credit: Hi Rez Studios via Twinfinite

As the only shotgun in the game that can almost once tap a player, the Arbitrator retains some value for that reason alone. A quick, solid shot can instantly end a 1v1 skirmish at the right moment – and that will always have a place in competitive shooters. While the Striker is considered superior in most situations, players should still respect this shotgun’s ability to turn a game.

6. DMR: The devotion

Preview weapon stats, the Devotion.
Image Credit: Hi Rez Studios via Twinfinite

No doubt some of the best weapons in the game require the most skill. The Devotion is a headshot machine, your ability to 1vX is entirely determined by your ability to use the weapon effectively. Set your mouse’s DPI and sensitivity, head into a lobby and give it a try – you won’t be disappointed.

5. Shotgun: The Striker

Preview weapon stats, Striker.
Image Credit: Hi Rez Studios via Twinfinite

The legendary version of the Striker is too good to miss out on first place. Huge magazine capacity and the ability to shred multiple players is the preferred alternative to the Arbitrator’s higher damage and dual shots. Both guns are still fully functional, but the Striker is the king of shotguns.

4. Sniper: LR15 FullBody

Preview weapon stats, the LR15 FullBody.
Image Credit: Hi Rez Studios via Twinfinite

Which sniper is best really depends on the villain you want to play: as far as snipers go, having a character you prefer over the sniper is more important. The LR15 does reward with aim though, and a maxed variant can one-shot almost anyone in the game – assuming it’s a headshot. You may find it difficult to disagree.

3. Assault Rifle: The Hydra

Preview the stats of the weapon, the Hydra.
Image Credit: Hi Rez Studios via Twinfinite

The Hydra is another 20-round assault rifle and if it wasn’t for the Sahara this weapon would be king. The biggest differences are in recoil, rate of fire, and range: the Sahara simply outperforms this weapon in more situations. If you can handle the recoil, the Hydra ranks a close second in the assault rifle category, and it can even be #1 in certain situations.


Preview of the weapon's stats, the LMP-X.
Image Credit: Hi Rez Studios via Twinfinite

In many first-person shooters, competitive players rely on guns with less recoil because they allow you to place more rounds and more consistently on target. Rogue Company really is no exception, and the LMP-X offers superior range and laser-like recoil. Enjoy target melting from different distances as long as your crosshair is on the target.

1. Assault Rifle: The Sahara

Preview weapon stats, the Sahara.
Image Credit: Hi Rez Studios via Twinfinite

The Sahara Assault Rifle is hands down the best Assault Rifle in the game, limited only by its magazine size. However, with some accurate shots and practice, it has an extremely fast TTK. One or two headshots and the enemies melt away. Essentially, show some efficiency with the ammo and you’ll win trades convincingly.

were intended the absolute best weapons for rogue company, ranking For your convenience. However, the weapons are only ever as accurate as the player! If you’re really interested in getting better at every game, you need to choose your preferred mouse DPI, game sensitivity, and crosshair settings. Here’s a guide that may help you get started. It contains detailed information on how to fine-tune your crosshairs for Overwatch 2. Best weapons for Rogue Company, ranked

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